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I'd never been on a rescue mission before, let alone a solo one, so I was slightly nervous as I slinked around corners and down corridors of an enemy base in search of a comrade I'd never met. Tell me to retrieve enemy information on my own? No sweat. Espionage was my thing, saving fellow shinobi who were stupid enough to get their butts caught in the first place wasn't.

I continued to make my way down the winding hallways; carefully checking each door I passed before continuing to the next. I allowed myself a quiet sigh each time a door failed to reveal the prisoner I was attempting to free; I'd been at it for hours and could've sworn I was going in circles. After a long while, I came to a hall I didn't recognize. The walls were not marred with the silhouettes of door frames, and were instead covered in dark rusty-red splatters. I was positive it was blood.

I carefully grabbed the handle of a kunai in my pouch and proceeded carefully down the hallway. It went straight for a number of yards before the hall started curving gracefully to the left. A sinking feeling had formed in my gut; I was sure this was where things would get difficult.

Sure enough, as I peeked around the corner, back pressed against the stone wall, there were four shinobi in front of an arched wooden door. They were decked out in all black; protective vests covering their vital organs and weapon pouches strapped to their legs and hips. They were also all much larger than me; obviously male and obviously strong from the muscle covering their limbs.

Conversing among themselves in hushed voices, the four were apparently bored with their positions as prison guards. Two empty sake bottles sat abandoned next to the door, which led me to believe that they were at least slightly under the influence of alcohol. It was a lucky break for me; less chance of being completely pulverized, but I wasn't about to take any chances by hoping they were unable to walk a straight line.

This was where my espionage skills came in handy. I carefully focused my chakra throughout my body, effectively muffling the sound of my movements. I waited for the four to become distracted. It didn't take long before another white bottle of sake was pulled from one of the men's packs and was passed around, each guard taking a generous gulp before giving it to the next. Their quiet whispers quickly turned into boastful laughter and crude slurs as their alcohol tolerance depleted. I took this as my cue and quietly approached the drunken and unsuspecting quartet. The four were huddled very close together as they fought over who would have the last sip of sake, which made my job even easier than they were already making it. I almost felt sorry for them…almost.

Once close enough, I dropped to the ground and swung my foot out, causing the drunkards to come crashing down. They made a little more noise than I had hoped for when they made contact with the stone floor, so in order to prevent even more commotion, I smashed two of the men's heads together, effectively knocking them out. Before the two who were still conscious could call out for help, I slammed one against the closest wall and put the other under a genjutsu. I wiped the sweat from my forehead with the back of my hand and admired my work for a moment before turning to face the door the now incapacitated men had been guarding.

Pressing my ear to the wooden surface, I squinted my eyes slightly as I listened for any sound coming from the other side. I could hear ragged, unsteady breathing, but that was the only sound that I could depict. At least I was in the right place; I guessed that the person I was looking for was behind this door, but then again, it could've all been a trap that I was just walking straight into. I stared at the door, brow furrowed, and contemplated whether to proceed or retreat.

After a few drawn out moments, I heaved a sigh, "well, nothing ventured, nothing gained," I murmured to myself as I pushed open the wooden door.

The room was even darker than the hallways from which I came and shadows immediately fell over my form as I proceeded over threshold. The room was narrow with stone cold walls and floors. I was able to make out the form of a man at the back of the room, which I concluded to be the source of the ragged breathing. I was just about to go investigate further when a voice, much closer to a growl than the voice of a human, stopped me in my tracks.

"I already said…I wouldn't talk. So either kill me now… or just...leave."

The voice was menacing, but there was obviously no strength behind it; the tone was strong, but the delivery was breathless and shaky. It took me a moment before I realized the voice was coming from the form slumped against the back wall. I approached at a leisurely pace, the sound of my footsteps echoing off the walls. On closer inspection, the form turned out to be a brunette male. His hands were cuffed and a metal chain was attached to his neck. A paper seal was stuck to his forehead, most likely sealing his chakra, and his Konoha headband was clasped tightly in one of his restrained hands. Dark brown locks were matted with the rusty stain of blood that ran down his temples and over the red marks that adorned his cheeks.

