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WARNING: group sex, slight incest, lace, accents, silk, blood and biting(x Our favorite love triangle + Katherine + Caroline + Bonnie.

1921 Paris, France:

Les Sept Péchés Gentleman's Club

The two mysterious men eyed their prey for the night through the thick cloud of smoke. A harem of women ready for them to dispose of. Damon and Stefan were in the lounge, women draped on the overstuffed red couches languidly flaunting their skin in practically nothing. The loud jazz music booming from the other room. Women dressed in extremely short dresses, sequins, faux furs, and lace in every direction. The men offcourse were pleased at their scandalous sense of fashion. But the reason for all of this was the money. The money and the power. And the infamous Salvatore Brothers had it all. The supernatural black market had it's perks. Stefan and Damon wanted a little fun for their 180th year as immortals. And plus they needed to check how the club was doing anyways. It had been a while 25 years in fact since they'd left Mason in charge of it.

Les Sept Péchés was crowded at this time of night. The dingy run down mansion was filled with men both supernatural and mortal all looking to feed their deepest and darkest desires. Mason following Stefan and Damon around like a shadow. The Salvatore's walked around to watch a raven-haired vampire do a strip tease on top of a small dim lighted stage. They eventually lost interest in her and moved over to see what else was in store. They saw a pale blonde haired girl human apparently. She was drained of blood and looked ready to pass out on her feet. She was trying to recreate The Birth of Venus she was in an oyster shell covering herself modestly with her hair. They continued on into the bar where women entertained their clients before the deed. They were pretending to laugh at their jokes, playing coy, smiling outrageously. Then Stefan and Damon came to a halt a sneer tugging at the corners of their mouths.

"Her and her" Stefan pointed to the two women sitting on the couch eyes downcast.

Damon and Stefan could feel the tension in the two girl's lithe bodies. Virgins the two deduced. When the two noticed it was them who were called their cheeks reddened to a dark shade of red. One girl with the petite creamy brown body was a witch powerful and potent. Damon and Stefan implied with the way she carried herself and the power that radiated from her. Clad in fishnet stockings with a garter that reached to the top of her thighs paired with a bodice that hugged her chest flaunting the generous amount of cleavage she had. The other girl was a blonde human with green eyes. They could feel the purity emitting from her. She was in a silk robe tied at the center, underneath she wore nothing. Her sensitive buds rubbing against the soft material. Stefan and Damon shared a smirk before continuing their search.

"Nice collection Mason" Damon praised him.

"Thank you" Mason smirked.

"Bonnie, Caroline" Mason called.

The two shuffled side by side and walked up to the three men standing next to each other. Bonnie was a vampire bite junkie her neck heavily bruised she and Caroline hit it off quickly and they became like sisters. Care was new and was a sweet docile girl but she was quite ignorant. Mason had a debt he needed to collect from a vamp. In turn he gave Mason Caroline she was compelled to do whatever it was Mason wanted her to do. Caroline couldn't help but swoon at the incredibly beautiful men. She was new and a virgin making her desired, Vampires were strange like that. Damon used up all of his self control to keep from losing his calm composure and not made a snide, sarcastic retort. The two did look quite handsome guess it ran in the family. Stefan and Damon just came from a speakeasy on St. Antoine Blvd. selling some hard liquor, and drinking a harlot here and there. They were a mess after getting into a brawl with a newborn werewolf, did they teach him a lesson.

"I have a special surprise for you two, it being your 180th" Mason said his eyes alight with a trust that can only be built over years of friendship.

"What's the surprise old friend?" Stefan asked

Mason ushered Damon and Stefan with him to walk up the grand wooden staircase. And through a maze of hallways and corridors

He brought them to a halt. An oak wood door standing in front of them with the names Elena et Katherine on a plaque right at the center of it. Bonnie and Caroline's heart rate picked up again, knowing what to expect behind the closed door. Mason knocked on it politely.

"Oui?" two voices spoke out from behind the door.

There were two voices but they sounded similar and made the Salvatore Brothers confused.

