Chapter 2

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The ride back to the estate was silent as they were thinking different thoughts. The young boy was thinking about what he should do and other things that don't seem to be a young boy's subject of interest. The butler, on the other hand, was thinking about the woman he lost centuries ago. 'Oh my beloved, where are you now? Are you even alive until now?'


The carriage arrived in front of the Phantomhive Mansion, a vast land and an enchanting building. The butler stepped out, helped his master down and then they walked to the door, entering through it.

The butler, when they came to the ballroom, suddenly stopped making his master stare at him curiously and with an annoyed look in his eyes.

"Why did you stop Sebastian?"

"Forgive me master, I just heard the others running around the place screaming. In fact, they are on the way…right…about…now"

The doors across from them burst open, and lo and behold, his other servants came in, each huffing and puffing and shouting complaints to their master.

"Master! The brat-?"

They were interrupted mid-rant by knives thrown at them. They were lucky enough not to be hit by these. Then they heard the voice of a woman echo around the room.

"Only I have the right to call her that. And that's only if she annoys me…" She proclaimed, appearing at the side of the room, smiling innocently though they all heard the underlying threat in her words.

"Ciel! Ciel! Oh Ciel, you're back!" A little girl came rushing in only to jump at said master of the house. The little girl kept talking excitedly and hugged the boy tightly.

"Elizabeth? What are you doing here? Does your mother know you're here?" He demanded, struggling to get away from her. Elizabeth pouted.

"But Ciel…I did have permission to come here, my maid Kagome asked my mother for me… And I told you to call me Lizzie! It would be cuter that way!"

The demon butler was startled by that name and asked "Where is she?"

His master, Ciel, stared at him while Elizabeth answered his question.

"Over there…" she said, pointing to where the unknown maid stood. Sebastian walked slowly, as though he thought she would disappear if he got any closer. His look was that of a lost boy finally seeing the girls of his dreams. Or at least that was what Ciel noticed after paying attention to his butler's facial expressions. He didn't know how right he was… The other servants plus Elizabeth stared curiously at Sebastian and wondered how he knew the little lady's maid.

'It has been so long….' Sebastian thought, coming closer.

'Who is he? He looks familiar…Perhaps he can help me regain my memories…Or not…' Kagome thought to herself. 'Should I stand still or move away?'

Sebastian touched her face and upon feeling that she was real, relaxed and said her name again. "Kagome…?"

"Yes, that is I. How do you know me?" she replied.

"I knew you from 1,000 years ago. I met you when I went to the Demon Council's meeting with my father. You were with your own father then too." he explained.

"What? What is this? Why do I not know of it?" she questioned, her mind swimming with all the new information she gathered from this unknown man.

"An accident happened when you were playing with your cousins near the Genesis Forest. You were play-fighting, well more like sparring, and your cousin Inuyasha hit you so hard you flew into the forest. When we arrived to where you had landed, you had smashed the old witch's house wall. She, having been an evil being, erased your memories and sent you somewhere as she was annoyed with your having broken her wall." he continued, looking at her expressions. She had a surprised and pained look.

"What when was this? I don't believe you! Though I can honestly say I don't know where I am from, I don't believe that, that happened!" she denied, shaking her head and walking slowly backwards. Sebastian gained a determined look in his eye that no one else saw.

"Then we shall do this my way…"he exclaimed, grabbing on to her hands and looking her straight in the eye.

To the other humans in the room, namely Ciel, Elizabeth and the other servants, they saw a strange black light cover the butler and maid duo. It looked peaceful and calm, not the dangerous black auras that monsters usually had. It was more of a helpful type.

Inside the light, Sebastian was showing Kagome everything he knew about her. In other words, he was showing her his memories.

Flashback 1

"But Father, I do not want to go there. It will be dull and I shall be lonely." A small dark haired child with red eyes pleaded with his father.

"No Sebastian. You must learn the ways of our kind. It is time you meet others your own age." his father explained, sighing at his son's sad expression.

"Fine then. I shall be compliant. But I shall only 'befriend' those I deem alright. Understood?" the boy bargained. His father agreed.

So they left to go to the palace of the stars or the Land of the North. After they were shown to their rooms, the older man, Wycker, told his son to explore the grounds and to look for someone up to his standards. Sebastian looked in every room, in every corner, in every floor but he still could not find anyone who he could talk to. All he met were these pompous brats who believed themselves superior to everyone. That was not in his criterion. As he turned to enter the garden, he heard a girl's laughter ring from the fountain. He ran towards it and found a girl his age with raven hair and ice blue eyes playing with two boys, obviously brothers. One, the older, had a crescent moon on his forehead and had silver hair with golden eyes. The younger had his ears on top of his head, amber eyes and silver hair like his brother. He walked close to them, only to see the girl run up to him and introduce herself and the boys.

"Hi! I'm Kagome, the Northern Lord's youngest daughter in the three. I like sunshine, flowers, oden and archery. This is Sesshomaru, the Western Lord's eldest and his heir and this is Inuyasha, Sesshomaru's half-brother. And who are you?" she said, cheerfully smiling. Sesshomaru 'hnn-ed' while Inuyasha 'feh-ed' at their introductions.

"I am Sebastian of the Ravens. We hail from the Northwestern area. It is a pleasure to meet you princess." he introduced himself, kissing her hand at the end. They both felt a spark of some sort and Kagome blushed. The two brothers smirked at them. This was bound to get interesting.

End Flashback 1

"That was how we met. Don't you remember?" he pleaded, wishing she did.

"I—I—I think I do?" she replied, unsure of the pictures flashing in her mind.

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