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Chapter 19

~Easy A~


Hearing Tanya's seductive voice at Edward's door reminds me she's not about to give up her fight to get him back. She's not going to play fair, and she doesn't give a shit who gets hurt in her plight to win him over.

After all that's happened recently, I'm confident even if I wasn't here tonight, Edward would have turned Tanya away at the door. He loves me, not her. It's the only thing that stops me from rushing the door and yanking Tanya's perfectly coiffed hair out—although, the thought causes my fingers to twitch with desire.

Edward gets rid of her quickly, closing the door and methodically engaging all the locks.

"So, when are you moving?" I ask, smirking.

I'm thrilled to hear he's moving out on the first. An evil idea forms in my mind, and I simply can't resist copying a scene from Easy A.

At first when I suggest it, Edward looks at me like I'm nuts, but he quickly warms to the idea.

"Let's go," he says, suddenly scooping me up in his arms.

A carefree laugh bubbles out of me as Edward runs up the hall to the bedroom and tosses me on his bed. He looks down at me mischievously, and I wonder what he's thinking. I find out a second later when he lands hard on the bed, both of us bouncing a few inches into the air, and starts tickling me.

"Ed-ward! Oh, my God... stop!"

"Make me," comes the answer, his long fingers easily reaching all my most ticklish spots.

I laugh so hard, I have to gasp for air. "Please... please..."

"Mm-mm, beg me, baby," Edward taunts, leaning over me.

I'm trapped under his body, and I can't wriggle free. He has complete control over me and can keep tickling me as long as he wants to. Digging my heel into the bed for leverage, I try to buck him off me, and the headboard bangs into the wall in the process.

The sound startles us both, Edward's fingers freezing on my ribcage, and we look at each other for a moment.

"You'll pay for that ticklefest, Mister," I warn.

"Oh? And how do you intend to collect?" His green eyes dance with amusement, and I quickly forget about making him pay, grabbing his face and stretching up to meet his lips with mine.

We kiss long and hard, and when we break away, we're both breathless. I rake my nails over his abs, and he reaches back, pulling his shirt over his head so my fingers can explore his heated skin more freely.

"If that's how you make me pay, I don't think I've been punished severely enough," he rasps.

"That's not your punishment. I just couldn't resist kissing you."

"I'll take that." A lazy smirk spreads across his handsome face, and I can't resist caressing his cheek. He gazes down at me. "I thought we were supposed to be putting on a show for Skankya."

I giggle at the mention of Tanya's new nickname, happy Edward has adopted it as well.

"You're right... so do me, big boy. Give me all the juice you've got." I look up at him and lick my lips suggestively.

Edward stands up on the bed, offering me his hand. Once we're facing each other in the middle of the bed, we start bouncing lightly, our fingers entwined. The springs groan lightly, and we slowly increase the pace until the headboard lightly hits the wall a few times.

"Oh, yeah... just like that," I whimper, tossing my hair around.

We increase our movements, the headboard banging against the wall louder and harder.

"Ungh, Bella..." Edward calls out.

I close my eyes, allowing the sounds of pseudo-sex to surround me. If I stare at Edward while we bounce, it's hard to keep myself from laughing, but with my eyes closed, I can almost imagine he is in the throes of passion, the sexy sounds he makes sending a tingling jolt between my legs. I start fantasizing about him pounding into me, and my head falls back, a long, low moan coming out of me.

Suddenly I don't care as much about Tanya, and I sweep my leg against the back of his knees, knocking him to the bed.

"What the—" he exclaims breathlessly as his back hits the mattress.

Taking advantage of his surprise, I quickly strip off my shirt and straddle his body, bringing my lips down on his, effectively swallowing his words. I push my tongue into his already open mouth, and he catches on quick, kissing me back.

"Mm-mm..." His tongue vibrates against mine, and my panties grow damp.

I quickly unsnap my bra, tossing it to the floor.

Edward's hands reach for my hips as I start grinding on his rapidly growing hard-on. He guides me into a rhythm, and I ride him hard, our mouths locked together.

Now the headboard knocks against the wall for real, and Tanya is the last thing on my mind.

Despite his jeans and my yoga pants between us, the dry humping rapidly sends me heading for orgasm.

