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Ezio Auditore da Firenze walked across the large square, knocking on the familiar red door. He slipped inside, searching for the inventor within. The man was not in, unfortunately. Ezio didn't really have anywhere to go that day, which was a simple blessing in itself. All he had really been doing was searching for the codex pages. There were 3 left, besides the 17 Ezio collected already. Outside, Venice was awake and somewhat happy. They were eating, drinking, romancing, and living in general. The Assassin knew what it was like, living where life decided to take you. He smiled, the action tugging slightly on the old scar. Ezio took off the hood, pulling his short pony tail out of his robes. Leonardo and Ezio continued their relationship over the long years. They were lovers with mutual feelings that understood the openness of their relationship.

Moving farther into the large workshop, Ezio closed the door behind himself. Being spotted with him meant jail, and possible death. He grimaced, remembering the horrid picture on the wanted poster and knowing that it wasn't the best looking one of him. He took the Codex pages out of his robes, putting them on a pile of books. The inventor, painter, writer should spot them there. He took off the heavy robes and armor. Although he was always armed, Leonardo Da Vinci's workshop often provided a safe haven where Ezio didn't have to sleep with his sword next to him. The assassin was left in a pristine white shirt, brown breeches, and knee-high boots. He unlaced his shirt, leaving it more open than usual and revealing a strong chest with a gentle smattering of chestnut-chocolate hair. Ezio walked along the side of the table, looking at numerous blue prints and drawings. The ability to blush suddenly returned as he found a canvas painting of himself Leonardo had painted one morning about a year back. He stared at it for a second before setting it down. He remembered working the sheet down to his knees to try and convince the other man back into the covers. The blush deepened. Sighing, he covered it with papers again. Because they were lovers, Ezio often found himself subject of paintings and drawings when he had time. The door opened, and the Assassin turned on the balls of his feet. Leonardo walked through the portal, blinded by the large box of paintings he was carrying. Ezio hid behind a table watching the other man walk around his workshop. When he neared the Assassin, Ezio grabbed Da Vinci around the waist, covering his eyes with the other hand. He tilted his head to one side, the beret falling off to the floor in a crumple.

The beating life force in Leonardo's throat quickened with fear. Ezio nibbled on the pounding vein, chuckling low, and pressing a sudden hardness against Leonardo's back.

"I could kill you," Ezio whispered and Leonardo shivered. The fear turned suddenly to delight.

"I know, but you won't, Ezio Auditore." The Assassin smiled slowly, licking Leonardo's neck. The inventor turned in Ezio's arms, nibbling on the other man's lower lip.

"How do you know, Leonardo?" Da Vinci chuckled, tugging on the skin between his teeth. He set it free, and began undoing Ezio's shirt laces more. Impatient, Leonardo removed the white shirt, and ran his hands over Ezio's chest.

"I know because I trust my dearest Assassin." He chuckled. The side of Ezio's neck was gently assaulted by Leonardo, the smaller man nipping at the skin.

"You're too dressed," Ezio blurted out. Leonardo always made his mind nearly blank. His fingers worked on the extremely complex strings of Leonardo's shirt. At once, the shirt came undone, and Leonardo shed it onto the workshop floor. Ezio smiled triumphantly, pulling off the undershirt. The two admired each other for a second, marveling in how lovely the other was. Leonardo was smaller and leaner than the scarred Ezio. Both men were absolutely beautiful, but in different ways. Ezio reached out, touching Leonardo's shoulder. The smaller man shivered a little bit, looking pointedly at the small windows. Ezio laughed darkly.

"Nobody can see." One of Leonardo's eyebrows quirked in skepticism. Like magic, Leonardo was off his feet and being carried to the only clean place in the huge workshop; the bed. The inventor was thrown to the piece of furniture, Ezio kneeling on the ground.

He removed Leonardo's boots, and unlaced the straining laces on Leonardo's pants. The inventor gasped as his flesh hit the cooler air. "Ezio," he whispered as the cloth was removed from his legs. The assassin smiled, leaning over Leonardo and licking the tip of his member. The other man gasped again, moving his legs apart. Smiling slightly, Ezio took as much of Leonardo into his mouth as he could. The painter writhed, one hand threading through Ezio's hair and tugging gently. The near-perfect ponytail was ruined and the newly-released hair hung gently. Strangely, it only increased Ezio's beauty. The Assassin suckled on the member, soon picking up speed and strength. Hips that attempted to buck were held down with a work-calloused hand. Leonardo attempted to bury himself into the feather mattress. Ezio gently released him, nuzzling his face into the soft blonde hair. Leonardo was one of the cleanest men Ezio ever met, and the inventor trimmed his hair often. Gently, Leonardo pulled his assassin up to lay next to him. He wrapped his legs around Ezio's waist, kissing him gently. "I need you, Ezio. In me. Now." Complying, Ezio spread Leonardo's legs, pushing him onto his back again. Using the only lubrication readily available, Ezio stroked himself a couple of times with his saliva.

Leonardo bit his lip and gripped Ezio's strong shoulders as pain mixed with a strange pleasure. Their lips caught one another's in a bruising kiss as they were suspended in a cloudy haze of adoration and pleasure outlined by gentle pain. They held each other, their bodies one, their breaths mingled between their mouths. Slowly, Ezio began to move, careful of Leonardo's fragile situation. Letting a sigh fall from his lips, the painter squeezed Ezio's hips to urge him to pick up speed. The other man complied, moving his hips faster. They gasped together, their minds becoming absolutely blank. They fumbled; their mouths and hands meeting in a primal need far older than Italy itself. Ezio guided their intertwined hands to Leonardo's member. Together, they stroked Leonardo to the brink of madness, until the two men were pushed off the edge together.

Wobbling, Leonardo grabbed a cloth, and cleaned off their chests and his backside. After, he tossed the piece of fabric to the floor. It fell near Ezio's clothes without exactly touching them. On the bed, the two men cuddled, bare as the day they were born. The two lay there in silence. Neither moved except for some small adjustments ever so often. Finally, Ezio moved to cover Leonardo's mouth with his own. "Carnevale is coming soon," Leonardo whispered, touching Ezio's cheek with his fingertips, and pulling the Assassin's lightly stubbled face closer. The man hadn't shaved that day, so the bristles tickled Leonardo's lips like his own goatee he always sported.

"I know," he responded when his lips were free. "I have a plan for it you know."

"Mmm." They kissed again, lips meeting and parting. It was a long while until the quiet intimacy unfolded into simply comfort. Leonardo snuggled up to Ezio, his head resting easily on the other's chest. With a small smile, Ezio looked at the fragile man in his arms. His heart beat a little faster whenever Leonardo was around. Mentally, Ezio stabbed the thought that was niggling and wriggling in the back of his mind. He couldn't be in love. It's too dangerous for him. I'd rather have Leonardo die than to lose that. To lose me and everything we've ever done. You do love only onceā€¦. His thoughts drifted dangerously as deep sleep claimed Ezio for the first time in a long while.