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Love Stories

by Shadow Crystal Mage

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For Arika so loved her world, she gave up the only thing she had left: herself. She cast it before the teeth of the wolves, except calling these beings wolves would be an insult to wolves. She cast it before the men who said they ruled the world, a fragile shield to protect the little one, to protect her people.

For years, she lay in darkness, only to see the light of the sky one last time, before she was cast into the final gloom. And then…

"I'm here to save you, you idiot."

…an angel appeared…

"But… why?"

"You really aren't going to get it unless I spell it out for you, are you, you damn sheltered princess! Why am I doing this?-! Gawd, I'm doing it because I love you! Why the hell else?-!-!"

Heaven apparently had very loose rules on decorum. But that was all right. She'd take him.


Tsukuyomi smiled, and nearly had an orgasm. "Hello, Setsuna-sempai…"

She licked her blade in anticipation, and it was like she could already taste Setsuna's beautiful, beautiful blood staining its length…

"Tsukuyomi," Setsuna said, managing to sound exasperated despite how they were about to fight to the dearly death. "What did sensei always tell you about licking the edge?"

"Owf, righf," Tsukuyomi said. "Wellf, thif wilf suref makef eatingf difficultf…"

Setsuna sighed, and with a long-suffering gesture tossed her a medicated menthol. "You still can't take care of yourself, can you?"

Tsukuyomi just smiled. "Thatf'sf whatf Setsunaf-sempaif isf forf," she said awkwardly.

They dueled.


Evangeline stared down at the broken body of boya, his still-warm blood on her hands, his slowly cooling body resting against hers. Behind her, the rest of 3-A huddled, most of their Pactios dead without their magister. Setsuna futilely struggled to stand despite the bloodloss and pain from her stumps where her wings once were, even as Konoka frantically did what she could without her Artifact, struggling because of he pregnancy. Before them, the demons waited on the other side of the rapidly dying wind barrier, his last spell.

"…master…I'm keeping my promise… please… protect them…"

"Stupid boya…" she whispered. "You were always too soft-hearted to really be my disciple…"

She bent down and bit, sipping at the now-motionless blood still charged with a little power. Enough. Just enough.

The curse broke.

Dark Evangel rose once more… and went to war.

It was what he would have wanted.


"In the entirety of these two long years, not a day has passed in which I did not think of you!" Her tear-stained face glared up at him. "Well? Is there something wrong with that?-!"

"No. Not a thing."

Godel sighed, a wistful smile on his face. One hand reached up as if to caress Arika's face, then sadly let it drop. Wiping the tears from his face, he shut off the recording and secured it. It helped, doing what he did, where he did, to remind himself of why he was in this den of monsters. Her peace made it all worth it.

Still, there were times he wished, childishly, pettily, that he had been the one who had given it to her…


Chao Lingshen stared at the small clock-like device in her hands. So small a thing, to change all time.

She turned to the stone platform before her, where the small, childlike girl with golden hair lay, face eternally set in a expression of thwarted peace and eternal sadness. And a touch, just a touch, of desperate hope. Blood still stained her hands, even after all these decades, and the head of a wooden doll was clasped to her chest, beneath a wooden stake made from the remains of a wizard's staff. Bandages where still wrapped around it near the head.

"Eva-sama…" the little girl said, resting a hand on the stone in which the corpse lay. "I'll find a way. You'll be with him… I promise."

The puppet's head blinked. "You know girl, it's because of Springfields making promises we're here where we are…"

Chao smiled. "We always came through, didn't we?"

"Badly," the head said.

"Zero-mama…" Chao pouted.

The puppet's expression didn't soften– how could it?– but the look in her eye changed. "Bring her back."

Chao bent over and kissed the puppet on the forehead. "I will. For you."


"Oh, tell me more about yourself," Paio said, pouring some wine for herself and leaning forward in rapt interest. "Your skin is so delicate and soft. Do you use some kind of special treatment?"

The seamstress, hem hem, across the table tried not to sigh. While she was used to men talking to her breasts… she'd never had one who did so literally.


"I'm sorry I've been neglecting you," Yue said on bended knee, staring upwards. "It's just… well, I've been away, and busy, and I was sort of overwhelmed by all the things happening to me. But that's all over now. I'm back. I'm here for you. I'll never leave you like that again…" she leaned forward, her lips meeting in a kiss…

Nodoka sweatdropped. "Um, Yue-chan, can't you just pick a juice-box from the vending machine and be done with it?"



That was all the warning Nodoka got as Haruna suddenly kissed her on the cheek. The librarian from hell blushed, slapping a hand to her cheek in embarrassment as Haruna smiled down at her. "P-Paru! W-what are you doing?"

Haruna smiled wider. "I hereby declared today 'randomly kiss people I care about' day!"

"H-Haruna!" Nodoka cried, mortified.

Haruna just laughed and kissed her other cheek. Nodoka's blush deepened as she instinctively slapped her other hand to it, making her look like that 'Home Alone' kid. "Silly Nodoka. Now, where's Yue-chan?"


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