Breaking away from his lips, I lift my upper body, causing our pelvises to mash together even harder. I throw my head back, unable to control the breathless moans coming out of me.

Edward groans loudly, taking the opportunity to knead my breasts in his palms, rolling my nipples roughly between his thumb and index fingers, sending a thrill shooting to my center. "God, Bella..." His green eyes flame hotly, and I know when we finally do make love, it'll be mind-blowing.

Everything comes together—the sensation of his rough hands on my naked skin, his straining cock grinding between my legs, the powerful feeling of being the one in control, the smoldering look in his eyes as he gazes back boldly—and I fall over the edge, screaming out his name as I come apart.

With a growl, Edward flips our positions, and my legs instinctively wrap around his waist. Holding himself above me, he starts thrusting his hips, his brow furrowed in concentration. "Ungh, Bella... I love you so much."

"I love you, too." I scrape my fingers over the rippling muscles of his back, and he hisses. The headboard hits the wall harder as Edward's hips continue to flex against me, and I feel heat coiling in my abdomen. "God... I'm going to come again..." I moan just as another orgasm overtakes me, and I cry out incoherently.

Edward mashes his mouth against mine, biting my lip hard enough to draw blood, our tongues joining together. He stiffens suddenly, throwing his head back and letting out the sexiest moan as he comes.

Collapsing on top of me, our naked chests pressed together, his lips find mine again, kissing me slowly this time. He licks at my lip where he bit it. "Sorry, beautiful," he whispers against my mouth. "I wanted you so badly, I got a little carried away."

"Don't be. Never be sorry for showing me how much you want me."

Edward lifts his head, and our eyes meet and hold. "Bella, we haven't even made love yet, and I feel... so much with you. It..." He falters, shaking his head slightly. "...scares me how intense my emotions are. I didn't even know it was possible to feel quite like this."

"That makes two of us." Tears prick my eyes as I look up into his vulnerable face, and I feel just as raw and wide open. I'm scared, too, but I won't let that hold me back from giving all of me to Edward. Too much time has already gone by. "I love you so much, Edward."

He leans in to kiss me slow and deep. Eventually, I hear banging over the rushing in my ears. Edward hears it, too, and lifts his head, tilting it to the side.

A sudden crash from next door is accompanied by a primal scream, more slamming, and the tinkle of broken glass.

Edward and I look at each other and break into quiet laughter.

"I guess she got our message," he muses.

"Honestly, I forgot all about her, but yeah, it seems so." I stifle a giggle.

The sound of screaming and destruction goes on for about ten minutes. Soon after, we hear Tanya's shrill voice rising and falling as she rants and raves. Based on the brief silences, we surmise she's on the phone with someone.

A knock sounds at the door, and we look at each other, startled.

"She wouldn't dare," I whisper, leaping off the bed.

"Bella!" Edward calls out, racing after me.

"Don't try to stop me."

"I'm not, but you're still topless."

I stop and turn around to see Edward shaking with laughter. Slapping him on his bare chest, I grab his hoodie and pull it over my head as I make a beeline for the front door.

When I open it, I'm ready for a fight, but I'm met with the sight of a police officer instead, his hand poised in the air to knock again. He appears to be in his early thirties with light brown hair, blue eyes, and a baby face. He reminds me of Mike, and I feel a small twinge in my gut.


"Good evening, Miss. We received a call about a disturbance on this floor."

"Y-You did?"

"We did." The officer looks over my shoulder. "Can you please step outside the apartment?" His voice has gone from friendly to brusque and businesslike, his eyes turning steely.


"Step out. Sir, you need to remain where you are."

"What's this about?" Edward's confused voice comes from behind me, and I glance back with my eyebrows raised.

"Miss, please step out in the hallway."

"Okay..." I walk out the door slowly, shooting another confused glance at Edward, who remains where the officer told him to.

"I'm Officer Kraus. Your name is?"

"Bella. Bella Swan."

Leaning in close, Officer Kraus speaks in a hushed tone. "Has he hurt you?"


His keen blue eyes look me over carefully, and then he points at Edward. "Him."

"No, of course not!"

He looks down at me with obvious doubt, and then his eyes slide back to Edward. I follow his gaze, and suddenly realize he's taking in Edward's bruised knuckles and the red mark on his bare chest where I smacked him.

