Chapter 1

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"Milady! Where on earth are you going to?" a female shouted to a little girl walking ahead. The little girl looked so determined and her maid found her current attitude 'cute' but ignored the feeling and stopped her from moving any further.

"I am going to my fiancée's home. The house has been getting rather boring and dull. I think I'd rather go and spend the day with him." the little girl answered, proud of herself for having thought of that idea. She was about to move passed her maid but found her way blocked by said servant.

"Has your mother allowed you to go?" the female asked. The little girl shook her head no and looked at her curiously. The servant then groaned as she disappeared suddenly, making the girl jump.

'I wonder…Oh no! She must have told mother…' the little girl though, glumly. She hoped that her mother would allow her to go, she was feeling caged there in the mansion. After some time, the female returned sighing. The little girl looked at her expectantly.

"Well?" she asked, nervously.

"Your mother at first said no to you going out. But then I reminded her that one of her orders was to make sure you were happy, but it seemed you were not and so I told her that you were going to be happier going to your fiancée's estate. Well, your mother agreed, as long as you return before dinner." the female told her. The little girl squealed and cheered for joy. She was about to run outside to call another servant to prepare the carriage when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned to the female, confused, and asked;

"What? Is there anything else you need to know of my plans?"

"Let me do that for you Milady." the maid answered, smiling at her ward. The little girl nodded then left to get ready. Once she was gone, the female's smile was wiped off her face as she groaned tiredly, while muttering to herself;

"That girl shall be the death of me someday. It is a shame that I have agreed to a contract with the Marchioness. I am just thankful I don't need to eat a person's soul after a contract. But then, the Marchioness did order me to trail after her daughter and to make sure she is happy and well taken care of." She thought to herself and left to call a butler for help.

*-scene change-*

'I wonder why she always comes with me or why she always cares about what happens to me. She even went as far as to convince mother to let me do as I like.' the little girl thought to herself. She was currently in her room being dressed by another maid. Her clothing consisted of a pink and white frilled gown with a matching hat for herself and her black shoes and white stockings. Her blond hair was put up into pigtails that curled into ringlets at the ends. When she was done, she hurriedly thanked the maid, got some things from her collections and left for the carriage.

On her way there; she was too busy pondering on why her personal maid kept taking care of her, that she didn't see where she was going. She ended up bumping into someone and fell to the ground, shaking her head. She looked up and saw her maid smiling at her, amused at her predicament. She huffed as she stood up, dusting herself and walking away.

"Milady!" she heard her maid say. She ignored the call but when her maid suddenly appeared in front of her, she nearly fell on the ground a second time.

"What is it?" she answered, seeing her maid smirking at her. The maid pointed to the opposite direction. The little girl blushed and followed her maid to the carriage. Once they were inside, the coachman drove away towards the Phantomhive Estate. Each female was lost in their own thoughts. The little girl was imagining the look on her fiancée's face when he would see her while her maid was trying, and failing, to remember how her life was when she was younger.

*-scene change-*

"Ahhh…So this is the famed Phantomhive Estate...Impressive. Would you not say the same Milady?" the maid complimented, turning to her ward that had disappeared into the mansion.

'Oh dear…' She shook her head and descended the carriage, headed straight for the mansion but at a much slower pace than that of the little girl. As she went in, she saw how high the ceilings were and how wide the room was.

'Wow…' She thought as she kept walking through the corridors until she heard a high pitched scream from the room across the hall she was in along with her ward's giggles. She looked around before she suddenly disappeared as though she wasn't there at all.

Meanwhile, inside the room, the little girl was tying up a tall butler who wore glasses. Around her were three more servants plus an older chibi-formed butler who was drinking tea. She giggled again as she finished tying up the butler then placed a bonnet on his head. When she was through, she turned to the other four and slowly went up to them. The servants, except the chibi butler, noticed her stalking and backed away. But they failed to notice that as the girl was a child she was very fast, and so when they ran out the room, she was right on their heels. At the exact same moment they left, the girl's maid appeared by the door and was left looking at their dust.

'The things I do for her…' she sighed and vanished again.

This time, she appeared somewhere off to the side of the room before the running group arrived. She stayed by the shadows so that she would be able to see what kind of person her ward's fiancée was and what kind of people had in his home.

*-scene change-*

"Milord, we have done everything we needed to do. Would you like for us to return now?" a butler asked his young master as they walked down the sidewalk.

"Yes. Get us a carriage now." the young boy replied.

"Very well Master." the butler said, waving to the carriages passing. When one stopped in front of them, the butler helped his master in before he too went in and shut the door.

The ride back to the estate was silent and each was left to their own devices. The young boy was thinking about what he should do and other things that don't seem to be a young boy's subject of interest. This included the young boy's business, his duties and his cases. The butler, on the other hand, was thinking about the woman he lost centuries ago.

'Oh my darling, where are you now? Are you even still alive until now? If you are, why did you not seek me out?'


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