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Summary: She knew what she had to do. She had to run, run away from everything she knew and loved. Run from the man she oh-so dearly loved. Dear God, her heart was breaking. What more can she do?

Disclaimer: I do not own Black Bird.

Warning: May contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Author: CiiCiinREX.




"This is a world of kill or be killed.

I'm scared.

I'm scared.

One day,

that hand may not move anymore."

-Misao, Volume 3.




Caught Red-Handed

Chapter 2




Since the encounter with the unknown demon, I was on edge and thought he would pop up wherever I turned.

His words:

"I'll see you later, Harada-san"

and his crooked smile still rang inside my head.

I never told Kyo.

It wasn't until five days later when I was nearly shredded to bits.




"Now, i is the equivalent of the square root of negative one, which is impossible in mathematical terms," Kyo-or should I say Usui-sensei-lectured, the chalk clicking against the board, the sound filling the empty room of attentive, teenage girls and passive-looking boys. He wrote down a math problem-one that made me backtrack and scratch my head discretely. Math really wasn't my strong point, and Kyo-that perverted tengu-being the teacher of the class really didn't help. "However, when i is squared, it turns into negative one, and when cubed it turns positive."

I attempted to alertly listen to his every word, but the fact that I didn't understand any of the material and my eyes were drooping made me avert them. At the window to my left, I could see the sakura blossoms budding, the light white and pink a stark contrast to the sepia bark of the tree. The branches swayed as a wind gently swept in, caressing the vegetation with extreme care. Just then, the clouds parted and sunlight shone in the classroom as the warmth lulled me quietly. As I closed my eyes and tuned out Kyo's droning, baritone voice, I could hear the chirping birds singing sweetly, the first I've heard since last year. Peering out with slitted eyes before I nearly fell asleep with my head leaning again my propped up arm, the grey shades seem to disappear as the sun lit up once again, the pavement a cool white and grass a healthier shade of green.

I was about to turn back and tried to at least look like I was paying attention when a sharp blur darted out of the corner of my eye in the school courtyard. Narrowing my eyes, I waited again when the form appeared again, this time slowing to a stop once it leapt up on the pillar at the school entrance. Acute, flickering ears and a long, fluffy tail came into detail, and I smiled at the sight of a brown tabby cleaning itself with its back to me. 'So kawaii! I wish I could have a cat...' Unfortunately, my dad was allergic to cats, and mom and I never bought one even when he denied the it and insisted I buy one.

In the back of my mind, I was somewhat aware that Kyo's voice had adopted an annoyed edge to it, but I dismissed it to observe the brown-furred cat for a few more moments. He can wait, I told myself, smiling wistfully at the kitten. Spotting a cat-especially a cute one-at a close distance was practically impossible since their fur stuck to my clothes, and I didn't want to torture my father. Reveling in the moment, I watched as the mammal turned around, possibly feeling my stare.

He had big emerald eyes that sucked me in and made me jolt, the memory still fresh in my mind-

("I'll see you later, Harada-san.")

Kyo said something again, and I could vaguely hear my name, but I couldn't turn away from the cat's wide gaze.

The kitten tilted its head, as if asking me "what's so interesting?", flicked its sharp ears back and forth, and lifted its lips, showing a clean set of white and knive-worthy teeth. Blinking in surprise, I could only watch in silence as the animal lifted the corner of its mouth and bound off the surface, strolling out of the school gate with its unkempt, brown fur flaring behind him. Wait, him?

Fiery, brown hair...

Swirling cat eyes...

A crooked, mischievious smile...

His simple yet torturous and harsh words...

"I'll see you later, Harada-san."

"You... Harada-san..."


"Misao!" I flinched and snapped my gaze from the window over to Mana who was shaking my right shoulder rather violently.

"Umm, what?" I glanced around the classroom and flushed deeply when I noticed that all eyes were pinned on me, and I turned away in embarrassment only to meet Kyo's sharp, dark eyes. From the look on his face, he was very, very irritated.

"Usui-sensei called your name at least five times and you kept staring out the window!" Mana whispered curtly under her breath, and mortification made me sink further into my seat.

"A-ano... gomenasai, I thought I saw someone familiar in front of the school..." I attempted to explain-though the excuse was probably only somewhat true-but trailed off when Kyo's reprimanding, stony glare didn't waver. I merely shut my mouth and waited, flustered, for him to say something.

"Please pay attention in class, Harada-san," Kyo drawled, walking over from his spot of leaning on his wooden desk. "I'm aware that math isn't your best subject, but that doesn't give you permission to daydream in the middle of a lecture."

"H-hai," I nodded, relieved when most of my classmates broke of their interested stares and the spotlight was lifted off of my shoulders. Still, I sat slump in my seat, embarrassed about that moment I froze up from that hallucination. Was there really a cat out there? Taking a quick peek out the window when I knew Kyo wasn't looking, I set my sight on the pillar the cat had perched and rested on for a small moment. There was no evidence that a feline had even wadded onto the flat top of the surface, and I shook my head.

It was probably just a hallucination.