Unable to help myself, I giggle. "You thought I was a battered woman!" For whatever reason, this tickles my funny bone, and I start laughing.

"Are you?" Officer Kraus is clearly not amused.


"How did his knuckles get bruised?"

His question sobers me, and I hesitate.

"Officer—" Edward begins, taking a few steps forward.

"Sir, remain where you are. I want the answer from Miss Swan." His eyes move between Edward and me a few more times. "Miss, would you like to come downstairs with me?" he asks gently.

"Whatever for?"

"Maybe a little distance..."

"Listen, I don't know what you're thinking, but I don't need any distance from Edward. I'm pretty sure the call you received is for 2F. Crazy bitch has been in there screaming and throwing things for the past half-hour."

"Is that so? Then why did you hesitate when I asked you about his bruises?"

"He just... he punched a wall."

"I see. And he did this because he was happy?"

"He was pissed off at our neighbor."

"Does he often lose it over neighbors?"

"No, only when they're psycho ex-fiancées who rent the apartment right next door on purpose," I answer, shooting a dirty look toward 2F, which is suspiciously quiet now.

Officer Kraus' eyebrows go up. "Well, that's a new one."

"It shouldn't take too long to clear things up; she's sure to have her ear pressed to the door," I say scathingly.

"I'll just head over there then. Sorry I disturbed your evening, folks."

"Thank you, Officer. I'm sure a lot of women are safer because of your caution." I smile up at him, relieved he believes us.

"Just doing my job." His face flushes as he heads over to Tanya's apartment and knocks.

Closing and locking the door, Edward and I stare at each other for a few seconds before bursting into muffled laughter. We hold onto each other as tears stream from our eyes. I'm pretty sure we're both a little hysterical with relief at this point.

"Want to grab a snack?" Edward asks suddenly, drawing me into the kitchen.

"What an odd time to eat!" I giggle.

"Honestly? The kitchen is the center of my apartment, and I feel safest here from prying ears."

"Oh, okay. God, Edward, he thought you were abusing me." I still speak in a hushed whisper. "And then he sees you shirtless... your knuckles... the red mark on your chest!"

"I know, right? But the best part? You almost answered the door topless!"

"Holy shit! You're right!"

And then we both lose all sense of decorum and howl with laughter, clutching onto each other.

A cup of hot chocolate and a movie later, I'm slumped in Edward's arms falling asleep. His embrace feels so safe and warm, and I can't imagine belonging to anyone else so completely.

"Stay with me?" he murmurs softly in my hair.

"Mm-hm," I agree sleepily.

He lifts me in his arms and carries me to his bed, tucking me under the covers. His fingers lightly brush over my forehead, followed by his lips. "Sleep well, beautiful."

"What about you?" I mumble.

"I'll be along soon. I just have a few more things to do."

"Okay. Love you."

"And I love you. More than anything, Bella."

The next morning, neither of us has class until eleven, so we lounge in bed, making out like teenagers. Edward leaves for a few minutes only to get some fresh fruit from the fridge, and we feed it to each other, licking the juice that runs over our bare skin, which just leads to more making out.

We end up a sticky mess and decide to shower together. We take turns washing each other, and I thoroughly enjoy Edward's fingers massaging my scalp as he washes my hair. There's something so intimate about showering together even though we didn't fool around... much.

As I dress, I contemplate what it would be like to live with Edward. I know intellectually it's too soon, but my heart isn't governed by the same restrictions. I want this—to wake up with Edward every morning, to shower together, eat together, come home to him at the end of the day, sleep in his arms each night.

My chest feels heavy when I think of being apart from him, and it has nothing to do with the fact Tanya lives next door; I know he wants nothing to do with her. No, this is strictly about us.

"Penny for your deep ones."

Startled, I glance over at the bedroom door. Edward, already dressed for the day, leans against the doorjamb watching me carefully.

"Just thinking about my schedule for today. I need to stop back at my room and get my stuff before class."

"Come on. I'll drop you off on my way to class."

Edward lets me off in front of Delaney Hall, leaning over to kiss me softly. We agree to meet up this afternoon so he can show me his new apartment.

I take the stairs up to my floor. Just before I get to my room, a door on the other side of the hallway opens.

