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During the next months that passed, Soul and Maka made it a goal to complete as many missions as they could before she got in too fragile of a condition to fight. They really wanted to make Soul into a Death Scythe before the baby came, although neither of them spoke about it. It was only another month and a half before Maka was no longer able to fight. Up until that point, though, the two had gathered six Kishin egg souls, meaning they only needed seven more and a witch soul to complete their dream as meister and weapon.

But, of course, there were other things to worry about besides gathering souls. There was a baby on the way, and things had to start getting organized. Several discussions came up between Maka and Soul, including the conversation about names.

"You know what I like?" Maka said to Soul one day out of the blue.

"Hm?" He turned his head to acknowlegde her.



"Akemi, for a girl's name."

"Akemi, huh?"

"Mhm. Akemi Evans,"

"Evans-" Soul's posture became tense for a moment before snapping back to normal. "Evans, why Evans? I don't like that part of my name!"

"Well, why not? I never asked you about it before,"

"I just don't like it, alright?"

"Alright, fine. Then what will the baby's last name be?"

"Why not your's?" Soul said, poking Maka in the temple playfully.

"Because that's not how it goes. The baby is supposed to have the father's name."

"Says who?"

"Says tradition!"

"Tch..." Soul gave up arguing with her for the time being, and instead focused on other matters at hand. More than just names needed to be decided, after all. Like, where was the baby going to sleep? In one of their rooms? Then which room? Would they be sharing a room and then the baby would have the other one? How were they going to pay for everything? There was just so much to go through and do before the next five months.

Sooner than expected, Maka was told to stay at home instead of attend the Academy regularly, because of all the extra stress she would end up putting herself through. Soul would still go to school everyday, and he would then bring Maka whatever assignments she had and helped her with what needed to be done. Things were starting to get a little more difficult, especially with all of Maka's strange midnight cravings and mood swings. Soul had to try his hardest not to argue with her all of the time, which was prooving to be quite the task.

Her belly seemed to get bigger and bigger everyday, and as people do when their friend is pregnant, everyone wanted to touch her belly to see whether or not they could feel the baby move around in there. By far, Black Star was the most excited when he felt the kick the baby had given him.

"Whattttt! That was so cool! C'mon, baby, do it again, that was awesome!" They all giggled at his reaction, Black Star was definitely an amusing character, after all. Everyone soon started stopping by everyday they could to check in on her, to make sure she was doing alright.

"Yeah, guys, trust me Im doing fine!"

"Isnt it hard to move around with that big stomach though?" Crona's voice was as concerned as always, which made Maka giggle.

"Sometimes, but Ive gotten used to it,"

"Hey, have you guys decided on any final names for the baby yet?" Liz asked.

"Well, not really. We've only tossed a few names around every once in a while...but no real choices yet."

"What are some that you like?"

"Well..." Maka thought about it for a moment. "For a boy, I like the name Logan, but I dont know about Soul's take on it."

"What about girl's names?" Patty slipped in, leaning on her sister's shoulders.

"The one I really like is Akemi," She smiled.

"That's really pretty," Tsubaki said. "Who came up with it?"

"I did," Maka said, resting one hand on her ever-growing belly.

"Well, sorry to leave so soon, Maka, but we'd better get going." Kid announced, standing up and heading for the door.

"Alright, it was nice seeing you guys! We've gotta hang out sometime!"

"Yeah, that's always fun. I think we're gonna go, too, Maka. Don't wanna disturb you," Tsubaki nervously grabbed Black Star and left alongside Liz and Patty and Kid, and Crona was the last to leave. The house was quiter than it had been for a while, it seemed, and Soul finally made an appearence.

"Hey, how come you werent in here with everyone else?" Maka asked.

"I dont know," He said. "I just wasnt in the mood to be social."


"You hungry?" He asked. Maka nodded. Soul pushed himself from the wall he was leaning on and went into the kitchen to make some dinner.

Before anyone knew it, Maka was in labor. She had been going by the Academy, just for old time's sake, when her water broke right in the middle of a conversation with Crona, who still lived in the Academy's lower levels. Soul rushed to find someone, and ended up running into Professor Stein. He was panicked, as anyone would be, and Maka was rushed to the school's infirmary, she wouldnt have been able to make it if she were to try and go anywhere else.

