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The next morning, Blaine got home to find the house oddly quiet. Something was off. He walked through the front hallway, noticing that Ava's sandals were missing from the shoe rack. Funny. She wasn't working today…

In their bedroom, as Blaine changed into more comfortable clothes, he noticed that their dresser drawers seemed suspiciously lighter. Maybe Ava was doing a load of laundry? Blaine strained his ears, but heard no distinct 'Clu-CLUNK Clu-CLUNK' of their washing machine.

Wandering into their bathroom, Blaine leaned down to wash his face and froze. He blinked, staring at the sink. Ava's toothbrush, the purple one with sparkles that was meant for kids but that she liked anyways, was missing.

Had Ava…No. She wouldn't. Not without telling him…

Panic rising in his chest, Blaine ran upstairs and found the closet where they kept all their luggage and such.

Her favorite Coach suitcase was no where to be found.

Stunned, Blaine slumped against the wall, desperately trying to process everything.

Ava. Was. Gone.

His heart gave a desperate tug, and he felt it break a little, knowing that Ava, the person that he shared (almost) everything with, had left without saying goodbye. Blaine had expected…well, Blaine had expected anything but this. Anything. Maybe they would have a polite, civil conversation, devoid of emotion. Maybe they would have a heart to heart talk and spend hours together, like they used to. But…not this. He didn't think she would leave.

Blaine slowly climbed down the stairs and walked into the kitchen, his mind reeling. The instant he spied a note on the counter, his heart leapt. There was still hope.

Blaine leaned down to read the note. It was from Ava. He read it once, twice, three times. She said…she needed some time. Blaine got that; he understood. She was staying with her cousin on the other side of the city, Martha or Marsha or Marlie or whatever her name was. She said she didn't blame him and that they would talk about it. She said not to call her. She said she would call him.

Blaine sighed, rubbing his temples. At least she had given them this. He wanted to, needed to salvage what was left of their relationship. Because, god, Ava had been part of his life for so long. She was important to him. How could she not be?

So Blaine would give her time and space; he would wait for her to come around. Because that's what you do for the ones you love.

Three days later, Blaine was having a picnic lunch with Kurt when he got the call. They were relaxing in the park, enjoying the warm afternoon sun. Being with Kurt was the only way that Blaine could feel healed. When they were apart, Blaine was torn, because he was worried about Ava and he was missing Kurt, all at once. But here, now, Blaine felt free.

"Here, try this, it's really good!" Kurt said, offering a bite of quiche Lorraine to Blaine.

"Is that so?" asked Blaine teasingly, his eyes twinkling. "I don't know if I trust you…"

Kurt glared mockingly at Blaine and threw back his head haughtily. "Blaiinnnne. I made it, so of course it's delicious."

Blaine laughed at Kurt's reaction. Gosh, Kurt was adorable. Blaine was so…he was so damn happy, he couldn't even contain himself. "You're adorable."

Kurt blushed slightly, only causing Blaine's grin to grow even wider. Kurt glanced down at the fork in his hand. How was it that with a single comment, Blaine could make Kurt turn into a blushing teenager? It was amazing. This open flirty behavior was so new to both of them. It was new to Kurt because this was the first time (the only time) in a relationship that he actually felt free.

And Blaine…well Blaine was finally free to be himself.

Blaine parted his lips, looking up at Kurt expectantly.

"Oh, right!" muttered Kurt, fumbling a little with the quiche. He slowly fed it to Blaine, watching as Blaine's soft, pink lips slowly slid along the muted silver of the fork. Kurt couldn't help himself, because oh Gaga Blaine made food seem so sexy and Kurt could watch and enjoy every single moment of it. Blaine moaned quietly and licked his lips, slowly running his tongue along his lower lip. Kurt squirmed a bit from his position on the picnic blanket. Oh my…

With a wicked (yet undeniably hot) gleam in his eyes, Blaine leaned towards Kurt when…


Blaine glanced quickly down at his phone, only to gasp. It was Ava. Blaine stared at Kurt, eyes wide. 'Ava,' he mouthed, gesturing to the phone.

Kurt felt his own eyes widen. This is what they had been waiting for: Ava's call. "Answer it!" he hissed, grabbing the phone and placing it in Blaine's frozen hand. Kurt tactfully got up and sat on a nearby park bench, just out of earshot.

"H-h-hello?" said Blaine, gingerly placing the phone against his ear. He was suddenly afraid, even though this was the moment he had been waiting for the past three days. What if…?

"Hi." Ava's voice was soft and sweet, just as Blaine remembered it.

"Um…uh…how are you?" The moment after he asked, Blaine cringed. Shit. That was dumb. What did he expect? It's not like she'd been having the time of her life or anything…

Ava laughed softly. Typical Blaine. "I've been better," she replied.

Blaine's heart broke, hearing her voice like that. "I'm so sorry Ava. Please, I just…can we talk about this some more?"

