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From the best-selling novel of Elijah Goldsworthy: Miracle

The summer was absolutely perfect. Clara and Elliott spent Clara's final days in total bliss. They married in the same church her parents were wed in, but sadly, the summer turned to fall, and as the season turned cold and the leaves were depleting of life, so too was Clara.

Despite looking paler and feeling weaker, Clara still glowed as radiant as the first time Elliott saw her. Too weak to talk, Clara weakly rested her cold palm against Elliott's warm cheek if only for a few seconds. Her eyes said everything her voice couldn't. He inhaled sharply. As pale and fragile as she looked, her eyes remained the same crystal clear, bright, baby blues. He kissed her palm, clutching her longer, just to have her in his life for one more second if he could. But the second was up.

She went peacefully, Elliott never leaving her side and clutching her hand in silent prayer. The otherwise silent room contained heart-wrenching sobs from the young man who lost the love of his life, the woman who changed everything. His miracle.

Years later, Elliott Greensmith still loved the woman who made a difference in his life. There were times when he wanted to give up, to be with her, but a look down on his left hand to the ring that meant everything to him would help him persevere. But those were times of desperate measure. If Elliott learned anything from Clara, it was one thing: faith. She had faith in him, and despite her absence, she still did. Elliott would just close his eyes and feel the breeze of the wind.

"It's like the wind," she once said. "I can't see it, but i know it's there."

He smiled whenever he felt the wind brush through his hair and tingle up his spine. He would open his eyes and exhale. I love you too.

In loving memory of my one and only, Clare Diane Goldsworthy

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