Winter couldn't believe that Shadow Wolf had actually come looking for her at first, but then knowing what she knew about his tribe. As well as what she had done for them and she supposed that it was only natrual that he would try to track her down.

After all his tribe owed her a debt- well, several debts.

So she should have expected him to hunt for her and eventually find her so that he could repay his debts to her. It was only common sense. Still seeing him again so soon had surprised her. After all it wasn't everyday one went bathing in the river and found a handsome, half naked Indian man sitting there. Although if he had been any other Indian he would have been there for one of two things.

One- her snow colored scalp. And two- Merely checking her out for curiosities sake before he took her scalp.

"You know Shadow Wolf, if you were anyone else you'd have been shot by now." She said as she jerked her pants on up over her bare legs. Shadow Wolf turned his head a little bit, his thick silver hair slipping over his shoulders as he looked at her for a moment.

He wasn't exactly sure how to respond to her words. Part of him wondered if it was a threat. But then after going over what she had just said in his mind, he decided that it wasn't a threat. Not in the way he thought at first.

She was merely trying to tell him to be more careful in her own roundabout way because she wanted him to know that she often carried her guns on her.

"I will be more careful to announce myself to you from now on, Snow woman." He finally said after several moments. He heard the rapid rustling of fabric behind his back and closed his eyes as he felt one of her hands slip through some of the silver hair at his right shoulder as she leaned down and said gruffly.

"Please do." He felt her breath close to his ear and tried to supress the shiver of awareness he felt shoot down his spine as he heard the crunch of grass under her feet and knew that she had moved away from him. He turned to see where she was, not willing to risk having her disappear into the woods again like she had the last time they'd met.

He needn't have worried. She didn't go far from him before she dropped down to the ground with her legs crossed in a fashion similar to how his people sat. "So how long have you been watching me?" Winter asked curiously as she propped her elbow on her knee then propped her chin up in her hand and looked at him. He moved closer to sit across from her and sat the same way she was sitting and flushed as he muttered.

"A while. I have been watching to see if I could learn more about you... To better repay my debt and the debt of my people."

"And what did you learn?" The snow woman asked in a bemused tone, her expression a little bit amused.

"I learned that you hunt as well as any man. You use weapons of both the white yes and my own people. You have knowledge of how to speak Cherokee..." He stopped speaking and frowned then said. "You have said that you are only half Cherokee, yet you know so much about us. Our language, our customs-"

"Traditions, legends of origin. I know the name of your gods, the spirits you pray too."

"How do you know?" Shadow Wolf asked.

"My grandfather was a Cherokee Chieftain. When my father died he took me and my two sisters in and raised us as part of the tribe. However my sisters are more lady like than I and often walk the line between Cherokee and white eyes whereas I myself enjoy delving into the old ways. I speak Cherokee. I hunt. I leave offering to the spirits. I even have a Cherokee name."

Shadow Wolf perked up a little bit and asked her if she would tell him her name. She grinned at him and chuckled softly. "Very well since my lack of cooperation in giving my name bothers you so much. My Cherokee name is Snow Fox. But my white eyes name is Winter."

"Snow Fox... Winter... Hn-" Shadow Wolf hummed thoughtfully before saying. "Both are fine names that suit you well. But I like Snow Fox better." Winter smiled at him. She'd had a feeling that he would like her Cherokee name better than her given name.


Weasle reigned in his horse and looked over at Jessy who had the map out and was looking it over with a scowl. "Where are we?" Weasle asked. Jessy looked up for a fraction of a second then looked around and hummed before saying.

"About an hour away from the next homestead."

"Which way?" Jessy lifted a hand and pointed to the left without taking his eyes off of the map as Nate whooped excitedly.

"Well what are we waitin fer? Let's go get us some sugar gals!" He said as he dug his spurs into his horse's sides causing the animal to whinny and rear up before in came back down on it's front legs and took off running. Weasle sighed. God Nate was annoying. He might ruin the whole operation.

"Someone shoot Nate and stop him before he gives us away. We can't have him running off and ruining things when we get closer to the homestead."