Growing up, not much scared Dean Winchester. He could take down any bully that dared to threaten his baby brother. Dean knew how to kill almost every monster he and his family had come across. Some of the things that did scare him were CPS and seeing his family hurt. CPS the Winchesters were usually able to avoid. Being hurt on hunts was more common, though.

As a young man, the fear of CPS left the moment Sammy was eighteen. Then came the day when Dean discovered Sam had been applying for colleges. A new fear wriggled into his heart.

Once Sam left, the fear morphed into something happening to his baby brother while he was in California. What if there was an earthquake? What if he was attacked on campus? A fire? A monster? Millions of scenarios crossed through his mind everyday he and his brother were apart. How could he protect him if he wasn't with Sam?

From the time the two brothers were reunited, the fear went back to mainly revolving around something hurting his brother or his father. After his dad died, the fear of Sam dying amplified.

But now, seeing Sam on the ground after their latest case made Dean almost freeze in terror.

Sam was remembering. Hell. Lucifer. Michael. The whole enchilada. Death had warned Dean about the wall being temporary but he figured he'd have more time and would be able to find a more permanent solution. He was so going to kick Sam's ass for pushing his memory and scratching the wall. Though, in his defense it wasn't entirely his fault.

"No, no no." Dean half-shouted as he slid to his knees beside his baby brother. "Come on Sammy," he pleaded, watching Sam's eyes dart around the room seeing things that Dean couldn't. Cas had warned him, too. Hell, even freakin' Crowley said it wasn't a good idea! But Dean had been so desperate to get back his brother…to get rid of Robo Sam and replace him with the kind, caring, compassionate, pain in the ass baby brother that Dean loved.

Sam jerked on the floor, letting out a noise that made Dean's heart clench. "Sam! Man, come on you're not there anymore. I got you out—you're safe!" He yelled, grabbing Sam's arm. Safe definitely wasn't a good way to describe what was happening, that was for sure. "Don't do this to me, Sammy, I just got you back! Please!" Dean begged, something he rarely did.

No matter how long he tried to coax his brother, Sam continued to remember and refused to return to the present. Then, out of nowhere, a quiet 'pop' made Dean swivel around to see Castiel. The angel ignored him and went straight to the youngest Winchester on the ground, putting a hand to his forehead. Sam's eyes shut and his body went limp. Dean watched Sam's chest rise up and down a few moments before glancing at Castiel, then back to his brother.

Castiel straightened and looked at Dean, several emotions written across his face. "I tried to tell you, Dean."