This time, I glanced up, not wanting to be caught in a daze again.

"Please see me after class."

Looks like I wasn't getting off scott-free. As I palmed my face in slight frustration, I felt Mana pat me sympathetically on the back and saw Kana send me a comforting smile that I couldn't help but grin back at.

I was truly happy to have Mana and Kana as friends.


Strolling back from school, Kyo and I sauntered side by side in the direction of his and my home. Silence seemed to set over us, not uncomfortably but not exactly relaxed, and I found myself reflecting back to the mortification he had me suffer. Quietly, I fumed as the tengu at my side seemed to sense my anger, raising his eyebrow. "What's with the stare?"

"You didn't have to embarrass me in front of the whole class," I grumbled, kicking a pebble as Kyo rolled his eyes at my childish behaviour.

"Hey, you're the one who was staring out the window like a creep," He retorted, giving me 'that look'.

"Well, you could have at least scolded me a little more discretely."

"Discrete?" I didn't like the grin that suddenly stretched across his lips. "You mean, you would rather me grope you and make you jump in front of the class than call your name over and over again?"

"No!" I cried out, horrified, inching away from his side a bit on the sidewalk. "Besides, you wouldn't be able to do that with people around!"

His smirk only widened, adding to the spreading blush I could sense on my cheeks. "I have my ways," He trailed off, mysteriously.

Huffing, I shook my head and shrieked when he pulled me over to the side, away from witnesses, and I felt cold hands trail up my stomach.

"Don't act like you don't like it, Misao," He breathed out onto my neck, his palms reaching higher and higher, and I lashed out quickly, smacking him directly in the jaw.


Growling, I stomped off, leaving a hollow body of what Kyo had been lying in the street. I knew I gave him a good hook since I didn't hear any footsteps from behind me and my knuckles were burning a bit from the amount of pressure I tried to pack into the punch. Anger was still bubbling up in my chest as my speed increased, and I found myself heavily running, my steps echoing. Deciding to walk deeper into the alleyway to get to my house earlier and to avoid the possibility of seeing that perverted tengu again, I began to shiver a bit when a cool, spring breeze drifted in from above.

The sudden wind was the factor that made me aware of my changed environment, and I noted with slight unease that I couldn't hear the hum of people inside their homes or walking along the sidewalks anymore. Instead, white noise blared in my ears and the atmosphere around me instantly converted into a tense, threatening one. Immediately, I regretted the decision of leaving Kyo behind and wished I stayed back with him - his presence comforted me, and he kept his promise of protection well, even if he had his moments that made me rage.

He didn't even do anything as bad as he usually did, but I had instinctively hit and ditched him the moment the implication rolled of his tongue. Now, I was all alone in the alleyway, and cliche as it may sound - it was too quiet. My heartbeat seemed to be the only sound, the blaring doki-doki making my chest making it feel like it was about to burst out of fear at any moment should anything pop out of nowhere.

I stopped in my tracks. 'I should probably go back where I came from...'

Turning around, I indecisively pulled back, teetering back. 'Well, I've already run so far and Kyo would either be mad or call me a chicken or both...'

Just as I was going to change my mind again, the garbage cans at my left crackled loudly and I squeaked, covering my eyes with my hands as I darted away blindly. Several feet away, I panted out of sheer intimidation and nearly smacked myself on the head when I saw two cats saunter out from the crack between the two cans. 'I'm getting all riled up for nothing,' I scolded myself, eying the two felines that stared at me with wide eyes, noting their appearances. The biggest one had a small scar in his ear, as if it had been in a desperate fight when it was little, with azure eyes and pale grey fur that seemed blue in the dim shadows of the alley. Beside it, the other shifted its tail restlessly, slitted dark-green eyes peering at me with its black and white fur standing on end - though it seemed more out of excitement than defense.

Shaking my head at my silliness, I continued down the narrowing passageway, noting how dark it was getting. Wow, time does fly when you're scared, I mused to myself, still flinching at every little thing. 'Wait, which way did I come from?' I sighed, rubbing my forehead in an attempt to calm my nerves and rapid heartbeat.

"Hey, you."

I jolted at the sudden sentence, turning around to see two boys standing behind me a few metres near the trashcans. By now, the sunset had the shadows stretching out farther and farther into the alley, and it was hard to make out little details. The muscular one raised his eyebrow, his grey hair framing his narrow face, and his blue eyes staring right through me. I wasn't sure which of the boys talked, so when the thin one with sharp eyes and dark hair stepped forward, I knew it was him that spoke.

"Harada Misao, isn't it?"

"H-how do you know my name?" The moment I asked that and when the boys shared a look, I knew that it was a pointless question.

The grey-haired man grinned deviously, his blue eyes sparkling with a tint of emotion that had me trembling a bit. "Isn't it obvious?" He inquired as the two walked towards me passively. "We're demons."

Not another one! My mind was running a mile a minute once they began advancing towards me: What should I do? Call for Kyo? Scream? Try to fight a pointless battle and hope some bystander would see me and get help? Run?

