The ghost boy shot through the sky, his shock of white hair brushed back by the wind, his green eyes glinting in the sunlight, the wind in his wake rustling in the trees...suddenly a bolt of red energy flashed by him. He dodged, managing to knock quite a few leaves off a nearby tree. Another bolt came hurtling towards him and he jumped to the side, turning to glare at his pursuer.

"Hey, watch it," he yelled. "You almost hit me!"

The red energy bolt missed his ear by a half inch as he ducked to the side.

"Don't worry Ghost boy, that's what I was trying to do!" came his pursuer's angry voice. "Now stand still. I'm only trying to annihilate you!"

The White haired boy rolled his eyes and darted down into the cover of the trees. His pursuer slowed and scanned the treetops. She was plainly female, Clothed in a bright red jumpsuit and helmet, and standing atop a type of hover board that seemed to obey her every command. She fired a bolt of energy into the cover of the trees, sending up a cloud of frightened birds.

"Come out come out where ever you are…" she called. Looking down, she saw a flash of movement. "There you are" she growled. She fired a second bolt into the greenery before she felt the wind on her back, and felt the hairs stand up on her neck. Twisting around rapidly she saw his confident figure, arms folded, floating midair in front of her.

"Look, we need to talk." He began. "you really need to get it through your skull, I AM NOT EVIL! I'm sorry about what happened with that ghost dog, but I promise I won't do it agai-"

He bolted to the side as she shot at him again. "What is with you and that gun?" He yelped. "Can't we just have a level headed talk, no weapons involved…"

"I'm not stupid, ghost boy. I know as soon as I set my weapon down, you'll attack"

"See, there you go again!" He exclaimed, obviously frustrated. "Where are you getting these ideas from? It's not like I actually go hunting YOU. I would be living a perfectly fine life, fighting off all the ghosts that come here to torment the Humans, being a good guy. But nooooooo... I've got some crazy chick here who is convinced that I'M the bad guy. "

She shot at him again, hoping that maybe he'd shut up if he was hurt. He did a back flip in midair, avoiding the shot perfectly.

He glowered at her, his eyes flashing dangerously. "for heaven's sake, WHAT is your problem?" he shouted.

"you're my problem ghost boy, and I won't rest until you and every other ghost like is safely behind bars, never to harm an innocent person again!" he stared at her, his mouth hanging open.

"OH MY GOD! It's like you can't even hear anything I'm saying. When have I ever tried to intentionally hurt someone?"

"gee, I don't know, Maybe when you tried to take the mayor hostage?" the huntress hissed.

The ghost boy buried his heads in his hands and screamed. "ARGH! Okay. FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME. I never really kidnapped him; he was being overshadowed by a ghost named Walker, who was trying to frame me!"

"Ha," the Huntress scoffed. "Likely story ghost scum." The ghost boy yelled something unintelligible, and then launched into yet another claim that he was innocent. It was rather interesting that he actually thought he could trick her. The Huntress stared at him idly, and slowly raised her gun, aiming right for his chest. She grinned, knowing that the mask she wore hid her expression. The ghost boy didn't even notice. He was still too busy ranting. The Huntress took careful aim and fired. The beam of energy jolted out of the gun, hitting the ghost head on. His frustrated expression quickly changed to shock as he realized what had happened. He plummeted towards the trees, one hand reaching up as though asking for her help. Right before he fell beneath the foliage, there was a bright blast of light, forcing the huntress to shield her eyes. When she could see again, he had disappeared into the green ocean that made up the forest.

The Huntress stared blankly at the spot where the ghost boy had been standing moments ago. Eyes wide as she realized what had happened. A smile crept across her face as she started to laugh. She had finally done it! She had… finally… done it. The smile slowly disappeared. In all honesty, she hadn't really expected to hit him. He usually evaded her shots with practiced ease, and the only times she had ever really managed to hit him had been when he hadn't been expecting it. She felt almost… guilty. She had shot at him, but…he hadn't really tried to hurt her. He had been talking to her, not really trying to fight back, only…

Trying to TRICK her! Telling her he was innocent. Girl, get yourself together, he's filthy ghost scum! He destroyed your life! Valerie Gray's eyes hardened. Her hand tightened around the smooth surface of her blaster as she tried to harden her resolve. What had she been thinking. He was a ghost. He didn't deserve pity. A sudden thought practically smacked her in the face. He had been trying to trick her, and he was probably trying to trick her now. She turned her hover board towards the dense cover of the trees and shot off.

She had to find him. There was no way she had managed to destroy him. For heavens sake, he was Danny Phantom, the ghost kid that seemed as resilient as a cockroach. No, the bright blast of light had obviously been a distraction so he could escape after being wounded.

Valerie sped through the trees, a whirlwind of leaves and other fauna following her. The mask of her suit had pinpointed the most likely location for the ghost boy to have fallen. He couldn't have gotten far from that point; after all, it had only been a few seconds since she had hit him.

The hover board carried Valerie to a clearing almost instantly and she hovered there, scanning the trees for movement.

There! A dark figure hunched over and steadying itself on a tree, its hand clutching at an obviously wounded stomach.

"Found ya ghost boy!"

The figure froze at her voice, and then slowly turned to face her. A beam of light illuminated familiar features as he staggered forward. Raven hair, baby blue eyes, even the innocent smile she had grown to know so well.

" hi…Valerie…"came his rasping response. "heh." He tried to laugh, but it sounded more like he was choking. "Never…uh…never thought…you'd…find out…like…this…" he tried to smile again, but ended up keeling over on the ground in a dead faint.