By Any Other Name

by MuseDePandora

Disclaimer: Doctor Who belongs to various persons and corporations that are not me or associated with me. This piece of fanfiction is written with the admiration and respect for the original work. I claim no ownership of Doctor Who's creations. No profit is made from this material, now or in the future.

Rating: K, suitable for most

Summary: Drabble. The Doctor takes Rose to a planet called Valentine.

Thanks to Armity for beta-read. Written for E.

The Doctor takes Rose to a planet called Valentine.

She laughs at the menu written in haiku. He buys her tiramisu just because. They try to speak only in rhyme for ten minutes. He somehow manages to say Raxacoricofallapatorius, pulchritudinous, and sacchariferous.

"Do you know your name spells Eros?" he asks as she's licking sugar from her spoon.

"What's that mean?"

"Intimate love and beauty." He grins

She scoffs. "Yeah. Right."

"I don't know." He dips his finger in cream on her plate, pops it in his mouth, looks away. "I think it fits."

Rose is speechless. The Doctor smiles.


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