Chapter One

A/N: This is my first fan fic, so feel free to bash it. First off, this story is an Eli/Clare fic based on the plot of the amazing movie A Walk to Remember. I watched it the other day and thought Clare and Eli fit perfectly with the couple. The characters will be slightly OOC. I want to at least attempt to have them stay true to themselves. I'm sorry if I fail terribly. Another sidenote: Adam is not an FTM, and Eli and Fitz are friends, for now. I hope you enjoy. Reviews would also be excellent.

Loud, rowdy music boomed out of Adam's 4x4 SUV. He parked his car beside Fitz and Bianca's who were making out in the front. Adam banged on their passenger side window, laughing and jarring them out of the kiss.

It was just about ten at night. The group had congregated at the old factory which had a dark, polluted lake at the rear. It was time for another "initiation" of sorts.

"Where is he?" Jenna asked stepping out of Adam's car.

Fitz stepped out, yanking Bianca to him and pulling her into another sloppy kiss. "Hey don't worry. Eli'll show. It was his idea."

"You boys are so stupid," Bianca said pushing away from Fitz, who in turn trapped her against the car.

Seconds later, Dead Hand blared from a vintage Hearse pulling up right next to the murky water of the old city factory. Stepping out of the car, Eli was decked out in black: black-washed skinny jeans, one of his many black Dead Hand shirts, and a black blazer. He smirked looking up at the twenty foot wooden tower that teens have been jumping off of for years. The questionably unstable structure led right out to the murky water.

"Eli! Bro, where you been?" Fitz disentangled himself from Bianca to man-hug Eli. Jenna smiled flirtatiously at him trying to regain his affection after their two-month break up.

"Brought some provisions," Eli smirked holding up a six-pack and tossed one to Fitz. "Where is he?"

"Maybe he pussied out," Adam laughed chugging a beer and clasping hands with Eli.

"How long do we have to wait here?" Jenna complained, "I want to go back to the dance."

"Hey!" Fitz yelled at her. He was always the hot-headed one. "If you want to go, take your ass there."

Jenna rolled her eyes.

Moments later, a minivan pulled up behind the pack of cars. Fitz was the first to notice and bursted out laughing. "Bro, check out his ride!"

The group joined in on the laughter, chugging their beers.

"Hey," Dave stepped out the van with his hands stuffed into his jacket pocket and his hat askew.

"Nice car," Adam commented sarcastically.

"Hey, listen," Fitz made his way over to Dave. "When I say be here at ten, I mean ten. Got it?"

Fitz pretended to advance hoping to make Dave flinch. He didn't. It wasn't Fitz's approval he needed. It was the boy who was cooler than Fitz. Cooler than anybody at Degrassi.

Eli smirked and draped his arm over Dave like a friend, "You nervous?"

"Uh, naw man."

"Good, cause if you wanna be one of us, you gotta make the jump," Eli pointed to the tower. A small piece of rotten wood broke apart from the landing and fell with a nice plop into the black water.

Dave audibly gulped, though he tried hard not to show it. Eli tossed Adam his empty beer can and released Dave. He walked towards the structure removing his shirt. "You coming?"

"Man, look at him," Fitz laughed. "He's scared."

Dave shook his head at Fitz and started stripping into his boxers.

"Left your tighty-whiteys at home today?" Adam laughed earning himself a fist pound from Fitz who had taken up sucking on Bianca's neck.

"Careful, Eli!" Jenna called after him.

Eli and Dave began their climb up the wobbily ladder and soon enough, they were twenty feet away from their location and the dark abyss of the lake.

"You, uh, you sure this is safe?" Dave asked nervously.


Dave peered down again.

"But we've all done it. 'Less you want to back out?"

Dave shook his head. "No, I want this."

"Come on Dave! Don't you want to be one of us?" Fitz heckled. The girls cheered them on and hollered.

Eli smirked grabbing the railing for stability. "On three. One, two, three!"

Dave leaped. Eli didn't. He and the rest of his posse were busy holding their sides laughing as Dave's body submerged into the dark water.

But two minutes into their hysterical joke, they realized something. Dave didn't come up.

Their laughter began to dwindle, and Jenna's shaky concern sliced through the sound of calm water. "E-Eli? Eli, where is he?"

"Shit! He's dead!" Bianca held her head frantic. "Fuck! What do we do?"

Suddenly, Dave's body floated face down. His dark skin almost blended into the dark of the water. Eli acted quickly as he scaled down the ladder at lightning speed. Adam was trying to drag Dave back using a long stick.

Jenna started to cry out of fear. "Oh my god! What do we do?"

Fitz grabbed her by the arms giving her a shake, "Just shut up for a second!"

"Hey!" a small light from the other side of the lake blinked. A security guard was trying to make sense of the situation though the distance of the lake proved it difficult. "Hey! What do you think you're doing?"

"Oh fuck." Fitz and Bianca sprinted to their car and booked it out of there. The security guard was mumbling something into his walkie-talkie about the police.

"Shit!" Eli cursed as he dove into the water. He wrapped an arm around Dave's neck. "Fuck, there was a pipe in here!"

He swam with Dave to the shore, handing the unconscious boy to Adam. Adam dragged Dave out of the water, his forehead busted open and bloody from the damage the pipe had caused. His eyes were glassy and unaware. Adam released him giving Jenna a shove to the direction of his SUV before following her. "Go! Come on Eli, let's go!"

Eli pulled himself out of the water and tried to revive Dave. Dave's eyes looked blankly back when the police sirens blared.

"Fuck." Eli didn't have time for this. He grabbed his clothes and sprinted to his hearse, leaving Dave on the shore.

He fishtailed out of the lot when police tried to corner him in. He knew Morty couldn't handle the speed, but he had to get out of there fast. The police were directly behind him, but Eli had no intention of stopping. A police car was right beside him, but he pushed his hearse to as fast as it could go. The police car forced him to swerve losing control of the hearse and hitting water jug barricades. Eli hit his head on the steering wheel creating a small gash. The stupid air bags didn't deploy! His left arm was sore and his right leg felt messed up. Not to mention the damage that poor Morty suffered. He let his head lean back against the head rest when an officer came to his window, shining a menacing bright light in his face.