My first fanfic! I know it's very different from the original plot of Aida. I was recently in the play and I had an idea to write a story about one of the slaves. Please review and tell me what you think

Annaleigh woke up screaming. She couldn't remember exactly what had scared her, but she continued screaming. She couldn't remember where she was. All she knew was that she was in a tent and it was pitch black. "Damn it, Annaleigh, do you have to do this every night?" a familiar voice called out. "Shhh, it's okay." Another familiar voice said, a friendlier one. It was her friend Aliyah. The other voice had been a boy named Jasper. Suddenly everything fell back into place. I'm in Egypt, she remembered. I've been here for something like, a month now. Aliyah reacher out and hugged her. Annaleigh drew a shaky breath. "You okay?" Aliyah asked her. Annaleigh nodded. "Alright, go back to sleep now." She did not go back to sleep. She lay awake for many hours.

Annaleigh was thirteen years old, and originally from Nubia, who was at war with Egypt. Nubia was lush. Egypt was just sand, and pyramids. At least that was what Annaliegh thought. She had loved Nubia. She hated Egypt. She rememberd being captured like it was yesterday. She was sitting on the beach, wearing a new dress that her mother just made her. It was crafted from pink silk and consisted of two pieces. The skirt was long. One side sat below her hip. The other above. She loved the dress. It was exquisite, sexy. Her mother presented the dress to her, and she hugged her. She had then changed into it, and asked to do down to the beach. Her father warned her to be careful, for he had seen the Egyptian army out there yesterday. Annaleigh trotted off to the beach, not thinking much of her father's warning. She spent a lot of time at the beach. Usually she hung out there with her friends, but today she felt like being alone. There was a huge rock surrounded by a few palm trees that she usually sat on. She went over and leaned up against it, then closed her eyes. Several minutes if not hours passed before she opened them again. She did not need sight to feel the ocean breeze in her hair and the mist on her face. When she finally opened her eyes, her heart skipped a beat. There was a ship, and boy, was it close. Hopefully it had just docked. Annaliegh got up and ran. But two soldiers popped out from behind the trees and grabbed her by the arms. She kicked, thrashed, and screamed, but it was no use. The soldiers had an iron grip. They dragged her to the ship, where she was shackled to the mast. All she could do was watch sadly while her home grew smaller and smaller behind her.