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Where Are We?

I wake up when I hear my alarm clock going off. I hit the snooze button and snuggle into my husband. He kisses my neck. "Babe, you need to get up. You have to go to work." I bury myself deeper under the covers. Carlos gets out of bed and yanks the covers off and pulls me to my feet.

"Go Wife!" I stumble into the bathroom and take off my clothes. I get in the shower and do my thing. I jump out and head to the bedroom to get dress. Today I decide to wear a black skirt with a pink blouse and a black jacket over that.

The sun is just coming up and I stand at my bedroom window. The doors to the windows are open and I feel a gentle breeze come thru. I hear a noise off in the distance and I smile. I'm gonna hate leaving here when its time to go. I'm gonna miss the kangeroo, and other wild animals.

I bet you're wondering. I had a long talk with Carlos and since he has a private jet he told me to take the job with Ryan if I wanted to and oh I wanted to. So I did. Carlos travels with me whenever he can. If he gets called for an emergency, he just hops on his jet and heads back to Trenton. I have been to Australia where I am now. I have been to Japan and China and Europe and almost all 50 states. I'm hoping for Alaska soon so I can go see the polar bears.

So far, Australia has been my favorite place. I love hearing and watching the animals. We go to the zoo all the time. I have been to the Steve Irwin Zoo probably 100 times. I'm just sad I never got to meet the man himself. His wife and children are good people.

Ryan finally married to a woman named Destiny. She's a tiny little woman that never talks. Ryan just told me yesterday that they're expecting their first child. I asked Carlos if he wanted one and told me whatever I wanted. I told him maybe next year. He smiled and said okay. The thing is I think I'm starting to want a little baby, so maybe soon...like next year.

My relationship with Carlos is good. We get along really well once he figured out that Ryan and myself were just friends. What can I say? I love being around sexy men! Well just the Merry Men and Ryan and of course my husband!

Author's Note: I chose Australia because I love the Crocodile Hunter. I love the animals you can find in Australia. I have never been to Australia but is the one place I do want to go to before I die and yes the Steve Irwin Zoo will be first on my list! He was a good man!

This chapter was only for the people that wanted to know if Steph took the job and what happened to Ryan.