I have thought about the stories which are crossovers between Naruto and Harry Potter. And I think this kind of story hasn't been brought up yet, so I post this challenge as I don't have the time to write a story myself.

Guidelines for the beginning

Minato Namikaze is a wizard, Jiraiya knows and helped keeping this a secret in Konoha

Minato seals Kyubi in Naruto but survives thanks to being able to use magic and chakra, he uses an emergency portkey to St. Mungos where he stays in a coma for six months before going through rehabilitation for another six months

He can't go back to Konoha because somebody build a barrier which keeps him out of the elemental nations

To be able to do something he helps in the war against Voldemort and is soon feared by the death eaters

Normal story Harry beating Voldemort and going to the Dursleys

Minato searches for a way to get Naruto

Naruto grows up hated in Konoha

When Naruto is five years old Minato finds a way to get his son back and they move to Little Whinging as Minato wants to raise Naruto in peace

Naruto befriends Harry at school

Minato recognizes Harry as he was at Hogwarts at the same time as James and Lily just in another house

When the Dursleys try to punish Harry for accidental magic, Minato interferes and takes Harry in

Doing research why Harry is living with muggles he finds out about Sirius and investigates


Dumbledore and Sarutobi can be good or bad

Harry and Naruto grow up together, can be in Surrey or somewhere else

Minato is important for wizarding world, position up to author

Sirius can just be godfather or adopt Harry

Pairings for adults should be reasonable (not too much age difference)

No slash please but all boy - girls pairings imaginable (be creative)

Try to do as many years at Hogwarts as possible

Have fun, I look forward to reading new stories.

White Angel of Auralon