Okay kittens. Here is something that has been on my mind lately. It's a time travel story that should be interesting. I'm not sure if anyone has ever wrote something like this so I thought that I'd give it a try.

Naru's name in this story is Winter.

And Kakashi's name will be Shadow Wolf.

It isn't the typical story which is why I felt the need to change their names.

I'm going to try and work in some native American history for this one since Kakashi's character is supposed to be a young (like say 22 or 23 yr. old) Cherokee Chief. And Naru will be a modern day lunatic/ half breed gunslinger.

Well I think that's all for now. Tell me what you think.


Winter shifted in her saddle, pulling her black Stetson hat down so that it covered her eyes as she rode next to the wagon that her two older sisters sat in. It had been four months since the three had gone to their paw-paw's funeral and come into the possession of several cursed or bless artifacts from several different native tribes.

Four months since the sterling silver and turquoise bear claw necklace around Winter's neck, the twin revolver guns, the Sioux Chief Red Cloud's feather headdress and three peace pipes from the Cherokee, Blackfoot, and Dakota tribes; had somehow dragged the three sisters back through time from 2008 to 1866 and landed them somewhere in the middle of native Kansas outside of a trading post and three separate Indian tribes, two of which had started attacking and killing white settlers.

And if that wasn't unsettling enough for two of the three women, Winter had taken it upon herself to act as the family 'man' or 'male relation' and had gotten herself a job as a-

And this was just loosely phrased, deranged gunslinger/ bounty hunter in an effort to earn money so that they could live.

All in all, she wasn't half bad at her job despite her gender. Winter had spent more time on the reservations where their paw-paw's people had lived and had immersed herself in the native traditions of hunting, and tracking among other things.

And since their father had been a law man before he had died when Winter was fifteen; he had taken Winter aside from time to time and taught her how to shoot to kill. And now at the ripe old age of nineteen Winter was as capable a sharp shooter as Colamity Jane.

"It's hot." Robin said suddenly out of the blue, drawing Winter's attention from whatever scary thoughts had been going on in her head to the slender nicely curved form of her second sister. Robin's head was tipped back a little bit so that her waist length wavy chestnut brown hair slipped back away from her classically beautiful features. Her aqua eyes staring-well more like glaring at the cloudless blue sky above them.

"We're in the middle of Kansas, in the summer of 1866. Of course it's hot."

Robin lowered her head a little bit then turned it so that she was glaring at Winter now. Her aqua eyes taking on a mean look that Winter knew all too well. Robin got that look on her face every time she was about to do something stupid.

Like the time when they had been kids and Winter had been playing with one of Robin's favorite dolls, so Robin had decided to tie Winter to a train track.

Not a toy one either.

A real, honest to god, train track and had left her there hoping that she would be run over.

Luckily for Winter, the particular track that Robin had tied her too had been out of commission since 1934 so when Winter had finally managed to work her hands free she had gone looking for her older sister and had found her sound asleep on the couch as if she hadn't done anything wrong.

Winter had gotten a bowel of hot water and a strait razor and had cut Robin's nearly knee length hair off above her ears and then stuck her hand in the warm water and had walked away feeling happy with her revenge.

They had both gotten grounded, but it had totally been justified to Winter.

"Yes, but we're the only ones wearing these god awful, stifling, heavy cotton dresses." Robin growled at her. Winter wasn't offended though. She understood all too well how pissed a modern girl could get in such weather while wearing such clothes. But if Robin thought that she was having a blast in her black cotton long sleeved shirt and her dark leather lace up pants, and the boots with the spurs and the overly large jacket that made her look like a midget, and the big wide brimmed hat that was plastered to her head by more sweat than she would like to admit, well then she'd trade with Robin in a damn heart beat.

She felt like she was in a fucking oven. And the bindings that she wore under her shirt to hide her breasts made it hard to breathe.

"And I'm the one in a long sleeved shirt, pants that are chafing the inside of my thighs-" Amy, their eldest sister snorted and dropped her head so that her hair would hide her face and the amused smile on it. "And this god awful hat and jacket, well honey if you want to trade..."

Robin's glare vanished and she sighed. "Sorry Winter. It's horrible out here and I was taking it out on you."

Winter shrugged her shoulders. "No big. I'm used to it."

"Do you know what your going to be doing in town, Snow Fox?" Amy asked using Winter's Indian name. Winter's lips quirked up in a small grin.

"Resisting the urge to get into trouble like last time." Winter said almost hopefully. Last time being when she had accidentally foiled a bank robbery by breaking into song and dance and then shooting three of the seven robbers dead, and wounding another three before chucking her empty gun at the head bad guy and knocking him out.

It was the sort of thing that a person only saw in the movies, and yet Winter had pulled it off flawlessly without getting a single wound. Amy was glaring at her now, her icy blue eyes staring at her youngest sister from under jet black curls. "That would be nice for a change." Even if Winter's take on the song and dance to Michael Jackson's Billy Jean had been damn good.

"So...what are we going into town for again?" Robin asked after an uncomfortable second or so.

"Supplies." Amy said sternly.

"Work." Winter said equally sternly and Robin had to reach out and take the whip hidden next to Amy's right hip other wise Winter would have wound up with another scar.

Amy glared at Winter again, but Winter however just grinned at her, both of them knowing that while they were in such strange lands and in an era that wasn't their own that they had no choice but to rely on Winter's knowledge of history and different cultures as well as her skill with a gun or they may never make it home alive.


Chief Shadow Wolf stared at the busy streets before him and his braves and mentally cringed at the glares and dirty looks that they received from the white eyes as they rode through the large wooden gate.

"Shadow Wolf can we not do this at another place? Perhaps in an area further up the river where the people are less hostile." Red Feather asked as he gave the people around them a narrowed eyed glare.

"Tla, my friend. We cannot afford to be gone from the tribe for long." Shadow Wolf said as he turned his head to look at his childhood friend. Red Feather thinned his lips for a second, but understood his Chiefs reluctance to go further up the river to trade furs and other treasures.

The evil ones have been killing, raping and pillaging everything from other native tribes to the white eyed settler's lands.

As of late their braves have been noticing some white eyes living close to some of their sacred lands, and while that in itself wasn't particularly alarming. The sudden attacks on the white settlers among other things, were. Especially since they were being blamed for something that they had not done simply because of the color of their skin.

"Ah-say-he, I understand my friend." And he did. Shadow Wolf may never really admit it, but he was worried about the evil ones and their actions. He was also worried about what would happen if their tribe was attacked while they were gone.

And while it wasn't something that was very likely to happen considering the staggering numbers of braves and warriors protecting the village and it's people, it was still something that Shadow Wolf worried about.