note: Happy Valentine's Day.

warning: This story is a little sad, I guess. But hey, it's different, no?

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far from a fairytale

"They said we were the perfect pair, but we both knew we were far from it."

Words liked to travel fast, or so it seemed for Black and myself. One minute he asked me out, the next everyone in Unova was texting or calling me, asking about the whole thing. I wanted to tell the to all do something that didn't involve appropriate language, but I decided not to. But they still all said we were the perfect couple.

They were very wrong.

We ultimately lived a lie. We were lovey-dovey in public, but if they only knew when we weren't with each other… Arceus know what'll happen.

At first it was real love, you know? Then it crumbled when that green-haired Plasma leader, N, got me in his grasp.

And from there on, Black and mine's relationship went down him.

We cheated on each other like there was no tomorrow.

Cheren, N, heck, even Dent and other gym leaders…

Of course, he had an equal amount of affairs.

Bianca, Kamitsure, Caitlin, even Fuuro.

But the rest of the world never knew. We were, essentially, a fairytale couple. We might've had affairs, but we never wanted to leave the other. It was what you called an open relationship… kind of.

If only fairytales prepared us for the real world, we wouldn't be stuck in our make-believe fairytale world where we do whatever the heck we want but don't have the nerve to leave. We were stuck in a never-ending vortex of no escape. No matter how much we wanted to leave, we couldn't.

So each and every day, we still wake up next to each other and put on fake smiles as we walk outside, hand in hand.

We did it to satisfy the public.

We did it… we did it to pretend what we had was still real.

We lived faraway from a fairytale… very, very faraway.

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