"Soul," Stein said his name like it was a second thought. "Im going to have to ask you to stay out of the room,"

"No, Soul! I want him to- stay in here!" Maka argued with the Professor between bursts of pain, begging him for Soul to stay with her. "I dont- I dont care what you think!" She held back a cry of pain, "I want him in here!"

"Go, Soul."

"But, Maka-"

"Go." Stein closed the door in Soul's face, and Maka's yelling was heard crystal clear through the door.

"Hold on, Maka!" Soul called to her. "Ill be right back, I promise!" He bolted out of the school, and ran for Black Star and Tsubaki's house, which was the closest in distance. He burst in huffing, he had ran the entire way. The two looked at him with surprise.

"Maka's having the baby!" He said quickly. They stood up.

"What, where!" Tsubaki asked with concern.

"At the Academy! Black Star, you run and get Kid and Liz and Patty, Tsubaki, come with me back to the school!"

"'Right,'" They said in unision, running out of the house as fast as they could. Not a word was said between Soul and Tsubaki as they ran, keeping all breaths for the run to Maka. When they were closing in on the infirmary, Soul gave another command to Tsubaki.

"Tsubaki! Go down to the lower levels and get Crona! Tell him Maka's having the baby! Hurry!"

"Right away!" Her pace quickened, running ahead of Soul and down the hall, turning the corner and disappearing. Soul slid to a clumsy stop outside of the infirmary door, where Maka was still crying of pain inside, calling for Soul.

"Soul! Aghhhh! Soul!"

"Im right here, Maka!" He said loudly through the locked door. Inside, he could see Professor Stein preparing for the birth.

"Soul!" Her voice was brighter, but still in pain. Her held back cries hit Soul's heart like a thousand knives each time he heard it. A minute or two later, Black Star's voice echoed through the halls.

"Soul, Ive got 'em!"

"How is she?"

"Is she alright?" Questions came from each one of them as they stopped next to Soul, who looked inside the small window in the door.

"She's...well, she's doing fine for being in labor,"

"Soul!" From the opposite end of the hall, Tsubaki came running with Crona at her side. They came to a panting halt, asking the same questions over and over.

"Is Maka okay?" But Soul was too preoccupied to answer. His meister was locked in the room before him in pain, about to give birth to his child, and all's he could do was watch from the six inch by six inch window with no way of really being there for her. Stein looked at Maka's condition every now and again, waiting for the real birthing process to begin. It wasnt for another two hours that anything happened. And they all waited eagerly outside for some form of news.

In a time that seemed to take forever, Stein's muffled voice was heard through the door, telling Maka what to do. Soul looked through the window, but couldnt watch, and looked away. He sank to the floor, hands on his knees in worry. More cries of pain were heard, these ones worse than the first. It made everyone on the outside hug themselves in worry and fear, even Ragnorok was quiet. Soul looked around at his friends, each one of them had there eyes on the floor or closed. Concern was written all over their faces, some even looked like they were going to burst into tears if anything happened, and no one uttered a single word. He dropped his head in sorrow, worry, fear, pain, waiting for all of this to be over.

When the screaming stopped and another sort of cry was heard, Soul jumped to his feet in alarm. Everyone else looked at the door, questioning what they thought they heard. When another soft cry was heard, each one of them frantically got to their feet and crowded around the window, trying to see inside. Everyone except Soul. His mind was going crazy, crazier than it ever had before.

That's my baby in there. Im a father. Is it a boy or girl, do I have a son or daughter? Whose eyes does she have? What is his hair color? What are we gonna name it, we never decided anything like that.

All at once, they backed away from the door, and Professor Stein opened it just enough to fit his frame into it.

"Soul," His glasses were caught in the light in a way that didnt allow them to see his eyes, making him look even more serious and even dangerous. "She wants to see you." Soul stood there, frozen in place and time, until he worked up the effort to try and move. The others did not question whether or not they could go inside with Soul, they all knew that it was best for him to go in before they did.