"Elena, Katherine open the door" Mason instructed

The door swung open, slowly and so did Damon and Stefan's mouths. They had a tumble of dark brown hair that cascaded over their shoulders in perfect curls. The same chocolate brown eyes. Except the one on the right lacked warmth in hers. They were remarkably beautiful with olive colored skin, pink glossed lips, and their cleavage was spilling out of their tight clothes. Twins. Wow. Damon and Stefan both thought.

Elena and Katherine were equally astonished at the two men standing outside their door. The man with the dark hair and breathtakingly blue eyes had Elena the moment she laid eyes on him. Katherine preferred the other one with sullen green eyes and a brutal smile. Elena and Katherine wore similar clothes or lack of.

Elena wore a red and black bodice underneath a black see through peignoir. The bodice had black lace outlining the top of her cleavage and had intricate blood red silk patterns running in complex knots and designs. While Katherine wore a short chiffon night gown that went above her thighs with fishnet stockings that were attached to her black silk panties. The twins saw the two other women behind the sinfully delicious men.

"Mason, qui sont nos clients?" Katherine purred.

"English Kat." Mason informed.

"Well are you going to introduce us Mason?" Elena said without a single trace of french in her voice.

"Damon and Stefan Salvatore this is Elena and Katherine Pierce" Mason introduced.

The two being graced with the Salvatore charm walked up to the twins. Both of them taking one of the twin's hands. Damon walked up to the one called Elena. Elena felt her body instantly heat up considerably from one simple action as the beautiful blue-eyed man clutched her hand in his. Katherine raised her eyebrow and grinned slyly as Stefan took her hand. Both brothers left a lingering kiss on the back of the Pierce sisters hands. Elena blushed and Damon smirked at the power he had over her. Katherine kept her calm almost stoic composure as Stefan's lips kissed her skin. Elena and Katherine's eyes found Mason and instantly knew what was expected. Mason ushered the other two women into the room and tersely shut the door behind him.

"And they say chivalry is dead" Katherine said after Mason shut the door.

"Who are your little friends?" she continued moving behind Stefan to stand infront of Caroline and Bonnie.

Katherine tugged at both their arms. Leading them to the large king sized bed. It was quite grand elaborate and intricate designs on the wooden headboard with four large posts that held up see through white curtains. Katherine felt the blonde one shudder and hesitate. It just came to mind that she was a virgin.

"Elena take care of our other guests will you" Katherine instructed to her sister never once taking her eyes from the blonde.

"Come" Elena whispered into the shell of Damon's ear

Stefan heard too using his heightened senses. Elena pulled their hands directing the Salvatore's to the bed that held the three other women.

"Don't mind if I do" Damon smirked

Elena blushed at his blatancy and her stupid choice of words. A small grin graced her lips. Katherine made Caroline and Bonnie more comfortable. She slinked behind Bonnie pressing her front against the young witches back. Bonnie felt her body hum in anticipation. Katherine moved Bonnies hair to the side and ran her finger along a protruding vein on her neck. Her lips a breath away from her creamy brown skin.

"What is your name chéri?" Katherine whispered before kissing the curve of her throat.

"Bonnie" she replied her breath ragged.

A low throaty growl escaped Katherine's lips as Bonnie ushered her neck to the female vampire. Her sharp fangs itched to be free. The pang of hunger and lust echoing through her body. In an instant Katherine inserted her fangs at Bonnie's brazen throat. Her blood shot through Katherine like electricity bringing her to new lengths of power. The witches blood was a powerful aphrodisiac filling Katherine with need. Bonnie was drowned in the ecstasy of the vampire's bite. She could never get enough.

Stefan and Damon were surprised to learn Katherine was a vampire. The fact thrilled and intrigued them. But they were yanked from their thoughts as Elena pushed them unto the bed. Katherine unlatched her louth from Bonnie the young witch was quickly fazed and wore a sated grin. Bonnie touched her cut gingerly and moved with Katherine who slinked over to Caroline. Caroline was frozen. While watching the two women explore the depths of bloodlust she felt herself begin to throb 'down there'. She hadn't known what to do her inexperience weighing down on her. Caroline was desperate to relieve the ache she had been cursed with.

