Yours to Keep

A/N: WARNING serious OOC and Character bashing. Don't read if you don't like.

Prologue-A Break Up

"Harry! Are you listening to me?" Ginny asked, as she clung to his neck. Harry blinked several times before turning his attention to his girlfriend. Ginny. The war had changed everyone. It formed new bonds and alliances between the students of Hogwarts. Harry and a few of his friends had also formed friendships with their once hated enemies, the Slytherins. Others like Ron and Ginny refused to believe that any Slytherin had changed. Especially Draco and Pansy.

But Harry and Hermione believed they had, especially since the four had become good friends, months after the war. His other friends refused to acknowledge Draco and Pansy whenever they were around Harry. The only person besides Hermione who was constantly around Harry was Ginny. It had started to become a problem when he couldn't get any privacy. She had just changed so much and become so clingy. Her overwhelming flowery scent had also lost its appeal and become quite nauseating.

He secretly preferred Pansy's more subtle yet still feminine aroma. But, he'd never tell her. Or anyone for that matter. It was his desire, his secret to keep. "What? Oh sorry Gin..I was thinking about my Potions assignment. Professor Slughorn will be seriously pissed if I don't turn it in," he said, taking her arms off from around his neck.

"Where are you going? We still have to discuss the plans for our future wedding," she whined, making the bottom of Harry's stomach feel like it dropped. Future wedding? Of course she would want to marry him. Every Weasley expected it. Even Ron had come around to the idea and Hermione was just as vocal in her approvals.

"Er…I'm going for a walk. I need time to myself" he said, as she rose to follow him. "See you later" he said, rushing out before she could protest. He walked down the corridor and inhaled the slightly dust ridden but otherwise fresh air of the castle. Harry walked all the way down to the Great Hall when he finally stopped. He looked over at the Slytherin table and noticed that Draco and Pansy were the only two there. He tried to ignore the rapid thumping of his heart against his chest at the sight of her.

She was in what looked to be a friendly conversation with Draco. Her dark eyes were warm and her smile was genuine. She ran her delicate fingers through her steadily growing dark chocolate locks and Harry wished that he could do the same. He wanted so badly to run his fingers through her silk smooth hair, to breath in her scent and to taste those full pouty lips. He shook his head of those thoughts and went to join his new friends.

"Hey Harry, tell Pansy she's being crazy," Draco said, looking up at the black haired boy. His new bestfriend. Aside from Theo and Blaise, Harry was the only other male he could call a brother.

"Crazy? Why?" Harry asked, sitting next to him.

"She thinks she needs to lose weight but, I say she's perfect the way she is," Draco said, nudging her softly.

"Of course you are Pansy. You don't need to lose an ounce, you're gorgeous" Harry said, smiling shyly at her. It was hard to believe that he used to hate these two. Now he found them easy to talk to and easy to like. Lately they had been his salvation as his other friends were just becoming too unbearable.

"Thanks Harry, you too Drake," she said touching his arm softly. Harry wished once more that he was able to touch her. That she would put her hand on his arm.

"No problem, you know I'll never lie to you. You're one of my bestfriends" Draco said, squeezing her hand affectionately. Pansy and Draco laughed together causing Harry to smile and join in the laughter. When he was with them, he couldn't help himself. They just made him feel really good.

Later that day, Harry skulked back up to Gryffindor Tower in no mood to deal with his warring friends and smothery clingy girlfriend. As soon as he walked through the portrait hole, Harry was assaulted by the sickeningly sweet flowery smell of Ginny. Her arms where already clasped tightly around his neck and her gloss covered lips were smashed up against his. He wanted nothing more than to vomit as the flowery scent continued assaulting his nostrils. But instead, he thought of Pansy's lips and what they might taste like.

As to how long ago Ginny had stopped kissing him, Harry didn't know. Until he was thumped hard on the head. "Ow! What?" he asked, looking up at Ginny.

"Harry, I was talking to you. Why aren't you paying any attention to me today? What's wrong with you?" Ginny asked, crossing her arms across her chest.

"Listen Ginny. We need to talk, can we go somewhere more private? There's something I've been meaning to tell you," Harry said, looking down at her. Her eyes brightened and she grabbed his hand tightly.

"Alright then! Let's go," she said, mistaking his words. He swallowed nervously and hoped that she would not take this so badly. They walked all the way down to the room of requirement. "Okay Harry, what is it that you want to tell me?" Ginny asked looking up at him expectantly.

"Okay, here goes. Ginny, you know how we've been friends for a long time and we've been together for awhile now. Well…" Harry trailed of, uncertainly. Did he really want to face the wrath of Ginny Weasley? Yes. Yes he did, if it would get her out of his hair, then whatever happened would be worth it. Especially if he had Pansy at his side.

"Yes Harry," she asked, anxiously. She looked like a little girl that was anxiously awaiting a big present.

"I want to break up," Harry said, bluntly.

"WHAT? You're breaking up with me? WHHHHHYYYYYYYY?" she screeched, grabbing his arms tightly.

"We've grown apart Ginny. I'm sorry, I don't want to hurt you but, you've changed and not for the better. I'm sorry.." Harry said, pulling out of her clutches. Ginny's tear stained face would have made him feel worse if she hadn't punched him hard in the nose, causing it to bleed. After screaming a few choice swear words, Ginny ran off. This was the last time she ever spoke to him. For now.

A/N: So this was another try at a Harry/Pansy since my first one isn't going as I'd hoped. Hopefully this one will go a bit better.