"...can't believe he would..." Tanya emerges with red-rimmed eyes, her face swollen from crying. When she sees me, she stops in her tracks, and Jordin bumps into her.

"Tanya, what the hell?" Jordin's dark eyes come to rest on me. "You."

I turn away, fitting my key into the lock of the dorm room. It's too much to hope it could end there.

Jordin strides up to me, leaning in close. "It won't be long before Edward comes to his senses, bitch. He'll toss you away like yesterday's newspaper."

I turn to face Jordin, noticing Tanya is no longer in the hall. "It seems birds of a feather do flock together—you and Tanya seem to be cut from the same cloth." I lean even closer until we're almost nose-to-nose. "Back off! My relationship with Edward has nothing to do with you." I sneer.

"Wrong. Tanya is my friend, and when someone breaks her heart, I make it my business."

"You need to have a heart before somebody can break it. You have no idea what Tanya did to us back in high school!"

"Save the sob story. I'm putting you on warning. You don't want to mess with me."

Jordin turns to walk away, but I grasp her arm. "From where I stand, you're messing with me."

"Let go of me!" She snarls at me, her dark eyes glittering with hatred.

The door to my room opens, and Becca sticks her head out. "Hey, Bella! Missed you last night."

Jordin snorts. "I'll bet."

I take the opportunity to slip inside the room and slam the door. Leaning my back on it, I breathe a sigh of relief and start praying Tanya's not in any of my classes today.

"Bella, what the hell was going on out there?" Becca stage-whispers.

"The start of World War III, apparently. Tanya and Jordin have decided to tag-team me. Tanya keeps trying to seduce Edward, and Jordin has appointed herself the protector of Tanya's blackened heart. Lucky me."

"Shit. The WWF comes to Dartmouth. Sounds like you're in for an interesting ride. I'd say I hope Edward is worth all the trouble, but I can already tell that he is. Hold tight, Bella. You guys will be okay."

"You promise?"

We laugh, and I grab Becca into a hug.

My luck holds, and I don't see Tanya in any of my classes. By the time I meet up with Edward, I feel much better, and I can almost laugh about what happened this morning.



Dropping Bella off at her dorm, knowing Jordin is likely to be nearby, is some kind of torture for me. A voice in the back of my head questions the use of the word 'torture,' wondering if it's a bit melodramatic. I tell it to shut up. I feel oddly protective of Bella, in a way I never did with Tanya. It's not that I think she needs it, either; there's just something so much more in our relationship that I want to preserve. And knowing that Jordin—and quite possibly Tanya, considering she and Jordin are best friends—are up there, right where I've just sent Bella… well, it makes me want to turn around and follow her.

"Hey, Edward!"

I turn and see my friend, Eric, hurrying to catch up with me as I stride through the courtyard toward class. I slow down so he can reach me.

"How's it going, man?" I ask as he falls into step beside me.

"Good, good. I hear your Spring Break was a lot more exciting than mine."

I sigh and rub one hand over my face. I'd asked Eric to be one of my groomsmen at the wedding, but he couldn't make the trip and had to decline. Since this is the first time I've seen him since getting back three days ago, and he's already heard about the botched wedding, I guess it's fair to say that my friends have been talking.

"Definitely not what I expected, that's for sure."

"No doubt. So, who's the chick who interrupted the nuptials?"

The love of my life would probably be a bit much to drop on Eric just yet. "A girl from high school." It's not a lie, but it feels like one; Bella's so much more than that to me.

"Jealous ex?" He sounds like he's trying to piece things together; Eric, like nearly everyone else, thought Tanya and I were perfect together.

"Not exactly. I never really dated her back then, but we had a couple of classes together. We hooked up at a party, but then I saw her with another guy that same night."

"Ouch!" He visibly cringes.

"Yeah. Tanya was there to pick up my pieces, so to speak, and the rest is history. Or at least, it was, until Bella showed up at the wedding with a tape recording that proved she was innocent and Tanya was the real guilty one."

"What?" Eric stops mid-stride and looks at me. This is obviously not what he expected to hear when he joined me for the walk to class this morning.

"I'm not going to go into the hairy details, Eric. I'm not a member of the Tanya Fan Club anymore, but that doesn't mean I'm going to gossip about her, whether or not what I say is true."