Since the last option seemed the most favorable in my mind, I made a move to dart when I felt a large hand yank my hair, and I let out a shriek of pain, kicking and punching in hope that I would land a hit on the man who took hold of me. I nearly let out a cry of relief when something solid gave way under my fist, but it was shattered when he pulled harder and growled, never releasing his grip.

"She's a fiesty one," One said to the other.

"This'll be fun," The other snickered, and my blood ran cold as the guy tossed me on the floor harshly, my palms scrapping against the dark pavement as I rolled on the floor painfully. Glancing up, I watched with a hazy eyes filled with tears as the two approached closer and closer with toothy grins.

"N-no," I managed to croak out, trying to crawl away from the two only to meet a wall three pulls later. It seemed that my pathetic state didn't have them sympathetic at all as they were only a few steps away. "NO!" Fearfully, I shouted out as the muscular demon reached out with his hand, "KYO!"

The demon seemed amused at my pleas and cries. "Go ahead, yell as much as you want. No one will find you once we're done."




"I think you spoke too soon."

I watched in awe as the two lanky demons in front of me widened their eyes - almost like in fear - and were swept off their feet by a powerful, dark blur. They attempted to dodge it, but their tries proved to be in vain as they were hurtled into the concrete wall several meters away, the thin demon crashing into the garbage can. The dark form landed in front of me, protectively and elegantly, with one hand in front of their body.

"K-kyo?" I whispered, unable to make the person in the thick shadows of the alley. Coughing slightly, I picked myself up to get a better look. The person turned and stared at me with, not sharp dark eyes, but familiar emerald eyes. He sent me a crooked smile yet again, as if he were greeting me on the streets mid-day with no demons attacking him or me.

"Fancy meeting you here," He said, his eyes crinkling with shady amusement and through the darkness I could see his white smile.

The garbage cans made a loud, booming sound again, but the boy I met five days ago didn't seem bothered by the growling, approaching demons as he raised an eyebrow at me. "What?" His smile widened, as if he knew something I didn't. "Cat got your tongue?"

"Akito!" The thin demon shouted, a hint of disbelief and anger present in his tone, and the emerald-eyed boy whipped his head around to stare at the two demons, who were obviously unhappy he crashed in on their event. The fire-wild boy was silent, as if he were waiting for the demon to say more, but the murky-eyed demon only sputtered, like he were trying to find the right words but frustration had him bumbling.

"Akito," The muscular one stepped forward, seeing his companion fumble for words, and the form in front of me stiffened, his shoulders flinching. The demon that had just, moments ago, reached out towards me with malicious intent was now adopting a confused and angry expression. "Why are you here?"

Glancing out of the corner of my eye, the emerald-eyed demon - Akito - paused, then reached up to scratch his head. "Well, decided to drop in since I haven't seen you guys in a long time!" He was obviously lying, but the light-hearted emotion he put into it sounded rather geniune and wistful.

"Bullshit!" The dark-haired demon spat, his dark green eyes aflame with fresh emotions. "You would be able to see us everyday if you hadn't left us!"


The large, cerulean-eyed demon tugged the thin, raving one at the back of his shirt. "Calm down, Haru," I barely heard him hiss.

"LET ME GO!" Haru hissed, his dark-green eyes narrowing dangerously at Akito who merely stood there in front of me. The thin demon halted in his aimless swings and breathed in and out heavily. "Let me go, Fuyu."

I observed as Akito soundlessly made his way over to me, his footsteps not even making a whisper as he picked me up and I tensed up. I knew I couldn't trust him, but the way he treated me days ago and today was definitely not a way a demon would act if they wanted to eat me. So I could try to trust him, but still, Kyo wouldn't be happy... He didn't comment as Haru and Fuyu looked at him with mixed emotions, and I noted how they didn't try to attack him. I could almost hear the small smile in Akito's voice, "I'll see you two later."

The two opened their mouths to say something more when I felt myself hurtle upwards out of nowhere and realized that the brunette had leapt up in the air. I shrieked and held onto Akito as he landed on the roof of the building at our right. He rolled his eyes at my yells of fear and shock, unamused. Akito began to make large bounds, hopping from roof to roof before I could even shout at him to put me down. How could he be so calm when we were jumping from building to building - Oh my god, he's leaping on the high corporate buildings! Looking down, the people rushing in the darkening evening seemed so small and I clutched onto his shirt in fear.

"God," Akito said, making another inhuman leap onto an even higher buildling. "We'll be there in five minutes so calm down."

I didn't hear anything else he had to say since the pressure of all the events - being embarrassed in school, running from Kyo, being chased by demons and now unwillingly facing my greatest fear of heights - took its toll on me. The last thing I heard was Akito's shocked yelp as I fell into unconciousness.




For some reason,

even when I didn't know him for so long,

I knew he was honest

because of the familiar glimmer in his eyes

and that I could trust him.


I knew I couldn't trust him

because Kyo was still present in my heart.

I knew I would have to choose between them one day

but I ignored it

and enjoyed my time with both of them.

I don't regret that.




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