Ava sighed as she listened to Blaine plead. "Yes, that's why I called. I…we can…let's…" God, why was this so hard?

"Do you want to meet me somewhere?"

"Not at home…" Blaine could hear the edge of panic in Ava's voice.

"How about…coffee? Or dinner?" asked Blaine. He didn't want to scare her off. They needed this.


Blaine nodded into the phone. Wait, right, Ava couldn't see him. "Great. How about…tomorrow night? Around eight…at Café Luna?" It had always been a favorite restaurant of theirs. Not a 'date night' restaurant or anything, but a place they loved to go when they just wanted to sit and talk with one another. So many memories…

"Alright." Ava began to say something more, but she stopped herself. It could wait until tomorrow. She hung up instead.

"Goodbye…" Blaine whispered into the phone. It was a start at least.

At Café Luna the next night, Blaine and Ava talked about everything. They talked about old memories and the future, about the weather and sport scores, and about art and music. They talked about their friends and family, but most of all, they talked about themselves. By the end of the night, both of them were slightly in tears, but they had come to…an understanding.

On Sunday, Blaine was humming sadly to himself as he did the daily crossword puzzle, when a knock on the front door, followed by a loud banging noise, startled him.

"He's alive! Praise Grilled Cheesus!" Wes and David bounded towards Blaine, nearly knocking over the table and chairs that he sat at.

Oh my… Blaine tried to suppress a grin, and despite his rather glum mood, he couldn't help but smile. Wes and David's energy was just…infectious.

His two friends promptly sat on the table and placed a package down, promptly hiding Blaine's crossword puzzle from view. "Wait, what's this? Redvines?" asked Blaine, poking the package of candy in front of him. "But why?"

"Oh Blaine, how I've missed your superior deduction skills!" exclaimed Wes, eyes twinkling mischievously. "Does one need an excuse to come bearing gifts? Plus, they're redvines. What can't they do?"

"We haven't seen you in ages, Blaine. Literally. It's been years…" said David, patting his friend's shoulder.

"And we were worried about you…" added Wes in a much more serious tone. "We heard about you and Ava…"

Blaine winced and felt his jaw tighten. He could feel fear building up in his chest because oh lord he was going to have to tell them NOW…

"Are you guys really getting a divorce?" asked David. He too was completely serious. Wow, they must have been really worried…

Blaine nodded, his throat dry. Now the questions were going to come…

"Wow, that's going to be tough," muttered Wes, frowning. "I'm sorry, Blaine."

Blaine nodded again in thanks. He wasn't ready to make his confession to these two right NOW…

"So that's why we brought redvines!" said David happily, waving the package in front of Blaine's face. "To help make it better. And…we thought you could use our company," he added, dropping his joking tone once again.

"Ooh, you know what we should do?" asked Wes, clapping his hands excitedly. His resemblance to a six year old child was uncanny.

"Go get ice cream?" asked David, his face breaking into a grin.

"Amazing! You read my mind, good sir!" Wes replied, clapping David on the back. "Excellent idea…"

"Wait, guys…don't you want to know why Ava and I are getting divorced?" asked Blaine nervously, surprised that they hadn't asked more. It's not like they were nosy or anything, but Wes and David weren't normally the kind of friends who waited for Blaine to tell them his secrets…

"Mm…I'd get a banana split!" said David, smacking his lips together.

"No, chocolate-chip cookie dough is where it's at, man!"

"Nuh-uh….no, even better: mint chocolate chip shake. Final decision."

"Um…well…I have something to tell you guys," said Blaine quietly, looking back and forth between his two friends. Blaine really, really didn't want to do this, but he had to tell them, right? Wes and David were his two best friends from high school; they deserved to know. And even though part of him was scared shitless to tell them, he knew he had to. I mean, it's not like they had anything against gay people—they loved Kurt! But Blaine didn't want anything to change between them. He was afraid…

"No way, shakes are lame. Be a real man—get ice cream!"

David shook his head. "Naw, shakes have ice cream in them! It just tastes way better that way…"

"Wes…David…the reason we are splitting up is because…well…I'm-"

Wes shouted suddenly, effectively cutting Blaine off. "Nope, change your mind. Get a sundae. I want those little maraschino cherries. Those are, hands down, the best things EVER!"

"What I'm trying to say is…that…I'm g-"

David glared at Wes and interrupted Blaine to retort: "Nuh-uh! Wes, you're trippin'. Blaine, what do you think? The best ice cream flavor? What are you going to order? I'm going to get a SHAKE because…"

Grilled Cheesus, Blaine couldn't take this anymore, he just couldn't. "Guys! I'm not thinking about ice cream right now! I'm trying to tell you THAT I'M GAY!"


Wes and David's jaws dropped open simultaneously as they stared at Blaine, eyes wide with shock.

"Oh. My. God…"


"Didn't he…?"


