Strawberry Hybrids Are The Best Kind of Hybrids

Summary: When a kind yet admittedly suspicious blond shopkeeper finds a stray neko, he takes him in. Only later does he find out that the cat is actually a sexy hot orange haired hybrid...Oh, the (nonexistent) horror. UraharaxIchigo

Warnings: Same universe as the original Bleach, but an alternate reality where Ichigo is a neko hybrid, because everyone loves neko Ichi! :D

It was one thing he'd never expected to see.

As everyone knows, hollows target their prey on how much spiritual energy one has. The more energy, the tastier the meal. That of course excludes that hollow's family members, because they'd probably be eaten anyway.

Humans usually don't have much spirit energy. It is, in fact, very rare for one to have more than a minuscule amount. Animals are the same way, usually not having any at all. On the other hand, they are more in tune with nature than humans, and have sharper senses. They are usually able to sense the presence of hollows, even if not being able to physically see them.

So it was a great surprise to Kisuke Urahara, when as he was was taking a late night stroll to the store with the task of buying juice for Ururu and Jinta, an orange blur darted in past him, a hollow hot on its tail (pun intended).

The first thing he wondered was how he had not sensed the hollow, and he then stated cursing himself for that same reason. When he spun around to see the ugly hollow jump into the air, saliva dripping onto the ground, as it dove for the tiny feline, he sat back for a few moments, watching with fascination as the neko dodged out of the way, darting off to the side as it landed in a puddle of drool.

It was so strange. This neko, he could swear, could not only sense the hollow, but see it too...

It was only then that he took the time to realize that the saliva that the hollow was now spitting in rapid fire at the neko was some sort of venom, for it was eroding away at the streets and leaving a stomach wrenching smell in the air.

He took action then, quickly unsheathing Benihime while shunpoing forward and slashing through the hollow without difficulty. It dissolved, and all the while he was staring intensely at the the neko, he could now see its fur was orange, as it limped to the side of the street, tiny bloody paw prints left on the asphalt of the road. It collapsed on the curb, chest heaving as it shifted on the unforgiving ground, whimpering.

It didn't notice as he slowly approached, or perhaps the poor creature was in too much pain to care. The latter, judging by the horrible wounds the hollow saliva had given its legs and the pathetic whimpers and whines coming from the orange heap.

When he brought his blade up to unsheathe it though, the almost inaudible sound of metal cutting air resounding the otherwise empty street, the felines eyes shot open and a throaty hiss erupted from his (he was close enough to determine the neko's gender) throat. In a moment, the orange cat was crouched in a defensive position on all fours despite the still bleeding and still very much hurting wounds, eyes wide and wild.

Even as the feline darted down the street with such speed and not even a limp with those wounds, Kisuke remained frozen, an image of such frightened brown eyes, yet with such fire that he would have been scared if he was a lesser man.

Kisuke Urahara, though, was no lesser man, as he calmly resumed sheathing his zanpakuto, turning on his heel, and continuing toward the store.

There was juice to be bought.

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