He looks stunned. "Sure, man, I get that. I respect it, too. Most other guys in your situation would be all about making the ex look like a bitch. You're a stand-up guy, though, Edward. All about protecting everyone." He grins, and we begin walking again.

I shrug lightly. We walk in silence until we get to the building with all the business classes. When he follows me into Professor Simmons' class, I ask, "You're in this class?"


"Oh. I didn't see you on Monday."

"Stomach bug," he says by way of explanation.


We find seats together just as the professor begins to speak.


My last class of the afternoon lets out five minutes early—almost unheard of at Dartmouth, but I accept it as a little gift. It allows me to hurry to Bella's class and wait for her in the hallway. I lean back casually against one of the interior brick walls and prop one foot up behind me. One of my textbooks is carefully perched on my palms, and I'm lost in the material when she kisses me on the cheek. I blink to clear my head and turn to her, smiling broadly. "Hey, beautiful."

"Hey yourself. What are you doing here?"

"Waiting for you, of course."

"I see that, but I thought you had class, too."

"The professor let us out a couple of minutes early, so I thought I'd surprise you."

"Well, mission accomplished." She grins.

I shove the book into my bag and take her hand, leading her out the door into the bright spring sun. "Do you need to stop by your dorm before we head over to the new apartment?"

She looks thoughtful. "I don't think so. I'd better bring my books in case I end up needing to study at your place tonight."

I grin at the idea. She's planning for the contingency of staying over again. That makes me—as well as certain parts of my anatomy—very happy. "Great."

I drive us through town, past my current apartment and all the downtown things that are nearby—I'll miss being within walking distance of The Pit Stop, but I remind myself it's a small price to pay considering—until we reach the edge of town. Just before Hanover ends, I turn into the parking lot of the new place. Bella looks around, awed.

"This is so… different from the other place."

"Yeah, it is. It'll be a bit of a change but totally worth it."

It's not until I pull into the visitor spot that I remember I don't have a key yet. "Crap," I mutter.

"What's wrong?"

"I told Mrs. Gale—she's the landlady here—that I wasn't going to move in until the first, so I didn't pay the rent yet, only the deposit. Which means I don't have a key."

"Oh." Bella looks mildly surprised, and dare I say… disappointed?

"You know what? Let's go talk to her. I'll cut a check for the rest of this month's rent. That'll allow me to start moving stuff over now instead of then anyway."

"Edward, you don't have to do that." She pauses, reaching for my hand to hold me back.

"No, it's fine, Bella. A good thing, even." I smile reassuringly at her.

"Are you sure?" She doesn't look convinced.

"Yes." I'm resolute in this decision. There's really no reason to delay things. My trust fund is big enough to cover the expense, both of the extra weeks of rent here and the fee to break the lease at my other place, without mattering at all.

"Okay." She frowns but follows me to the office.

"Mr. Cullen," Mrs. Gale gushes when I enter the office amidst the tinkling of the jingle bells attached to the inside of the doorknob. "How nice to see you again."

I take her proffered hand and return the greeting. "Mrs. Gale, this is my girlfriend, Bella. Bella, this is Mrs. Gale. She's the manager here." A quick, simple introduction is just right, and Mrs. Gale shakes Bella's hand as well.

"What can I do for you?" She takes her seat behind the desk again and smiles warmly at us.

"Well, I've had a slight change of heart."

Her face falls.

"No, no, not that. I definitely still want the apartment. I'd just like to pay the prorated rent and start moving in right away instead of waiting until the first."

"Oh, that's excellent news." Mrs. Gale's grin lights up the room brighter than the fluorescent bulbs above our heads. "I'll get the lease agreement and keys. Have a seat." She gestures toward the set of chairs in front of her desk. She disappears into a back room, and Bella and I sit. Mrs. Gale returns about a minute later, clutching a small packet of papers and two keys. "It's a standard lease agreement; there shouldn't be anything in there that's not in the lease you probably have at your current apartment. Of course, I don't expect you to sign without reading, so take your time."

