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Two years since the Kishin Asura had been defeated, Death City was restored, and the Academy was working as hard as ever. Black Star and Tsubaki were slowly but surely collecting souls, Death the Kid and Liz and Patty were only ten Kishin eggs and two witch souls away from becoming Death Scythes, with Soul and Maka trailing by only a few Kishin egg souls. Crona became an accepted student at the academy, attending classes and going on missions, just like every other student, plus he became socialized, so he was no longer as shy. But him and Maka were still the closest. It had also come to light as to who Crona's father was.

"WHAT?" Maka blurted out as angrily as she ever had before towards him, spitting insults like it was going out of style. "You cheating bastard! I can't believe you would be!"

"Maka, I apologize, I never meant to-!" He was hit in the head with one of Maka's heavier books, leaving a throbbing pain on the crown of his head. Maka was too enraged to say anything else for a long time, instead, she told him to stay where he was, and she would go get Crona and bring him over. After all, it was his father.

They arrived soon enough, Crona's dad feeling as bitter as ever for not telling anyone sooner. Maybe he could have helped? But then again, regaurding who raised his only son, telling people that he was Crona's father would have probably only made things worse. Poor kid. Having a mother so vile.

"Crona," Maka opened the door for the pink-haired frail child that was Crona, and he sat down across from his dad, still not knowing what was going on.

"What is it, Maka? Why did you bring me here?"

"Crona," She repeated his name, desprately trying to keep her temper down. "This man..." She paused, feeling the anger build inside of her, ready to explode. She heaved a deep sigh before continuing, pointing at him. "Crona, this man is your father." Crona's eyes moved from Maka to Spirit in almost quick fear.

Spirit was Crona's father.

"But...Maka, this is..." He lifted a fragile finger to point at him, once again looking at Maka for reassurance.

"Yes, I know, Crona. He's my father too." She gave him a leering glare, one that pierced him to the bone. "I don't know who would have been better off raising you, Medusa or him. Neither of them are the best of parents," She knew that was a blow below the belt towards her father, but she didn't give a damn. Spirit cheated on her mother with Medusa. And judging by Crona's age, he would had to have done it before Maka's mother was even pregnant with her. No wonder Spirit had such a love for Medusa throughout her time at the Academy.

That was a year after the Kishin was defeated. It left Crona scarred, and it made Maka all the more loathsome towards Spirit. Even though he did act like a father at times, he didn't when it really counted, and on top of all the cheating he did, his reputation only worsened in her eyes.

One could imagine how long it took Crona to feel better, after finding out that bit of information.

But now, all was well.

For the most part.

"Maka? What are you doing in bed, we're going to be late." Soul came knocking to Maka's slightly open bedroom door, and saw her curled in a ball under her sheets. "Maka? You feeling alright?" She just shook her head, no. He sighed, looking behind him as if someone was going to be there to tell him what to do. Alas, no one was there, so he walked inside with his hands in his pockets and sat next to her on the bed.

"Soul," She mumbled. "I don't feel good at all..."

"What's the matter?"

"My stomach hurts..."

"Why, what's the matter with it? You eat some bad food or what?"

"I don't know..." She whimpered, curling into a tighter ball and moaning with pain. "but early this morning, when I first got up..." She shifted her position restlessly, trying to find some comfortable way to lay. "I couldn't do anything, my stomach hurt so bad. And I even threw up before I had breakfast..." With the end of that statement something went off in the back of Soul's mind that caused him to become tense. But just as soon as the thought came, it disappeared.

"You...just wanna stay home for today?" He paused for a few seconds. "I...I can stay home in case you need anything," How often was it that Soul took care of Maka? Had there really been any time when she needed his help, health-wise? And since when did a little stomach ache stop her from going anywhere? Usually, Maka was unbearably stubborn, and if you tried to tell her to do something that she didnt want to do you might as well have been commanding a rock to do your chores. Something was definitely wrong, and Soul knew it from the second he saw her lying in her bed.

"You, want anything to eat? Ill get it for you." She shook her head.

"No, just water, please. Thank you, Soul."

"No problem..." He uttered, going into the kitchen and filling a clear glass full of water, bringing it back to her. She sat up slowly, as if trying not to hurt herself. She took the glass of water from Soul, and looked up at him with tired, worn eyes.

"Thanks, Soul." For some reason, the look she gave him made him blush and stutter.

"Uh...N-no problem...Maka," He say down on the bed again, watching her drink the water for a moment before turning the other way. That thought wouldnt stop bugging him, now.