"You haven't been bedded before" Katherine stated more than asked.

Caroline still answered it as a question and shook her head.

"We have to change that. Now won't we?" Elena piped up from between the Salvatore Brothers.

Elena crawled over to the group surrounding Caroline. Caroline was trembling eager to sate her burning and bubbling with curiosity. Katherine rose to her knees and bonnie followed suit. Elena knelt behind Caroline whispering sweet nothings into her ear to soothe her nerves. Caroline felt Elena's soft lips on her neck much like what Katherine had done to Bonnie. But she felt Elena's small hands search for the knot of her robe unfastening it quickly. Fear and anxiety pounded in Caroline's blood mixed with the bottomless desire for more. She had never been naked infront of so many people before and that alarmed her.

Katherine covered Bonnie's lips with her own. Her tongue forcing itself into the witches mouth. Bonnie accepted her force she rather liked it. Warmth bloomed inside Bonnie heading straight down to her sex. Katherine deftly untie the laces that held Bonnie's bodice together. Bonnie's breasts overflowed from the constricting material. The cold air hit Bonnie's overheated flesh and her dark nipples hardened at the contradiction. Katherine lifted her lips from Bonnie's mouth and moved to her pebbled buds. Bonnie shuddered in delight as Katherine's tongue and hands worked on her sensitive breasts. Kneading them and applying just the right amount of pressure.

Elena giggled inwardly as Caroline's soft pink nipples puckered hard. Her hands roamed on Caroline's shoulders and began moving south. Elena kissed the blonde's neck once her hands found the swells of Caroline's breasts. She palmed them, loving the weight of it in her hands. Elena made Caroline face her and kissed the virgin. She took it slow letting Caroline enjoy the feel of their supple breasts rub together. Caroline felt a wetness pool between her thighs and her ache intensified in tenfold.

Damon and Stefan were on the side of the bed watching the women revel in their unabashed pleasure. Their cocks swelling in size as they watched the women writhe and moan. And as Damon shifted to enjoy the view all four women turned their attention to the Salvatore Brothers. All of them smiling like schoolgirls as if they were hiding a secret.

"Sorry we got a little. . . Carried away" Katherine smirked.

Elena, Katherine, Bonnie, and Caroline moved to the men who wore a flippant, indifferent facade. Caroline and Bonnie took Stefan while Katherine and Elena were privileged with the eldest Salvatore.


Bonnie undid Stefan's belt and slipped her hands into his pants and gripped his hardened length. Stefan hissed out his approval and Bonnie smiled a dazed smile. Confidence from previous encounters pushed Caroline to fill the literal void in her. Caroline kissed Stefan. Hard and fast. She moaned into his mouth and Stefan was awed at the virgin's wanton needs. Bonnie finally ridded Stefan of his pants and growled at the sight of his aroused cock. Stefan grew hungry from watching the erratic pulsating of Caroline's vein on her smooth white neck. His face contorted into that of his true nature, a demon. Caroline couldn't respond because in an instant his fangs pierced her throat. A loud yelp was all she could manage before it turned into soft moans of pleasure. Her blood was pure and untainted the sweetness of it captivated Stefan. The power of the bite sending tremors of pleasure through both their bodies. Bonnie was tending to Stefan's member, moving her hand at a leisurely pace. She lowered her head down to his cock eying it hungrily And Stefan shoved his dick into her parted lips. He groaned into Caroline's skin her blood fueling the raging fire inside him.

Caroline felt his bite fill her with endorphins that made her feel like she was drifting into deep nothingness. But it only fed her desire for a tongue, a cock anything to fill her. Bonnie gagged as Stefan's hand guided her up and down his shaft roughly. The wetness accumulating in-between her legs her hands fondled her own breasts. Rolling her nipples between her fingers. Her other hand moved passed her flat stomach and finding the velvety softness underneath her sensitive folds. Bonnie inserted two fingers inside herself groaning which in turn made Stefan groan. Stefan removed his mouth from Caroline and kissed the virgin her own blood on his lips. Caroline tasted the coppery saltiness of it and strangely didn't mind.

