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More Love Stories

by Shadow Crystal Mage

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Asuna never asked who Negi had feelings for. Not when she fell asleep. Not when she woke up in a new world. Not when she, Eva, Zazie, Chachamaru and Negi became involved. Not the first time they made love. Not when they got married. Not during their long, long life.

She loved him. He loved her. That was all that mattered.


Realta Nua

To stand ,ever waiting

The sky she stood beneath was eternally blue and clear. Around her were endless beautiful fields, flowers blooming all year, never marred by storm of snow. She stood patiently, watching the distant horizon. She could hear the fairies behind her, voices raised in laughter, song or lovemaking, testing her resolve. They never entered her sight, yet she was aware of them. Arturua remained resolute, even as what should have been the Elysium fields took on the spect of Asphodel.

To strive, ever-seeking…

He roamed the world, always dreaming of her smile. Across the land, whispers rose of the silent stranger with haunted eyes. Suspicion grew, but he ignored it, never ceasing his journey. His path would sometimes cross with Tohsaka, and for her he would rest a night, lying in each others arms as they both remembered their first.

"I'm still rooting for you both…"

His hair faded, his skin burned, and one day he looked in the mirror and realized the name of the Servant who had mocked him so long ago. By then, the irony was too faded to matter. And then, one day…






Keima dreaded the day Elsie ever developed a gap in her heart. He knew it was coming. Sooner or later, conflict would always arrive at the main character's doorstep, striking too close to home. That was how it always happened (in games). He did not want to have to conquer his little sister.

Elsie was happy. Her brother was the greatest of gods. She wondered what her sister would think of Kami-nii-sama. They'd probably both agree Elsie was a useless devil. She accepted that. After all, they were so awesome nothing Elsie did could compare.

She loved them anyway.


Pony Sutra

Dear Princess Celestia.

Today, we learned the importance of reading the manual all the way to the end with your very special somepony. Apparently, the warnings are there for a reason. Also, it's always best to know someone who can give first aid.

Signed, Applejack.



Homura readied the cake, one Mami had bemusedly recommended. A shiny red apple from a reluctant Kyoko lay beside it. The Puella Magi lit some incense and placed it next to them on the makeshift shrine. Last came the bag of the chocolate Homura had painstakingly made in the kitchen and wrapped in checkered pink and white paper. She clapped twice, and bowed her head.

When she looked up, both appale and cake were missing a precise wedge. The chocolates were nowhere to be found.

A month later, Homura found a bag of cookies wrapped in grey paper…



It was really unfair, Hitomi sometimes thought, that she could see Gaea. It was an eternal reminder of what and who she had lost. Some nihts she stared at it, wistfully but happily recalling past days. Other times she couldn't bear the sight of it, bitterly wondering why she had left. Worst had been the night when, bathed in its light, she had stared at her breadknife until dawn. There had been no visions, no mysterious omens, no Van's voice calling her name.

Time had passed, and she had moved on, slowly, painfully, bitterly, wistfully, and finally. She'd tentatively begun dating, an experiment that left her feeling out of touch. Her heart hadn't been broken. It was still whole and complete, and in many ways this was worse, there was nothing to heal. She persevered, making friends and from among them taking boyfriends, who all inevitably went back to being friends again. For a rather memorable year living with her cousin Tenou Haruka, she dated girls, which was an equally unsuccessful enterprise.

Time passed again. Her brother grew up, married, and suddenly she was an aunt. She hadn't expected it so soon. There was nothing magical about the child or her birth as Hitomi knew the term. There were no omens, no visions, nothing. And yet, the world changed. The world seemed realer now, capable of wonders every bit as much as Gaea had been. And she could still be part of it.

And now, years later, Gaea no longer taunted her so, even if it was as unfaded as ever. Her husband and son helped her mother in the kitchen as Hitomi comforted her brother. For nearly a week, her niece had vanished from the face of the earth, and no one had any idea why. Police searched and suspected foul play. Rumors flew. And Hitomi, graying if still unlined, could only wonder if this had what things had been like when she had disappeared, in another life.

Then the doors had opened, and the prodigal daughter had walked in, none the worse for wear. There had been joy, and confusion, and tears, and questions, and police, and lies. There had been no way the girl could get lost in the lands around the town she'd grown up in even if a fall down a ravine had happened. And so when the police had left, pacified if not satisfied, family had done the questioning.

And Hitomi's niece had smiled and, to Hitomi's eyes, started and the window at Gaea and said, "King Van and Queen Merle send their love, auntie."

The world became more wonderful.


Decadent Habits (Hey, It's Obligatory At This Point!)

"I can't live without you…"

It was, taken by itself, possibly a very romantic statement. And thus Illya von Einzebren considered it totally unfair that the person saying it to her was in no way, at all, a possible romantic prospect. Even Miyu would have been better.

Er, not that she felt anything like that for the other Magical Girl. No, not at all. Because everyone knew that the relationships between Magical Girls was completely allegorical of friendship, and was completely platonic and nonromantic in any way! Most especially if Magical Girls were best friends! Because Magical Girls were totally about straight, platonic relationships between girls. Especially BEST friends!

Illya girl-fully ignored the snickering from the Nanoha fandom and moved on.

"Even if you add up the miracles…"

So there couldn't possibly be any romantic reason for why her heartbeat thumped louder in her chest and sweat beaded on her hands and forehead whenever she had to feed Kuro her prana. Nope, none at all. It was just embarrassment, mortification, fear of being discovered and people getting the COMPLETELY SICK AND WRONG idea, dread of same, confusion, anger, and possibly indigestion. Nope, nothing romantic about any of those at all. It was just glands getting messed up, that's all.

"I'm just barely here…"

She definitely didn't cling to Kuro's arms life they were the only lifelines she had in a raging storm. Why would she? And if she moaned, it was because she wanted to remind Kuro she needed air soon. That was it, not her reason! Definitely not! Definitely not because she was enjoying herself or anything. Not at all! After all, Kuro tried to kill her when they first met! She was definitely not doing this out of any sort of… of incestuous, Sapphic impulse!

No, definitely not!


Besides… it was because of her Kuro was here now. Because at the end of the day, Illya was Kuro's big sister. It said so on the household's ranking chart. And as big sister, she had to take care of Kuro. She had to take responsibility. She would not let her little sister return to nothing! And if the meant having to– COMPLETELY AGAINST HER WILL AND SHE DEFINITELY WASN'T ENJOYING IT, NO MATTER IF SHE SOMETIMES MOANED, WE'VE ALREADY BEEN OVER THIS!– sometimes play tonsil tennis with Kuro to feed her prana, then as big sister, she had to do just that (Illya resolutely ignored Darkenning's entire literary Dramatis Personae).

Because they were sisters, damn it, and she loved her!

Explaining why they were naked and covered in… well, each other might be a bit more difficult to justify, though.



At the edge of life, in the presence of Death, Itoshiki Nozomu paused and, with instincts carried through his existence, looked over his shoulder.

"AHH!" he exclaimed, only half-surprised. "You were there?-!"

Matoi smiled. "Always…"

Deep love, jiiiiiiiiiii…



"Minorin… why are you rubbing Ryuuji's tuxedo on my head?"

"For luck on your wedding, of course! After all, you are still the Palmtop Tiger of Happiness!"



All Star Nanoha

Little Girls. Chance Meeting. Starlight Breaker. Happy End.


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