Slowly, Soul came inside the room, and Stein closed it behind him so that only the baby and its parents were in the room together. He could feel his heart pounding hard against his chest, mind still racing. Maka was sitting up in the bed, bangs damp with perspiration, looking down with a smile on her face at the bundle in her arms. Soul walked cautiously up to the bed, watching. Maka smiled when the baby cooed, and quieted it gently when it started to fuss. She looked up at Soul, that same smile still on her face. She had tears in her tired eyes, tears of joy.

"Soul," She said with the slightest hint of a giggle in her fragile voice, "It's a girl." Soul found himself smiling, coming around to the other side of the bed to see his baby girl, which made his smile grow, and his eyes to tear up with the same happiness Maka was feeling.

The baby had skin a little darker than that of Maka's, and a little coat of white hair on her tiny little head. It would be hard to tell just who she looked like most, since all babies look near to identical at birth. But regardless, Soul and Maka were both happy.

"Here," Maka whispered, nudging the baby towards Soul, so he could hold his newly born daughter. He was nervous, and clumsy, not knowing just how to hold her, but did his best. He let out a single chuckle, the baby reaching out for something to hold on to. He gave her his finger, which she wrapped her small hand around ever so lightly. He smiled, and looked from the baby in his arms to Maka. She smiled back at him, and closed her eyes to rest, leaning back on her pillow.

A few minutes passed, with nothing but silence in the room. Soul stood holding his daughter, Maka resting on the bed next to him, the monitor beeping to the rate of Maka's heart. There were no words spoken, not until the heart rate monitor started going off of its pattern. Soul's senses came back in a flash, and his eyes were glued to the monitor, watching and listening to it. Something was happening, and he called for help.

"Stein!" A second later the door burst open and Professor Stein came in, not bothering to close the door.


"What's happening?" Everyone outside the door was frantic, but Stein held up an arm to block them.

"Everyone stay outside," He looked at Soul. "Put her in that bed and surround her with pillows so she won't move, then leave!" In a panic, Soul did exactly as he was told, taking the baby and putting her in the center of the bed next to Maka, putting pillows all around her so she wouldnt go anywhere. When he was done, he stood frozen, and it took another command from Stein to tell him to get out of the room.

"Soul, let's go!" Death the Kid came into the room and took Soul by the arm, dragging him out of the room. Before the door was closed, Soul glanced once more at Maka. She was pale and stiff.

He didnt dare look into the window after that. It was mostly quiet in the hall except for the few questions he was asked, but he only answered one of them.

"Soul," It was Spirit's voice. Soul looked up from where he had buried his head in his arms, staring into the eyes of Maka's father. His eyes, too, were full of worry. "Is my Maka okay?" There was no straight answer to give. So Soul answered with the only information he could.

"When I first went in, she was tired and worn out. But, now..." He didnt dare finish his remark. He heard Spirit sigh, and sink into a sitting position next to him.

"What about the baby?" A pang of hurt seemed to sting Soul at that question, but he answered anyway.

"She's fine,"

"How much longer are we going to have to wait to know if she's okay?" Black Star asked. For once, he had a real concern in his voice. He, too, was afraid for Maka, just like Soul.

It then occurred to Soul just how much everyone was afraid, Black Star, Spirit, Kid, Crona...everyone. They all wanted to see Maka walk away fine with a baby in her arms, the mother of a child in which they would all raise as one big family. Stein came out of the room, glasses once again leering against people seeing his eyes. Soul and Spirit were the first to rise and ask the question everyone wanted an answer to.

"How is she?" But there was no answer. Everyone was silent. Spirit rushed Stein, grabbing him by the collar.

"How is she, dammit! Tell me!" He remained silent, looking directly in the eyes of the man who was once his meister. Fearfully, Soul ran into the room to Maka's side. The monitor was beeping slowly. Each beep stabbed him.

"Maka?" He called her name, kneeling at her bedside. "Maka! Maka-" He grasped her hand, which was cold and pale. In the back of his mind, a dreaded thought came.

"S-Soul...?" She tried to say his name, to turn her head and look at him, but it took nearly all of her strength. Everyone was standing outside the doorway, looking in. Spirit had let go of Stein, and was watching with fear.


"No, Maka. Just...don't talk. You, you have to save your strength, you have to..." He could feel tears coming to the brim of his eyes, but held them back as hard as he could. He needed to be strong. Not for him, or for their friends, or for anyone. Anyone except Maka. He needed to be strong for her. If he wasnt strong for her, no one else would be. "Maka, please, stay here. Stay here with us, with the baby, your dad, our friends and family...Maka, stay here for me..."