Stefan began palming Carolines large breasts. Her skin burned up from his touch. Stefan's breath was at her chest and licked greedily at her bud. Caroline loved the newfangled pleasure her hand went behind Stefan's neck molding his face into her breast. Stefan's teeth pierced into the soft flesh of her breast. He removed it quickly fearing he would drain Caroline too quickly and not be able to try her out first. Bonnie's pumping became erratic and she plunged her fingers into her wetness again and again until her orgasm pulled her under it's dark intense waves. Stefan came down her throat with a satisfied groan. Bonnie went up to eye level with him and kissed Stefan as if starved of him. Bonnie pushed her tits against Stefan's chest demanding he take her now. Stefan didn't mind the witches urgency infact he was quite turned on by it.

"Kiss her" Stefan instructed

Bonnie wasn't fazed by this Caroline on the other hand was nervous after all Bonnie was her best friend. Bonnie saw the hesitance in Caroline's eyes and gave her a smile before gently tugging for her to come closer. Bonnie lowered her lips to Caroline's meshing their tongues together. Things became a lot more heated as Caroline began rubbing Bonnie's breasts. Making the witch moan she pushed Caroline into the bed creating friction between their pliant bodies. Bonnie lifted her head momentarily to look behind her and seek Stefan's eyes. He knew what she desired and was happy to do so. Bonnie trailed her lips lower kissing her best friend's breasts and nibbling on her pebbled nipples. Caroline fisted Bonnie's hair soft sighs erupting from her throat. When Bonnie reached Caroline's sex she left butterfly kisses in the inside of her thighs, above her heated cunt that was throbbing rapidly. She felt Stefan behind her his cock rubbing against her pussy lips. Bonnie wanted it more than anything and she moved her hips to envelop his dick inch by inch. Pain shot through her as Stefan stretched her insides. Bonnie gasped at the hurt. But Stefan didn't waste another second. He started pumping into her tight hole. Bonnie's untouched cunt squeezing so tightly he thought he was in heaven. Bonnie cried out strings of cuss words against Caroline's mound. The intense bliss from each plunge began to override the pain. Bonnie's attention went back to her best friend's pussy. She wanted to go slow on Caroline like Stefan hadn't done with her. Bonnie licked Caroline's clitoris feeling her shiver underneath her tongue. Stefan kept pumping closer and closer to his orgasm knowing he won't last long with Bonnie's death grip on his cock.

Caroline arched into Bonnie's mouth as the witches tongue probed deeper into her folds. Stefan felt his release close at hand. But he wanted Bonnie to come first and being the dominant one found Bonnie's sensitive bundle and circled it with his thumb. Bonnie's orgasm hit her hard slamming into her. Stefan came inside Bonnie as he felt her pulsating against his dick. Bonnie began using her fingers not inserting them inside Caroline but just rubbing her sex. Caroline felt herself snap and waves of heaven she never knew before washed over her. As Stefan removed his softening length from Bonnie, moans of shameless hunger and lust came from the other side of the bed.


Katherine pulled Damon's lean body into the bed. She and Elena stradled his body. Damon reveled in their hot friction they felt way to good to be true. Elena was on top of Damon's hips and felt his impressive length through the little clothing she had. She rotated her own hips, Elena's wet mound brushing against his hard-on. Katherine groaned as Damon hand's went up to her breasts. Massaging them tenderly and suddenly her clothes became an enemy and she wanted to be rid of them. Katherine climbed off of Damon which detered Elena but she followed her sister anyways. Elena kissed Katherine, Elena could tell Damon was turned on by that as she saw his stiffy push against his pants. Katherine and Elena kept their eyes on Damon even as they kissed a smile apparent on both their faces. Katherine took it a step further and pushed her tongue into her twin sisters mouth. Elena's moan was choked by Katherine's lips. Their hands glided over the others body in admiration.

"Ah Katherine si bon" Elena muttered in her native tongue.

"Votre si belle" Katherine replied.

