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Chuck versus The Balancing Point Part II

April 30, 2008

"Roark's dead?" Chuck wasn't entirely surprised, just a tad disappointed.

"He was found dead in his cell earlier today." Beckman said. She was looking slightly away from the camera, her mouth screwed up in a sour expression.

"It appears that we have not been as thorough in weeding out the mole that killed Duncan as we believed." Graham cut in.

"The good news is that, without Roark, Fulcrum has, as predicted, crumbled." Beckman countered.

"Unfortunately, Fulcrum parent organization, The Ring is attempting to fill the vacuum more quickly than we anticipated." Graham added. "They also appear to be cleaning up loose ends. Several of the teams sent to arrest the remaining Fulcrum agents and clear out their remaining bases of operation found their target were already dead when they arrived."

"What does that mean for our team?" Sarah asked. Casey began to scowl towards the screen. Sarah reached back slightly, and reached for Chuck's hand, a subtle reminder, Chuck guessed, that they were now a packaged deal.

"Given the success of this operation, we believe it is best if you remain based in Burbank. Together." Beckman told them. Judging by the slight twitch on Graham's face, Chuck had to wonder how much of the "we" was Beckman and her superiors.

"Thank you for that reassurance Ma'am. But I was actually wondering whether we would still be given our time off?" Sarah asked cautiously.

"With The Ring still scrambling to deal with the loss of its largest domestic cell, it does seem like it would be the best time to take a bit of time to rest and recuperate." Chuck pointed out hopefully. Even Casey gave a grunt of agreement. While Beckman seemed slightly annoyed at his suggestion, she couldn't argue with them that they were valid. Jobs as stressful as theirs required downtime. Otherwise agents burned out. Beckman and Graham knew that all too well.

"Very well." Graham said sourly. "Agent Bartowski and Walker, you may have the two weeks off you requested."

"And you may have your requested leave Major." Beckman added, with perhaps a tad more enthusiasm.

"We will contact you if you are needed." Graham then added quickly, before signing off. Chuck couldn't help but let out a sarcastic huff at that. The Team slowly turned and headed out of the Orange Orange's back room.

During Chuck's time at Roark Instruments, Sarah had spent the majority of her time out of town. So much so that the CIA had realized that even the people in the strip mall would think it was odd if the store was simply closed. Much to Chuck's surprise, rather than closing down the store entirely and simply having a grand re-opening when, and if, Sarah needed the cover again, they actually placed a young analysis from the main L.A. substation on staff. Chuck suspected it was someone's attempt to discourage her from applying for field work. She certainly was pleased this morning when she had been told she was reassigned. Apparently with both Chuck and Casey gone, the Buymorons had begun thinking of the Orange Orange as fair game again. At least until Alex had "accidently" left Lester with a bloody nose after he tried to place a small camera at bust level on the Orange Orange counter.

"I guess I should probably let Big Mike know I'd like my job back in a couple of weeks." Casey gave a reluctant grunt that he would join him. While no one knew the full extent of Roark's schemes, his arrest had been very public. RI was currently undergoing restructuring. No one would be suspicious if he said he had been laid off and in need of a job again, and with Roark and Fulcrum gone, there was no need for him to continue at RI. Chuck also wanted to make sure he was at the Buymore, as in the previous timeline it had seemed a magnet for his enemies.

"I'll see you back at the Apartment?" Chuck asked, turning towards Sarah.

"The Hotel." She told him. "There are some things I need to do there." Chuck leaned in, giving her a kiss.

"I love you." He told her. Sarah beamed back at him, causing him to melt a little.

"I love you too." Casey gave a slightly disgusted grunt, then hurriedly headed out towards the Buymore. Chuck suspected it was the first time his partner had actually wanted to rush to the big box store. After another kiss Chuck headed out as well.


