This AN and SNEAK PEEK will be taken off soon, but I need to clarify a few things:

Chapter 5: Ich liebe dich bis ans Ende der Welt. This is the German for "I love you until the end of the world." I have to put it in German, it has special meanings to me.

Yeah, I know many of you requested for a sequel, though I was going to write a story with similar ideas even before I started Valentine Without You. Though… I didn't even finished the first chapter. Well, I found another GREAT STORY with similar conceptThree by Icy Roses. Seriously, check her stories out, her stories are perhaps one of the greatest on fandom.

I'm glad that this story is a success, well, kinda. It's intended to be bitter sweet. I wrote it off base on myself really, the bitter sweet feeling I've been having since around February. Oh well. And yes, the German phrase was taken off from my German project in school, it meant something to me more than you think.

Some of you questioned if I'm really thirteen, well FYI, I'm fourteen now. Haha, I dunno, it gave me a good laugh. And since I gotta put some things in the AN:

Sneak Peek of Valentine Without You sequel: (Not confirmed yet)

The next time she opened her eyes, she was no longer in the hospital. Instead, she was in some sort of recording building, with tons of people none-the-less. She scanned the room quickly, surprised that her vision had not been as horrible as lately. DOA studio building… Why did the name sound so familiar? DOA… First quest…. Lightning Bolt.

She remembered all the sudden. For that, the very place she was standing, was a place she visited nearly sixty years ago with him. Then does that mean—she's dead? No it can't be… After all these years—her time was finally up.

Not long after she lingered around the studio, an Italian suited guy came. Oh right, he was Charon… Hopefully Seaweed Brain ought to pronounce his name right this time around…

"Are you…" Charon squinted at her, "Annabeth Chase?"

She nodded her head, surprised that she was no longer the old, frail lady when she died.

"Very well, your ride is taken care of, someone really wants to see you."

With that, she followed him to the small boat, ready to meet whatever ahead of her.