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Chapter 4

Dean helped Sam walk slowly around the room. Sam's feet were healing well but he was still weak and his back pained him on and off. Sam leant heavily on Dean but Dean didn't mind, he would help Sam however he needed, just happy to have Sam back with him.

"You're doing great Sammy." Dean praised and Sam rolled his eyes but smiled at him as Dean lowered him to the chair. Sam winced and Dean lifted his foot, massaging gently. Sam sighed and relaxed back, enjoying the massage. "You are Sam." Dean pushed and Sam nodded making Dean grin. He finished massaging Sam's feet and then sat down, pulling Sam practically into his lap, Sam cuddling in. Sam had been even more touchy feely since coming back but after a year without him Dean didn't care. He had Sam back, safe and alive; nothing else mattered as far as he was concerned.

"Sam sleeping again?" Bobby asked when Dean came down alone and he nodded. Sam was almost always asleep, Dean could only hope every time the kid fell asleep that this time he'd sleep without nightmares.

"Bobby I'm worried, his back still hurts on and off and how much he's sleeping…"

"Dean, Sam was dead for a year. You said Sam told you it felt longer. It's possible wherever he was time passes differently, he could have been gone for centuries or something. Just because he doesn't consciously remember doesn't mean his mind isn't trying to deal with it. Give him time Dean, he's improved so much since coming back." Bobby answered and Dean sighed.

"I know. I just….I hate not being able to do anything."

"Dean, Sam needs you to be here for him. And you are. There's nothing more any of us can do for him at the moment." Bobby assured him and Dean nodded only to jump to his feet as he heard Sam scream. Dean ran upstairs and gently gathered Sam in his arms, rocking him gently as he talked to him and slowly Sam settled down. Dean held Sam until he woke several hours later and Sam realised instantly what had happened.

"Sorry." He whispered and Dean kissed him gently.

"You have nothing to be sorry for Sammy. It's not your fault." Dean promised and Sam snuggled in, making Dean smile and kiss him again. "How's your back?"

"Not sore today." Sam answered with a smile and Dean was relieved. The pain in Sam's back varied from day to day and it was always nice when Sam had a day free of all back pain. His feet were healed at least and Sam had finally gotten the hang of walking again.

"Good." Dean grinned and Sam moved a hand to pull him into a kiss.

Other than the wonderful wake up Sam had given him nearly a month ago they hadn't done anything but kiss and touch a bit but Sam wanted more. He wanted Dean, he just knew if Dean would give in then things would be better. A part of his mind was still convinced this was all a dream, that the swirl of fear and loneliness was what was real. He needed Dean to help him banish that. So Sam rolled them so that Dean ended up putting his hands on the bed so that he wouldn't end up lying on Sam.

"Sam?" Dean asked when they parted to breath and Sam just smiled at him, tugging at Dean to get him to move closer.

"Need you Dean." Sam whispered before kissing him again. Dean moaned and thrust his tongue into Sam's mouth, tracing it gently.

"Sammy, I….."

"Dean please, need this, need you." Sam pleaded, unable to put into words what he really meant but Dean gave in anyway, letting his weight settle over Sam. Their kisses grew more heated as hands wandered over whatever flesh they could find, clothes slowly being discarded. Finally Dean pushed in as gently and slowly as he had their very first time together. It didn't take long for them to be slumped on the bed, sweaty and sticky but both happier than they had been in a very long time. Dean pushed himself up to check n Sam but Sam just pulled him back down and kissed the top of his head, happy, tired and sore in a good way. The little voice in the back of his head that had been taunting him the whole time he'd been back was silenced, this was really real. He was home safe with Dean and nothing else mattered.

Dean sat with Sam in the waiting room; today they would get the results of all the scans and test Sam had been put through over the last three months. Hopefully they would finally learn why Sam was still suffering from pain in the area of the scar. When Sam was finally called Dean went in with him and they sat in front of the doctor who was looking over Sam's results.

"So?" Dean finally asked and the doctor looked at them.

"The good news is the wound to your back is healed, the scar should slowly continue to improve in appearance over the next year or so. Rubbing vitamin E cream into the skin will help with that. The bad news is you have a damaged disc in your spine. Probably from the stabbing. How your doctor at the time missed it…..I can give you pain killers and anti-inflammatories to treat the symptoms."

"You can't fix it?" Dean demanded.

"That would require surgery. Frankly at the moment I don't believe that's the best option for you. Spinal surgery is always risky. We can see how you go on the medication and re-evaluate in six months."

"Thank you doctor." Sam took the scripts and they left. "I'm sorry Dean." Sam muttered as they got into the Impala.

"Sorry for what Sammy?"

"I…..I can't hunt and you've been staying with me. You…..you should start hunting again." Sam told him and Dean sighed, pulling over so he could look at Sam.

"I don't want to hunt without you Sam. I'm exactly where I want to be." Dean told him firmly and Sam nodded slowly. Dean started driving again, stopping at a chemist to get Sam's pills. They drove back to Bobby's and Sam headed straight upstairs, leaving Dean to tell Bobby what the doctor had said.

He watched over the brothers, happy that Sam had adjusted to being alive and was doing well. He was sad he hadn't left the young man in perfect health but he had used so much power retrieving his soul that he when he had brought the body back he had been unable to heal all of the damage done to his spine. He watched the brothers as they played together happily and smiled slightly. He had dulled Sam's memories of Purgatory as much as he could; Sam did not deserve to be haunted by the vast nothingness and utter loneliness that had lasted for centuries. Sam had been all but insane when he had pulled him out so he'd tried to remove the memories, he was just glad that his mistake had fixed itself and Sam had regained his other memories. He might have enjoyed tormenting the two but he actual sort of liked the boys otherwise he wouldn't have risked going after Sam that way. Once it would have been rather easy but these days…..he may be able to trick people into thinking he was a Pagan god but he was nowhere near the power levels he had been before leaving Heaven.

Interfering and stopping Dean from considering making a deal for Sam had been low but it had stopped certain plans. He hadn't meant to leave Sam gone so long but something rather important had come up. Messing up his brothers plans was even more fun than messing with Sam and Dean after all. Now there was no reason for anyone to target the boys since they were out of the hunt. His work was done. Time to get back to giving deserving people their just deserts.

The End.