Ellie yawned as she walked up through the archway entrance to the courtyard of the apartment building. Her shift at the hospital had seemed endless, and all she wanted was to take nice hot bath and slip into bed. Making her way to the mailboxes, she unlocked the box for her apartment and pulled out the mail, flipping through the various envelopes as she walked across the courtyard. Several feet from the door, she stopped, her grip loosening so that the letters fell, spreading out along the courtyard. The sound of paper hitting stone broke her out of her short trance, and she cursed herself for doing something so cliché. She hurriedly gathered up the various pieces of mail, leaving the suspect letter for last.

Warily she reached out, bringing the envelope closer. It had no return address and the only words written on it was her name. It was only one line, but even so, she recognized the handwriting. It was her mother's.



It took him a minute to realize that he was being called. When he turned, he saw Kath waving at him from across the small diner. Winding his way between the tables, he slipped into the booth across from her.

"I was surprised when you called." Kathleen told him. "I thought you were out of town."

"The person we were investigating was arrested." He told her. She nodded. She had learned over the years not to ask too many questions, but there was still an awkward pause.

"I have some time off." He finally told her.

"You wanted to work out something with Alex." Kathleen said.

"Yes." He said, grateful that she had understood his intention. "And, for the summer. I know it's your last summer with her before college but,"

"It's your last summer with her too." Kathleen finished.


"I'm sure Alex would like that." They sat there a moment, staring at the menu, and everything but each other.

"So, do you know what's good here?" Kathleen finally ventured.

"I've heard they have good pie."


"There." Sarah said, making one last adjustment to the picture frame. She stepped back as far as the small room allowed, before deciding that it was as perfect as she could hope for.

"Are you sure you want to do this? We could still call the hotel and tell them you want to keep the room reserved?" Chuck said from where he lay behind her on the bed. Sarah turned to face him.

"It seems kind of wasteful considering I haven't spent a single night there since we got back together." She pointed out.

"Well, it's not like you're paying for it." He said lightly.

"I'm not her Chuck." She told him bluntly. Chuck froze momentarily, then let out a deep sigh. Pushing himself up onto his knees he crawled over towards the edge of the bed right in front of her and placed his hands on her shoulders.

"I know that. Believe me. But, at the risk of being made to sleep on the couch our first official night together, you haven't exactly had the best experiences with permanence and commitment yourself. I just don't want to push you into something you're not ready for."

"Chuck, you're not pushing me into anything. In fact, I'm pretty sure your sister thinks I already live here." She leaned over slightly to kiss him, then allowed him to pull her back onto the bed. She lay down next to him, cuddling up to his side as his arm wrapped around her. Sarah reached under his shirt, walking her fingers up Chuck's chest under the fabric. Then, as if having some sort of radar, Chuck's computer beeped. While he tried to hide it, she saw Chuck's eyes dart slightly over to read what had popped up. Letting out a sigh, she turned slightly and flopped back onto the bed.

"What is it?" Chuck gave her an apologetic smile then scooted over and headed towards the screen.

"It's from my father." Chuck told her a moment later, sounding slightly confused. Now curious, she pulled herself up and moved behind him. She wrapped her arms around his waist, and rested her head on his shoulder.

"He's warning me that my mom sent Ellie a letter." Chuck said, staring at the message. His brows dipped into a frown.

"What is it?"

"He also thought I should know there was some sort of surge at Leeryder Industries tonight." He said.

"Does he think it's something dangerous?" She asked, instinctively tensing up at the thought.

"He doesn't know." Chuck said plainly.

"Well," she said with more confidence than she was feeling. "You did say that they'd only been able to bring over little bits of information. Maybe we shouldn't worry. What's the worst that could happen?" Chuck abruptly turned, simply staring at her incredulously.

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The first sequel to Chuck versus The Do Over: During the Summer of 2008 in the new Chuckverse, Chuck is hoping the end of Fulcrum will mean a slow summer that gives him plenty of time to acclimate to living with his girlfriend Sarah, and to answer all of her many many questions about his previous timeline. But he's smart enough to realize that isn't likely. Especially since someone else seems to be splashing around in the time stream.