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Normal P.O.V. (with me explaining)

Chapter 3

It's been about four days now since the trio have arrived and Danny was beginning to wake the morning of the fourth day. When he got up he noticed his alter ego sleeping on an imaginary-invisible bed. Danny sluggishly walked over to the nearby mirror and scratched his head bit similar to a dog and when he looked he notice the hair on the sides of his face was slightly longer and he had EARS on the top of his head. He shot a look at Phantom again and he had a pair of ears as well and a white cat's tail that was swishing slightly out of content. Danny looked at the mirror again and he had a black curled tail that looked like a Shiba-Inu's tail but wasn't at the same time. He ran over to wake the sleeping ghost and all that the ghost muttered was 'Give me… more milk.' Like a cat that could talk but with some more nudging and eventually kicking the ghost off the invisible bed he woke up but hissed at Danny for no apparent reason.

"Why'd you do that I was having a nice dream!" Phantom asked.

"Snap out of it don't you realize you have a tail!" Danny shouted back not caring if he woke Sam or Tucker. "Both of us have a tail and ears and you're concerned about sleeping!"

"I know that already and your point is what?"

"Nevermind." Danny said.

It was maybe about two minutes later that Sam walked in on Danny and Phantom but she didn't notice the latter because he 'disappeared' inside Danny again. Danny, out of happiness, started to wag his tail and pant like a puppy does when they see their owner, but Danny not used to having a tail first blushed when Sam noticed, then started chasing it not realizing it's useless to try but Sam didn't stop him he just got dizzy and fell over eventually.

"So little pup how long have you had a tail?" Sam asked like he was a dog.

"Maybe a few hours. Why? You don't think I'm weird do you!" Danny whined.

"No I don't." Sam laughed at Danny's worry. "I like you even if you are half inu."

After a while more Danny and Sam went downstairs to be greeted by Silver, in an apron, making breakfast along with Sonic, Amy reading a horoscope, Blaze making bets with another hedgehog girl with darker pink hair than Amy and another girl that looked a little like Knuckles but with pink and purple hair, and Knuckles was playing some sort of game with a black and red hedgehog and a green hedgehog with wildly spiky hair, and when I say 'wild' I mean WILD, and Tucker was playing a game on a consol system and big TV with a white bat.

"Ok everyone breakfast is ready!" Silver called out.

"We made pancakes and biscuits." Sonic said bringing out a few more items than those named.

The crew was all sat down at a pretty large table and intros were done the dark pink hedgehog is Sonic's sister Sonia, the pink and purple echidna is Julie-Su, the black and red hedgehog is Shadow and the green hedgehog is Sonic's twin Manic and the white bat is Rouge.

"So handsome how did a good looking guy like you end up in this world?" Rouge asked.

"Well um. NO!" Danny tried to speak was interrupted.

"That wasn't a yes, no question are you alright?" Sam asked.

"Huh? Oh uh yeah I'm uh… fine. Is it me or is it cold?"

"I think that's you." Shadow said monotone picking at his food.

"Don't worry about him he's always like that but yeah it's not cold in here." Knuckles replied.

"Ok yeah." Danny said but then his voice changed to be harsher. "Fine. If I can't phase out of you I'll just freeze myself out!"

"Hey dude are you alright?" Manic asked concerned.

"No I'm b-b-b-being contro-trol-toled! By m-m-my alter-ego!"

It wasn't even a second after that the two separated and Phantom hit a wall.

"Maybe I should have planned that better. Huh?" Phantom looked at the near-frozen human of his former self. "Whoa really should have planed that better."

"I-I-I'd say. You know you c-c-c-could have k-k-killed me doing that! Th-th-then both of us would be trapped as ghosts!" Danny was really mad if only that would unfreeze him.

"Silver! Put him back together!" Blaze yelled slapping Sil on the head.

"I didn't do it this time!" Silver cried.

"Then, how did he?"

"Sam is that 'normal'?" Sonic asked.

"No that's not normal even for Danny!"

So after a bit Blaze, the only one with a brain most of the time, went over to the shivering Danny and, with her fire powers active, hugged him to help him get warm.

"Wow, you're… warm." Danny said.

"It helps to be pyrokinectic." Blaze smiled.

After a while more the very large crew had decided that need to go their separate ways for a while. Knuckles said he needed to ask Tails something and brought Julie with him. Shadow got on his motorcycle with Rouge and said that they were needed at G.U.N., Guardian Unit of Nations. Silver had to go back to the future to take care of some things. Blaze stuck around with the hedgehog duo. And Sonia and Manic left, Sonia needing to do some shopping, as usual, and Manic to go surfing somewhere, or steal maybe not sure he didn't say.

Yep this is chapter 3 and i might get to posting 4 soon maybe when i finish five or get started anyway.