Sorry it's taken forever for an update. This is the last chapter of this story.

So far they'd come up with nothing to solve Sam's situation. It had been almost two weeks of non-stop research and Sam was falling apart almost every other day. Some days he remembered The Fall, as everyone had taken to calling his jump into the Pit, and others he had flashbacks and panic attacks.

Castiel hadn't been able to help much but helped when he could; his help being using his powers to give Sam some much needed rest and peace.

"The wall is coming down Dean and we can't stop it." Castiel told him while Sam slept obliviously on the couch. "I believe it will last a few more days before the memories over run his mind."

"Damn it," Dean muttered, running a hand over his head. "What am I supposed to do, Cas?"

The angel paused before reluctantly saying, "I don't know Dean."

Four days later the wall fell and Sam was left in a sobbing, heart-breaking mess. A day after that Castiel gave Dean an option.

Two Years Later

"Are the Johnsons still coming over?" Lisa asked, handing a beer to Dean. He accepted it quickly before setting it down on the kitchen table, unopened.

"Yeah, Rick said they'd be over around six." the man replied.

It had been two years since the mental wall in Sam's mind had fallen. Sometimes Dean still had trouble believing he had accepted the offer Castiel had given him. He and Bobby had argued it over for hours while Dean held his crying, screaming baby brother. Castiel predicted that Sam would never fully recover from the memories and even if he held off the flashbacks he wouldn't be lucid long.

A quiet thump from above them had Lisa and Dean sharing a look. Lisa sighed before yelling, "Ben!"

Moments later Ben was running into the kitchen, attempting to look innocent. "Yeah Mom?"

"What've we told you about playing ball in the house?"

"Er...not to?"

Dean felt a lump in his throat at the response. Ben sounded so much like Sam when they were kids it was hard to believe Ben wasn't channeling Sammy.

He left Lisa to deal with Ben, going out to the garage to check the Impala. She was retired now, like Dean. They didn't hunt anymore, didn't take road trips, didn't park at old diners or motels.

A quiet snap had Dean looking up, reaching for the gun he kept in one of the tool boxes. Once he saw his unexpected guest he relaxed, "Hey Cas."

"Good evening, Dean." the angel replied. The war in Heaven was over and Castiel had come out victorious. Things were running smoothly upstairs, thankfully. "Sam says happy Fourth of July."

Dean smiled, "Tell him he better not be late for the fireworks or I'll kick his ass."

Castiel nodded, smiling sadly, "He misses you."

When Castiel had first told Dean he could bring Sam into Heaven, he wasn't sure what to think. That would basically be killing his brother, right? He'd already gone a full year without Sam and he'd barely made it and then Cas wanted to take him away again? Hell to the no. But then Castiel said, "I can make sure you see him whenever you want."

With Castiel's status in Heaven he was allowed to bend the rules a little. The way Cas explained it, he could link Sam's soul to Dean's temporarily when Dean was asleep since his mental barriers were down and mostly unguarded. This would result in Sam being in Dean's dreams. After much, much consideration Dean accepted. Sam had a place in Heaven and he could still see Dean.

Now Sam's body was buried in Lawrence next to their mom's grave where their dad's dogtags were also buried; Dean just couldn't bring himself to burn his brother's body. Castiel had put up several protections in the graveyard, though, so nothing supernatural could bother any of the bodies buried there.

For about a year Sam and Dean saw each other once a week. Sam described his Heaven to Dean. Jess was there and there was this huge house in the woods that Sam had said he and Dean had stayed at when they were kids. Dean wasn't there, obviously, since he was still alive and kicking but he had a feeling when he did die he'd find his way there.

Eventually Sam learned to manipulate Dean's dreams so they could hang out anywhere they wanted. In the beginning whatever Dean dreamed was the place they were stuck at. Now, Dean was always looking up places to visit. All he had to do was give Sam a name and his brother could take them there. Dean wasn't sure how that worked-something about Sam having access to a map in his head or something-but it was pretty cool.

After the war in Heaven, which lasted about a year after the wall fell, and Castiel had won he was able to bend the rules even more and let Sam visit Dean every night. Some people would think it would get boring after a while, but not Dean.

He missed Sammy so much it hurt. He missed the bitchfaces, the complaining, everything. Now he only got to see it in his dreams, but at least his brother wasn't reliving Hell.

"I miss him too." Dean replied after a few minutes. Sure, they saw each other every night but it wasn't really the same.

Castiel cocked his head to the side as if listening to something and he smiled, "He says you're being a girl."

That was something else Dean had had to get used to over the years. When Castiel came to visit Dean or Bobby he would hook a link up to Sam so they could talk directly.

"Bitch." Dean laughed, shaking his head.

"He says you are a jerk." The smile faded and Castiel clapped Dean on the shoulder. The angel had gotten more human over the past couple of years, something Dean found a little funny at times. "Well, Dean, I need to go."

The angel left with a quiet snap, leaving Dean alone in the garage with the Impala and the bittersweet memories she brought with her.

So...originally Sam was going to be de-aged and Dean and Lisa would raise him with Ben, sort of like he was turned into a baby and given a second chance sort of deal. But it just felt...wrong, I guess. So, I started playing with this idea.

I needed a happy ending after a tragedy. I wasn't sure how to save Sam from the wall falling down so Castiel popped up with a solution that wasn't perfect but helped out enough so I got the happy ending I wanted.