Katherine found the zipper that held Elena's corset together as Elena found the hem of Katherine's nightie. Elena removed Katherine's clothes first, Katherine's dark brown nipples jutting out Elena had the urge to suck it. Katherine saw Elena's motives in her eyes and offered up her breast. Elena licked her parted lips and gently nestled down to her sisters tit. She brought the exquisitely hard bud to her mouth and tugged at it with her teeth a little. Knowing how her sister likes it. Katherine moaned loudly and tilted her head back, her neck purposefully stretched out beckoning Damon's mouth. The throbbing of her vein and the loud thump of their fast heart beats echoed in Damon's ears. He watched Katherine's pulsating sex as if in a trance. Elena felt Katherines hand pull down her zipper. Her breasts litterally sprang from her constricting clothes. Elena gasped as the sharp air spread over her exposed nipples.

Damon's eyes tore from Katherine's body and went to Elena's the second her breasts flowed from her tight corset. Katherine kissed Elena's chest and pushed her down unto the bed. Katherine gave a come-hither gesture to Damon. A smirk on her glossed lips. These women. . . Damon thought. He returned her smirk and knelt infront of Elena.

"Let us pleasure you" Elena said her french accent lacing her sweet words.

Making them even sweeter. Elena lifted Damon's white dress shirt off of his body. And stood back in amazement at the sight of Damon's lean, muscular upper body. Katherine in fast needy movements tore Damon's pants off of him. His swollen length sprang into view. An ache echoed through Katherine. Elena bent down to capture Damon's lips. She moaned as his head rubbed up against her chest. Tickling Elena, she stiffled a giggle against his mouth. She gripped his hair and moaned as he kissed the air out of her. Damon's lips were fierce on hers it was very dizzying for Elena. Katherine pleasured Damon with her hand making him harder in her hands. Katherine watched as Damon kissed her sister making her hand shuttle faster up and down his shaft. When Damon was hard enough for Katherine's standards she called Elena's attention which took a little while for she was distracted by Damon's skilled mouth.

"Elena" Katherine chided

Elena lifted her head an annoyed and embarrassed expression painting her cheeks a rosy shade of pink. She knew what her sister was expecting her to do. Katherine moved up to Elena and Damon giving Damon a hard kiss. She knelt beside Damon and searched for her dopplegangers mouth kissing her sweetly. Damon took Katherine's breast into his hand cupping them. He shifted so that Elena and Katherine wouldn't have him between them. But he actually liked the thought of that.

And just as if they read his mind they removed their lips from each others and smiled Damon's way. Elena held a glint of restlessness in her eyes. Damon caught on to what they wanted to do as Elena and Katherine wriggled their tongues out in the open air. Damon weaved his tongue into their's. He felt Elena and Katherine's lavish attention on his tongue.

Katherine massaged Elena's ample breast as Damon removed his tongue from their three way kiss. Damon moved behind Elena and her breathing became fevered and uneven. Elena stradled Damon's hips not connected yet. Though they wished very badly they did. Katherine kissed Elena again using her fingers to part her pussy lips. Damon moaned as Elena's tight walss stretched to accomodate him. Elena arched her back in response and moaned an almost pained expression on her face.

"Damon!" Elena bit out as she felt him slide into her.

Elena's eyes became heavy lidded as Damon began rocking their hips at a slow pace. Damon wanted to savor every cry every moan every raspy plea. Katherine latched onto Elena's nipple. Elena cried out louder as she felt her sister's fingers circling her clit. Elena wanted to return the favor and her fingers found Katherine's wet heat. Katherine groaned into Elena's skin. Damon grunted as he was hard at work to bring them both to a beautiful end. He bounced her harder and Elena met his thrusts the loud slap of skin making her even more wet. She inserted two fingers into her sisters cunt and Katherine cried in pleasure she vamped out and bit down on Elena's breast.

Her sisters blood made her feel whole like it was the missing piece of her puzzle. Damon got off on the sexy sounds the Pierce sisters were making. He only pumped harder. Elena gasped as Damon's hips slammed into her harder and faster, she loved it. As well as her sister biting her. To be truthful she never had experienced a Vampires bite and was it something. It was better than getting high or getting wasted or sex. But the sex Elena was having right now made her doubt that last part. Katherine strummed her clit feverishly.