"No, he wouldn't…"

"I cannot believe he just said that…"

Here it was. Blaine closed his eyes, flinching in anticipation against the inevitable comments of disgust. Blaine knew it: they were going to hate him.

"Did he just say 'I'm not thinking about ice cream right now?'" Wes asked David, dumbfounded. "How is that even humanly possible?"

"I dunno…" replied David, shaking his head in disbelief. "I mean, there is always, I mean ALWAYS room in one's brain to think about ice cream."

Wes nodded in agreement. "Yeah. Like…it's not even an option not to think about ice cream!"

Blaine couldn't believe his ears. I mean, they HAD heard what he said, right? He distinctly remembered his mouth moving and forming the words 'I'm gay,' and he was pretty sure that he had said that out loud.

"Wait, uh…guys. I'm not sure if you heard me before. I said I'm gay." Blaine glanced at his friends, waiting for reality to hit them. Maybe ignoring him was part of an obscure coping strategy.

Both Wes and David nodded, staring at Blaine expectantly.

"So I just have one question for you, Blaine."

Blaine waited, bracing himself for the wrath. He was surprised that they hadn't started screaming at him for lying to him all these years or for something else…how could they be acting so, well, normal?

"When we go to Baskin Robbins can you convince David to get a sundae so I can have the maraschino cherry that comes with it?"

Blaine didn't know what to say. "I…can't. I…I don't get it. I mean…I give up!" Blaine was on the verge of tears.

Wes sighed and scooted over to wrap his arm around Blaine's shoulder. "Blaine, are you trying to tell me that because you are gay you can't make David order a sundae?"

"What? NO! I…" Blaine looked back and forth between his friends quizzically.

"Good, because I was really worried." Wes got up and dragged Blaine towards the front door.

David followed, shutting the door tightly behind him. The three friends walked down Blaine's front steps, side by side, with Blaine in the middle.

Blaine, feeling the warm embraces of his two best friends surrounding him, finally felt relief wash over him. No, not just relief. It was more than that…it was…accceptance. He thought back to the ridiculous conversation about ice cream that they had just had, moments ago, and grinned. Wes and David…were just being Wes and David. Joking around was just who they were, and Blaine happily realized that they treated him just the same, regardless of his sexuality.

"Thanks guys," said Blaine softly to his friends, squeezing their arms quickly as they walked down the street. They had a funny way of showing it, but their way of showing Blaine that they accepted him fit perfectly with their personalities and their friendship. It worked for Blaine.

David turned to smile down at Blaine, ruffling his hand in his friend's dark fluffy curls. "We'll always love you, Blainey-kins. No matter what."

"Yeah," said Wes, poking Blaine playfully in the ribs. "You are still the scrawny, Disney-obsessed third musketeer. With big hair."

Blaine glared at his friend, trying desperately not to grin. "At least I'm the one that loves Zefron the most…"

Wes whistled and pretended to ignore Blaine's death glare. "Ah, no. That would be me." Wes looked down at Blaine smugly, but his expression softened when he saw the pure look of gratitude in his friend's eyes. "Thanks for telling us, Blaine. We'll be here for you whenever you need us. I promise."

Blaine knew, without a doubt, that Wes and David would stay true to their words. They had been with him from the beginning, and the 'whys' and 'hows' as to his sexuality didn't matter to them because…well, because as they said, they loved him no matter what. And that was true friendship right their. "Aww, thank you guys. I love you tooooo." Blaine pulled both men into a hug, causing them to stop their Baskin Robbins Trip on the middle of the sidewalk.

After a minute, David began to growl. Blaine's hair was tickling the tip of his nose. And they had somewhere to be.

"Blainnnnnne. I want ice creammmmm!" whined David, tugging on Blaine's arm. "Let's go!"

Wes laughed, pulling out of their hug. "Gosh, this one's going to need a time out soon." Wes poked David in the arm and was promptly swatted away. "C'mon Blaine, control your child."

"Hey, I am NOT a child!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"You are both children. Now shut up!" Blaine shook his head sadly at his two friends. "We are almost there, please act…adult-like for once. Please."

"Ohmygosh Wes, I see it!" David exclaimed, pointing at the Baskin Robbin's sign two blocks away.

"No, I saw it first!" replied Wes, his comfortable walking pace turning into a swift jog. "Race you there!" Wes dashed down the sidewalk, ignoring the bewildered looks from various onlookers.

"Hey, you got a head start!" David ran down the sidewalk, dodging an elderly couple and a baby carriage to catch up with his friend.

Blaine maintained his slow walk, a contented smile on his face, as he watched his best friends, two full grown men, race one another to see who could get to Baskin Robbins first. Laughing, Blaine jogged towards the ice cream shop where David and Wes were arguing about who actually won.

Things were finally back to normal.

And normal, this ridiculous, insane, you-can't-be-serious type of normal was exactly what Blaine Anderson had been afraid to lose. Thank goodness for Wes and David. Blaine wouldn't be able to like without this. Good thing he wouldn't have to.

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