The two of them hardly spoke for the rest of the day, even though Maka was fine and dandy by noon. Something was troubling the both of them, but neither of them wanted to be the first to speak up about it, even though it was the only thing they could think about. Soon, night had fallen and Black Star, Kid, Tsubaki, Liz and Patty had all came by to make sure their friends were okay, shared a dinner together, and left after an hour or so of hanging out.

"Good night, Soul."

"Night, Maka." The two separated and went off to their rooms, but Soul hesitated before shutting his door. Instead, he watched Maka for a second or two. "Maka," He called.

"Hm?" She turned around, hair falling loosely about her shoulders. He waited for a second or so before continuing with what he was thinking.

"You think you're going to be okay tomorrow?" The uncertainty in his voice made her uneasy, but she tried her best to shake it off.

"Yeah. Im feeling fine now. Thanks for worrying." She smiled at him, that thought still shouting at her. "Good night, Soul." She closed her door, hiding behind it. She heard Soul's door come to a close a few moments later, and let go of a breath she was unaware she held. Looking about her room, Maka caught glimpse of a full-body mirror she had leaning against her wall. Staring at it, she began to wonder, and went towards it, thinking. She looked at herself in the mirror, scanning up and down, constantly stopping in one area. Turning to the side, she lifted her shirt so that her belly was visible, and examined it. Turning to both sides and in the front, she watched and took note of herself. When she was finished, she simply shut off the light and crawled into her bed, falling asleep sooner than she thought.

Meanwhile, Soul was restless, tossing and turning all night. He couldnt get that damned thought out of his head. Giving up sleep, he just stared out his window and the moon, which was cackling silently, as always. His memory soon began to run in circles around the thought, around the memory of that single night.

He thought about the moment.

Soul stared emptily at the moon, which seemed to be staring right back at him.

He thought about the pleasure.

The moon was mocking him, laughing at him for remembering.

He thought about her face.

He glared at that stupid moon, the one he had grown up with for so long, the same moon that had watched him that fateful night.

He thought about the mistake.

It was impossible to get rest, and Soul couldnt help but wonder if Maka was still awake or not. But he wasnt about to go in and see, he didnt want to make anything worse than it might have been, already.

The next morning came as slow as ever, especially for poor old Soul, who didn't get a wink of sleep. He heard Maka up early in the morning, writhing in pain, and throwing up in the bathroom. He put his hand to his face.

"Again, huh?" He sat up, and a few minutes later Maka came in to wake him up.

"Hey, Soul it's time to-" She saw him sitting up already, wide awake. They exhanged glances before anyone said anything. "Oh, you're awake. That's so unlike you," She said, smiling, and walked away like there was nothing wrong. But he could see it in her face, and she knew that he would be able to, no matter how elaborate of a mask she put on. Even so, she got past it and started cooking their breakfast, pancakes, eggs and bacon.

Soul entered the kitchen fully dressed. He looked at the mid-breakfast cooking on the stove.

"Hey," He said. Maka turned to acknowledge him. "What's with the feast?"

"It's nothing, I just thought you deserved a good breakfast." She flipped a pancake over.

"Hm." Soul was going to say something more along the lines of "What's that supposed to mean? That I only deserve good breakfasts every now and then?" But changed his mind. After all, this was probably not the best time for either of them to be stressed over anything, especially something as little as breakfast.

Soon enough, it was time to leave for the Academy, where they met up with the others on the way.

"So, Maka, are you feeling better?" Tsubaki asked, her hands together in front of her. Maka looked at her and nodded.

"Yeah, Im fine. I guess it was just something I ate," She laughed it off, but Soul couldnt do the same. He was more or less quiet the entire walk to school, as well as during school.

When they were all walking back to their homes, Kid was walking next to Soul, and took the opportunity to ask him some questions.

"Hey, Soul."


"You've been acting strange all day. Is anything the matter?" His cold, yellow eyes bored into Soul's red ones, waiting for an answer. Kid wasnt one to be fooled, and if Soul was lying, Kid would know automatically.

"Nah, everything's fine." He looked away from Kid and closed his eyes.

"That is a lie, Soul. You know it as well as I know it. Maka has been acting just as strange as you have. I want you to tell me what's going on between you two, Soul."


"I already told you," Soul snapped. "It's nothing. Besides, it's not something you should get worried about." The boys glared at one another for a moment, waiting for even the faintest sign of weakness in the other's wall. But there was none. Soul was the first to turn away, they were almost home. Kid stood with Maka and Soul, while the others kept walking. Black Star turned to see Kid waiting.