She hands me the papers and sits back in her black office chair. One quick glance tells me she's right; in fact, not only is it not that different from my current contract, but it's the exact same one, clear down to the office store logo in the lower left corner that indicates this was a purchased contract, not one that was drafted by the owner of the complex and/or owner's lawyer. I smile to myself and skim the document. Then once again, just so Mrs. Gale doesn't think I take this lightly by having read it so quickly. When I'm done with the second skim, I lift my eyes to hers and offer her a lopsided grin. "Looks great. Do you have a pen I can borrow?"

"Of course." She fumbles around in one of her desk drawers before presenting me with a standard Bic ballpoint.

I hastily scrawl my name on the line on the bottom of the contract, then sloppily write out a check for the right amount and slide both across the desk toward her. She signs her name on the lease. I watch the pen move across the paper and have to suppress the laughter when I read what she's just written: Dorothy Gale. Just when I don't think I'll be able to keep the snickers in any longer, she looks up at me with a twinkle in her eye. "You're all set, Mr. Cullen." She holds out the keys, and I take them from her.

"Thank you, Mrs. Gale." I press my mouth into a hard line to keep the laughter in check. A quick glance at Bella tells me she saw the older woman's signature, too. Her eyes dance mischievously. We exit the office quickly.

As soon as we're outside, we both let go. The guffaws are loud, and my eyes water. I look at Bella and see her wipe tears from her face as well. "Is she from Kansas or Oz?" Bella gasps between giggles.

"Oh, my God, I don't even know. I honestly didn't know her first name before now. That's got to be one of the most ironic names I've ever heard, though."

"Me, too!"

A few deep breaths later, we both feel better. It suddenly hits me that Mrs. Gale may have heard us making fun of her name. I look at the office window; nothing's moving there, so I quickly lead Bella away.

Once we're inside the empty apartment, I show Bella around. When we get to the bedrooms, I say, "This one will be the home office. And this one—" I lead her across the hall to the other bedroom "—will be our room."

She looks up at me with huge doe eyes, almost daring me to retract my statement. I'm not going to, though; those words were deliberate. I'm convinced that Bella will be living here with me before long.

"Our room?" she whispers when I don't say anything more.

"Yes. I know you keep saying you're happy in the dorm and you don't think you're ready to move in with me. But, Bella, I know we belong together, and I have no doubt that you'll be sharing this apartment with me before the school year's over."

Her gaze drops to the floor, but she doesn't contradict me. "Wow," she murmurs to her feet.

"Come on." I take her hand and lead her back down the short hallway to the empty living room. We sit side by side against the wall, and I wrap my arm around her shoulders. We stay that way for several minutes, just silently cuddling. I wonder idly what she's thinking about but don't dwell on it too much. My thoughts are on the Clamber Hill Inn and the weekend I'm planning for us. I'd like to surprise her with the trip, but a memory furrows out from the back recesses of my brain, making itself known. It's not from very long ago—something Bella said on our way to the ice rink barely five days ago. 'I hate surprises.' If she was skeptical about something as simple as an afternoon date, I cannot in good conscience keep this a total surprise. "Bella?"

"Hm?" She glances up at me as if I've just distracted her from her own thoughts.

"I want to take you somewhere."

"Oh." She looks surprised and moves to stand up. "Okay."

"No, beautiful, not now. Not yet, I mean. I want to take you for a romantic weekend away, Bella."

Her eyes widen and she looks at me, awed. "Why?"

"Because I love you." I offer her a smirk and a kiss to her temple. "I know you hate surprises, so I didn't want to spring the trip on you at the last second."

A slow smile stretches across her face. "You remembered."

"Of course I did. There are loads of things I don't know about you yet, but those that I do, I'm filing away to never forget."

"That's so thoughtful."

"Only the best for my girl." I pull her close to my side again, burying my nose in her hair. "So, I've arranged the trip for two weeks from now. I hope that works with your schedule."

After a moment's silence, she says, "Yeah, it does. My student teaching doesn't start for another month, and I'm almost positive I don't have any tests that Friday or Monday."

"Great." I kiss the top of her head. "Should we go back to the other apartment? The one with the furniture?" I laugh lightly.

"Hm. I kinda like this one, to be honest. No Skankya around."

I laugh loudly at that. "Fair point, Miss Swan. In that case, we'll need to order in some food since there are no dishes here yet."

"Who needs food?" she murmurs, stretching up to press her lips to mine. And I must say, when she does that, I completely agree with her.


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