"Oh mon dieu! Fuck, Damon!" Elena exclaimed and in a few brief thrusts she came, on Katherine's long fingers and Damon's thick cock.

Katherine felt Elena drive another finger into her she took her mouth of Elena's breast a moaned. Licking the blood that escaped her. Katherine kissed Elena's wound and brought her own fingers that were playing with Elena's pussy up to Elena's mouth making her taste her own blood and come together. Elena's violent shudders of ecstasy made Damon topple over the edge. Hot jets of liquid spurted into Elena's cunt.

"Elena!" Damon bellowed as he hurdled into oblivion.

After their breathing somewhat calmed and their heart rate still semi-erratic Damon pulled out of Elena KAtherine immediately took his dick into her mouth. Sucking him clean. Damon hissed as Katherine's skilled mouth on his softening length. When Katherine was satisfied with her work she turned to Elena who was watching them intently. In a blur of movements Elena felt the bed support her back and Katherine's weight on top of her body. Katherine's head though was at Elena's throbbing sex. Katherine was turned on at the remnants of Damon's orgasm was still fresh on her sister mound. She licked it all up. Loving how they tasted together. She felt Elena's cool tongue delve into her folds. She moaned and worked on Elena's pussy with a steel resolve. The two were vaguely aware of Damon's hand moving up and down his shaft that was still slick from the fucking and sucking he recieved.

Katherine used her cheeks Elena's wetness sliding down her chin. The sensation nestling into Elenas's womb building up her second orgasm. She arched her hips up tp Katherine who was greedy for Elena's climax. Katherine bit the inside of her twins thigh. Making Elena come all over her face. And licked it all up.

"I think Katherine wants to come Elena don't you?" Damon's voice sharp and ragged questioned.

Elena moved from underneath her sister and burrowed inbetween Katherine's legs tongue molded to her twins mound. Causing Katherine to bite her lip.

At that moment Stefan sent Caroline to Damon while he continued to fuck the witch into the ground.

Damon palmed Caroline's perky large breasts. His large hands warmed Caroline in more ways than one. Damon didn't take his time with her though, he skewered her on his dick. Caroline yelped out loudly her virgin pussy aching and not in the good way. It was more painful then she'd expected and Damon growled as he felt her walls constrict his dick. He went at this for a while not pausing to let Caroline get used to his size. Which was particualrly big. Katherine smelled the blood before she even saw it.

"Damon bring her here" Katherine breathed.

Damon did as she asked and to his surprise Katherine pulled Caroline's hips up to her mouth. The pure blood that flowed into Katherine's mouth was exquisite covering her skin with goosebumps. Caroline whimpered her sensitive sex still holding a tinge of pain. As Katherine licked Carolines clitoris her pussy swelled at the attention. Caroline brought her hands up to her breasts tweaking her own nipple. Katherine writhed in pleasure the sight and sound of pussy everywhere. Elena was gluttonous for Katherine to feel how she made her feel. In desperation she pushed two fingers inside Katherine. Who arched her face deeper into Caroline's cunt. Caroline faced Damon she ogled Damon's cock, finally she answered to her instincts.

Caroline grasped Damon's shaft sliding her hand up and down. She used her spit to lave up his cock. Damon was shocked at Carolines actions. He had to give props to her for a virgin she was pretty good. Katherine wanted to take it a step further and slipped a finger into Caroline's sex her finger moved with ease since Caroline was just like butter. Elena observed Katherine sucking Caroline off, while Caroline sucked Damon off. As Elena watched, her free hand cupped her mound teasing her clit to life.

Damon growled as Caroline began to deepthroat him and Caroline's moans came from Katherine who was reveling into the exuberant pleasure from her pussy and the taste of another woman on her tongue while Elena touched her own sex to quench the burning inside herself. And like a switch they all came violently so, loud strings of cuss words, unadulterated cries of pleasure. All of them feeling the same high, the same amazing bliss, the same mind blowing ecstasy.

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