"Kid, you comin'?"

"Ill catch up in a minute. There's something I need to get, first." Black Star shrugged in acceptance and continued walking, with the rest following him. Maka went inside, but Kid stopped Soul on the way in.

"What are you doing?" Maka turned around to see Kid blocking her weapon from coming inside. He looked at her with his cold yellow eyes.

"Everything's fine, Maka. I just need to have a word with Soul," His gaze returned to the white haired teen before him, and Maka did as she was told, going inside and closing the door. Almost immediately, Soul pushed Kid's arm away and fired questions towards him.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Hopefully, finding out what the problem is with you and Maka."

"I told you, it's none of your damn business!"

"It is when it concerns my friends, Soul."

"This is something you don't have to know about."

"Why not?"

"Because..." He stopped, thinking about his reason for not wanting to tell anyone. Of course, it could get him neck-deep in thick sludge, but that was bound to happen anyway, so that couldnt count as an excuse. "Because we don't know what is going on just yet." He looked to the floor, Kid staring at him, waiting for something different to occur. When nothing happened, he slid his hands into his pockets and began walking away.

"Kid," Soul called after him, just as he was about to disappear. Kid stopped where he was, slightly turning his head to listen. Soul sighed, it was hard for him to open up like this. "I...look, it's not something you should get worried about. At least, not until Maka and I know for sure what's going on."

There was silence.

"The only thing I can say is this:" Death the Kid turned around fully, facing Soul, who looked back at him with hopeless eyes. "Care for Maka. She needs you more than you know." And he walked away without another word. Soul spent a moment more outside, just, thinking, about what he just heard.

Did Kid know? Did he know what was going on, before he even knew it himself?

He came inside the house, closing the door quietly behind him.

"What was that about?" Maka asked, concern written all over her face.

"It was nothing, don't worry about it." He gave her a sly grin, walking right past her and into his room to get into more comfortable clothes. The night ran smoothly for the rest of the night, just like normal.

But when Maka's early morning puking sessions continued nearly every day for the next three weeks, both of them became nervous, worried, scared.

It was a Friday night, the two of them sat on the couch next to one another, watching whatever program was on television. Maka was trying to read, but she kept finding herself watching TV or just plain not paying attention to the words written at all. She sighed, closed her book, and stood up.

"I think Ill go to bed. Good night, Soul." She didn't look at him, and in the back of her mind, she knew they would have to talk about it sooner or later. She made sure her door was closed before walking in front of her mirror, lifting her shirt and once again inspecting herself. Shifting this way and that, there was clearly a difference, now. A sudden, overwhelming feeling came over her, rising from the pit of her heart and nearly sending her to tears. Maka held them back with all her might, she had to be strong. Something like this couldnt be allowed to weaken her. She soon found herself opening her door, looking for Soul. He was no longer in the living room, or in the kitchen. The bathroom door was open, so he wasn't in there. That meant he was in his room. Shyly, Maka softly stepped over to him door, and knocked three times.

"Yeah?" She turned the knob and stood in the doorway, one hand clasped against her chest in a fist, the other still holding the doorknob. She was looking at the floor ahead of her, and Soul was watching her expression.

"Maka?" He shifted his position, that thought coming closer to the surface, as well as what Kid had said to him earlier. "Maka, what's wrong?" She said nothing, only stood quietly. Worried, Soul walked to Maka, a few steps away from her, looking down at her light brown hair.

"Um, Soul..." His heartbeat sped up. "I, I think we,"

"Uh, sure," He put one hand on his hip. "So-"

"Soul," She looked up at him with desparation. He was taken aback by that look. Her eyes were so sad and helpless, he didnt know what to do. "Soul, I don't know what to do...I think...I don't know, maybe Im wrong. This is the only time I hope Im wrong, but..." She paused, shaking and whimpering.

"M-Maka..." Soul reached out to her to touch her shoulder, but instead was sent a little off-balance when Maka wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her face in his shoulder. He could feel the warm tears falling to his skin.

"Oh, Soul..." She cried. He didn't know what to do, how to move, or how to act, and was frozen. He didn't expect this to come so soon...but it was already so deep into the problem, there was no turning back. "Soul, I..." Maka sniffed, trying to speak through her gasps.

"Maka..." He uttered her name, slowly moving his arms around her small frame. She tightened her grip on him, crying into him,

"Soul..." She cried. "Im pregnant."

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