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Ally: Hi! Yey its my first story ever!

Aud: Yea, yea, we all know.

Ally: I'm excited! My first one i'm giving to the public.

Aud: Out of the 5 or 6 you've already written.

Ally:(glares) And the fact that I had to rewrite it 3 times. Anyway, That's Aud, my sister who's been dealing with all my craziness since I started writing.

Aud: More like since I met you.

Ally:Just let me get on with the story. Would you do the honors?

Aud:(sighs) fine. Disclaimer:Ally doesn't own anything related to Yu-Gi-Oh, only the idea of putting it together with her weird ideas.

Ally: Yep! So on with my story! Although it's probably crappy since i's my first one so please go easy on me.

Aud: Oh God, here we go!

Ally: Warning: boyxboy love, don't like don't watch. Slight Tea-bashing and quick curse.

"blah" talking

(blah) thoughts

Chapter One: Tea's Confession

"I..I really like Atem." Tea said.

Tea asked Yugi to meet her at Burger World after school. His eyes widened when he heard her. He started to speak up.

"Wha-what?" Yugi asked

"I-I think you heard me. Y-You the only one I could confess this too." Tea looked away, not even trying to hide the blush on her face. Yugi just starred at her.

(She what? I don't believe this! And why tell me?)

"So.." Yugi started, "How long have you...felt this way.. about him?"

He hide a blush that was threatening to form.

"Well..." Tea said, nervously," Since you final battle two years ago."

Yugi started remembering the final battle between him and Yami. It was to decide whether they were ready to split apart or not, which it ended up they were. But the Gods decided to give Yami another shot at life and gave him a body. Since then, Yami has been living with Yugi and his grandpa and going to school with the gang.

But what nobody knew was Yugi had fallen for his darkness. He realized his feelings when Yami got to stay. He loved Yami. He was also the only one who ever called him Yami while everyone else called him by his original name, Atem. That had to mean something right?

He didn't think so, so his kept his feelings a secret. It was expected that someone else would fall for him. He just didn't expect it to be Tea.

"Oh, I see." Yugi said, avoiding looking Tea in the eye. "So why are you telling me this? Shouldn't you be telling him? He's the one you..feel this way about."

"Well..I don't think I can. I'm really nervous about this whole thing. So I asked you here... To see if maybe... you could tell him."

Yugi froze. This really shocked him.

(What? She can't expect that! Not when...I couldn't possibly tell him.)

"Why me. Why not Joey or Tristan?" Yugi asked.

"Beause you're closer to him than them. It would be easier for you to do it, right?"

Yugi still faced away from Tea. He couldn't believe she was asking him this.

(Of course it wouldn't be easier! It's a whole lot harder!)

Yugi finally looked back towards her with a fake smile on his face..

"Don't worry. I can talk to him for you. I'll talk to you later about it, or maybe even him." Yugi spilled without thinking .

(Shit! Why did I say that? I won't even be able to talk to him with the thought in my head! What am I going to do?)

"Really Yugi?" Tea said with excitement, "This means so much to me, thank you!"

She got up and went around the table to hug him. He flinched, but let her hug him anyway.

"Sure thing" He said quietly.

"Remember to tell me okay? See you tomorrow!" She walked out of Burger World and headed home. Yugi sat there a few more minutes before heading home himself. All he could think about was being able to tell Yami Tea's feelings or not. He couldn't even tell him about his own. Luckily he kept those thoughts locked from the mind link him and Yami share. He would have a panic attack if Yami found out.

Then, something crossed his mind that scared him.

(What if...Yami feels the same way? It would break my heart. I know I could never have him but...knowing it was Tea...)

Images started to come across his mind of them together, worst being them making out. He would have to deal with it since they live together. The whole way home, this was all he could think about.

End of chapter One

Ally: first chapter down...I think its really short but it would be weird to stop it at another place. Now...about 3 or 4 more to go.

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