A/N: I apologize for the long pause in The New Kid, but here's Leo/Ezi to make up for it? Please don't get angry with me. My life has just been going crazy.

Ezio Auditore da Firenze performed a leap of faith from the rooftop and into the hay bale, landing rather gracefully. Making sure there weren't any guards around, he hopped out of the hay, brushing himself off after his feet tapped lightly on the ground. He checked for the papers in his shirt, feeling all five there. Checking for guards again, he strode across the street and to the red door of Leonardo da Vinci's workshop. He was greeted with a tight hug, and a small giggle from the shorter blonde haired man. "Ezio! I haven't seen you in such a long time!" he exclaimed, pulling away from the white-clad man. Ezio chuckled.

"Its only been a few days."

"I still worry about you, Ezio. You're a new assassin, and you never know what might kill you." Leonardo gave him a smile, and pulled himself to the present. "Ah, what do you have for me this time?"

"More Codex pages," the young assassin replied, pulling the papers out of his shirt. The artist looked delighted and even giggled as he rushed over to his desk.

"Thank you!" He began muttering for a second, deciphering the code. "Make yourself at home, Ezio. You never have a home anymore." Ezio chuckled, knowing how true that was. Yeah, he had his uncle's manor but it wasn't as great as Florence, where Leonardo's workshop currently was. It was weird because Ezio had become close to the inventor and often visited him to talk about what was going on. If Leonardo was a woman, he probably would've married him. The man was much his wife already. The assassin sat in a chair that looked much more uncomfortable than it was, although he had to carefully move a stack of books and a model to sit in it. He lounged back, resting his head on the back of it. Finding no danger, Ezio removed his hidden blade, and the rest of his weapons except for the knife in his boot. He placed everything next to him comfortably, and removed all of the armor on his person, sighing in plain pleasure. The stuff was light, true, but uncomfortably stiff. He leaned his head back again, and time slipped from his fingers.

Leonardo Da Vinci didn't recognize that Ezio was asleep across the room, and continued to decipher the code happily, humming as he did so and muttering what everything was underneath his breath. His mind drifted places while he decoded it and wandered to the locations his consciousness didn't visit often, which was the simple fact that he had feelings toward Ezio. Liking guys in a way nobody else did around him was hard, and it wasn't as though he had told anyone or expressed his feelings on the subject because he was likely to be excommunicated for thinking those thoughts. Men with men were against God, although Leonardo couldn't stop himself. He shuffled the codex pages, flipping to the next one and rolling the previous up. The last one lay before him and in no time, it was done. He stood slowly, observing his messy desk for a second. He really should clean up, but cleanliness never led to convenience and he usually spent hours searching for something when workshop was clean. The thought omitted itself as soon as he grabbed the codex pages and turned around. He was about to speak when his eyes fell on Ezio. Slowly, he left the scrolls on the table and walked next to the chair. A small smile played across Leonardo's face as he bent down and brushed his lips against Ezio's. The Assassin's eyes suddenly opened and Leonardo found an extremely sharp knife against his throat and floorboards against his back. Ezio's face was devoid of emotion until he realized who he had the knife pressed against. The blade was soon gone, blood starting to bead from the cut. Soft lips replaced the rigid knife and the steel was tossed with the rest of Ezio's belongings. Leonardo made a strangled noise, realizing how pleasant Ezio's weight was atop him and how deliciously malleable his lips were. He could feel the old scar brush against his skin gently.

"Ezio," the inventor whispered. Suddenly, Ezio's weight was removed and the man had a very unmanly pink tinge across his cheeks.

"I'm sorry," Ezio apologized but for what, Leonardo didn't know.

"Its okay." They sat there for a second, and Ezio looked out the grimy window. It was already night, and many people had gone to bed. Slowly, Ezio moved towards Leonardo and stood. He offered his hand, which Leonardo took, and hoisted the shorter man up. He fell against the broad chest and Ezio's arms were abruptly around Leonardo's shoulders. The white-clad assassin tilted Leonardo's face up and kissed him softly, smiling a little bit before connecting their lips. Leonardo's breath was gone from his lungs, and the painter found himself sagging against Ezio, humming quietly.

"Can I sleep here tonight?" It sounded as though 'sleep' implied something else and Leonardo had only to nod before Ezio picked him up and carried him to the equally cluttered bedroom. The bed was rather large for being covered with books, and Da Vinci told Ezio to just push them to the floor. Impatient, Ezio did and gently set Leonardo on the bed. He gave the painter a small smile before removing his boots and Leonardo's followed easily, afterwards becoming bold and sliding his hand underneath Ezio's shirt. The young kissed the other again, pinning him under his weight. Ezio shed Leonardo's top, tossing it aside. Quickly, Leonardo unlaced Ezio's clothes, sliding them down and taking care to feel the smooth muscles under his hands. They rippled under his palms, whispering of strength. Ezio groaned, muttering under his breath of how good that felt. Using his weakness to an advantage, Leonardo flipped then over, so he was straddling the other man. Leonardo loosened the ties with deft hands, massaging the lightly haired chest with hands that knew what they were doing. Smiling, he bent over Ezio and caught a nipple between his lips, sucking on it gently and biting on the tip. Ezio sounded strangled, pressing Leonardo's head gently, urging him more. Despite his forward actions, the Assassin had a dark blush across his cheeks. Leonardo smirked, and moved downwards, working on the laces of Ezio's pants and pulling them down quickly, discarding them somewhere. The painter smiled softly, removing his own and pulling himself up to where Ezio's face was. They kissed, gently at first, with their hips aligned perfectly. The assassin grabbed Leonardo's butt, cupping it gently, and lifting his hips so that they rubbed together. The inventor groaned, holding onto Ezio. It felt so much more amazing than his own hand. They rocked like that together.

Ezio caught Leonardo's lips between his, giving the other man a searing hot kiss. Ezio grabbed their conjoined members, stroking them with a counter motion. Leonardo groaned, biting onto Ezio's lip and orgasming all over their chests, making their skin sticky. Ezio soon joined, and they lay there for awhile, Leonardo atop Ezio in quiet bliss. Ezio stroked mindlessly stroked Leonardo's hair, humming quietly.

"So… what does this mean to us?" Leonardo asked, lazily grabbing a cloth and gently cleaning off both him and Ezio. Ezio thought about it for awhile.

"I think it means that… I don't know. I mean, do you just want to see where it goes?" Ezio sat up, leaning on his hands. Leonardo drew absent minded circles on Ezio's chest, not really knowing anything at that moment.

"I think it'd be for the best." They pecked, and lay down once more. Ezio pulled up a blanket, and covered them both up. Leonardo fell asleep after Ezio did, with a small smile on both of their faces.

The next morning, Leonardo woke up alone and wrapped himself in the blanket, walking out into the main workshop room. Atop a large pile of books, a fresh piece of paper and a loaf of bread sat there. He picked it up, reading the beautiful script on the page.

Leonardo Da Vinci,

I'm sorry I couldn't be there for when you awoke, but I'll come back tonight.


Taking another bite of the bread, he went back into his bedroom to dress and patiently awaited night for when his lover would return.