I recognized him as the one in the picture I was shown when I was assigned this mission; Kiba Inuzuka.

I kneeled down in front of him so that my face was level with his. The man's eyes were downcast, lids drooping over glassy irises; he didn't even flinch at my close proximity.

"Kiba Inuzuka?" No answer. I sighed and began to rattle off all of the information given to me when I was assigned this mission over a week ago, "Kiba Inuzuka, 21 years of age, Jounin from Konohagakure, assigned an A-ranked mission three months ago to investigate the disappearance of a unit of three Konoha chuunin at the Fire Country's northern border, ambushed and taken prisoner by a group of rouge shinobi, sent out a distress signal with dog-nin Akamaru whom successfully escaped capture, correct?"

I had recited the information in one breath. I was inwardly proud of the feat.

Kiba looked up at me, a glare evident in his stare," who the hell are you?"

I frowned at the question; he obviously didn't trust me. "The one busting you outta here, that's who the hell I am."

His glare softened for a moment, but, within an instant, became stone cold again, "how do I know I can trust you?"

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. I was wasting time talking to him; if the shinobi I had knocked out were of jounin level, they would be waking up any minute. Ignoring the question the man in front of me asked, I ripped the seal from his forehead, and began picking the lock on his handcuffs with a senbon. Once his hands were free, I broke the chain wrapped around his neck with a kunai.

"You can decide whether you trust me after we get out of here," I said as I helped him to his feet.

"And how do we… do that?" he huffed as he leaned against the wall for support.

"With explosives, of course," was my answer.

I pressed my ear to the same wall Kiba was leaning against, to make sure my plan would actually work, and smiled. Whoever chose this room to be the prison cell wasn't very smart. It was one of the outer rooms of the enormous building, meaning that escape was just one layer of cinderblock away.

I pulled an explosive note out of my pouch and tied it to a kunai, then pulled Kiba's arm around my shoulder, "think you can sprint about thirty yards?" I asked as his weight shifted onto me.

"Well, we'll find out," he smirked.

With that, I threw the kunai against the wall and darted forward. The wall crumbled easily (and loudly), and I had to be careful to avoid stone and other falling debris as I pumped chakra into my legs to carry both my weight and Kiba's. I could hear angry yells and shouts as the two of us ran toward the woods surrounding the base; the explosion had definitely alerted the rest of the rogue shinobi of our escape. I glanced over my shoulder to see at least fifteen men pursuing us.

I suddenly skidded to a halt a few feet short of the tree line, Kiba nearly falling over at the sudden change in momentum.

"What are you doing!" he screamed, trying to pull me forward.

I ignored him and instead put my pointer finger and thumb in my mouth and whistled. The high pitched sound rang through the air, and within moments, an enormous hawk the size of a small elephant darted toward us. Kiba stared at it, his mouth slightly ajar, as it landed in front of us.

"Stop staring and MOVE!" I yelled as I pushed him toward the giant avian.

We both clambered onto its back, the other shinobi quickly approaching from behind.

"Go, Tiny, GO!" I yelled frantically as I lightly smacked the side of the hawk's neck.

The bird gave a small squawk of understanding and spread its wings, pumping them up and down as we rose into the air, leaving a group of very angry men cursing and screaming below us.

Once we were a safe distance away, I fell backwards so that I was lying on my back, soft feathers cushioning my body, and let out a laugh, "well THAT was fun," I said sarcastically as my dark hair whipped around my face.

Kiba rolled his eyes, "yeah, if you like being nearly killed because of some crazy chick you never met."

"Hey!" I said defensively, "this crazy chick just rescued your butt!"

Kiba shook his head slightly with a small smile, "thanks."

I grinned in response and continued to lie on my back as we soared through the air.

Silence overtook us for a good ten minutes before Kiba interrupted it, "so, you never really answered my question earlier."

"And what question would that be?"

"Who the hell are you?"


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