"Soul,'ve been so great to me every since the day we became partners...and, when...when this happened...I was so, so scared how you would react," Her voice was fragile and quiet, but it took all of her strength to talk to him. Soul wanted to make her stop, but he couldnt. These were her last words. "But we've made it so far, far...Im sorry I couldnt make you into a Death Scythe, I tried my best...Im sorry. Soul..." She took her free hand and brought it up to touch Soul's warm cheek, looking him in the eyes with true passion. "Soul...I..."

"Maka, that's enough, you don't have to..." He pleaded with her, begged her to stop talking so that maybe, just maybe he could have a few more moments with her.

Then, it occured to him what he had said earlier.

"Ill be right back, I promise!"

That was the first time Soul had ever promised her anything in all their time was it, a promise to return. Now that he had, he felt guilty. He wanted to say sorry, over and over and over and over again, but he couldnt.

"Soul...I...I love you, Soul," Maka said, caressing his face with all her effort. Tears poured from Soul's eyes, he held her hands with such desparation and need. He felt ashamed. It had taken all this time for Soul to find out how he felt about Maka, but why did it have to be in a situation like this?

"I...I love you, too, Maka," He cried, tears falling down over her pale and cold hands, her misty eyes looking at his face with a smile.

", you...Soul..." Her hand fell limb in his hand, and the heart monitor flat-lined. His eyes grew wide, he looked at her face, her beautiful, beautiful face, eyes closed with a smile on her lips, her last words repeating over and over in his head.

"Maka, Maka! Maka, no, no! Maka, stay with me! Please, Maka, please!" There was no response from her lifeless body, not a movement, not a single breath. "Maka! Maka! No! No! Maka, plase come back, Maka! Come back, come back!" His pleas faded into sorrowful cries, tears falling helplessly onto the cold hand he still held.

Everyone in the door started to come inside, one by one, to have one last look at one of their closest friends. Tears came down everyone's faces. Black Star tried to hold them back, but no amount of effort could stop them. Kid was covering his eyes, streaks of tears escaping and running down his cheeks. Crona stood in the corner, crying, Liz, Patty, and Tsubaki all whimpered together, holding one another as tears ran down each and every one of their faces. Spirit sat in a chair across the room, watching everyone mourn over the loss of his daughter, also with tears in his eyes. He rose from his seat after a moment, and picked up the baby from the middle of the bed where Soul had placed her.

"Soul," He said, walking up to him with his baby. But Soul was not concerned about the baby. He just wanted to be with Maka, with the one he loved. He didnt care if anyone saw him cry. He hadnt just lost a friend, he had lost much more than that.

Maka Albarn was a true friend, his meister, the love of his life, his family, the mother of his child, and so much more. She was lost to not only him, but to everyone in the room. They had all lost her, and they were all in despair. No one would ever have been able to replace the beloved Maka Albarn in their hearts, she was loved up until the very last breath she took. And she was loved even after she stopped breathing.

Finally, Soul wiped the tears from his face and turned to face Spirit. He held the baby in his arms, but was looking at Soul. Stein came up behind Spirit.

"She didnt name her," Professor Stein said.

"It's up to you," Spirit said, handing Soul his newly born granddaughter. "You get to name her." He thought about many different names for the baby, but only one stuck out.

"Akemi," He said. "Her name is Akemi...Evans." It was the name Maka liked the most. Akemi Evans. He did it for Maka, as a posthumous gift to her. It was the least he could do, after all.

The funeral came quick, but slow at the same time. Maka was buried in the Death City Cemetry on a sunny day, one that held the perfect breeze, one that wasnt too cold or too strong. It was a perfect day, not a day for a funeral.

Everyone came to mourn the loss of their friend and classmate, their daughter and family. Akemi was silent, almost as if she knew, at her small age, that this was a time of sadness and not need. Soul held her close, keeping her calm and safe.

They all dropped a rose in Maka's honor, and just like that, she was buried six feet under the ground. Even though she was never to be seen again, the last minutes of her life would always been seen clearly in the minds of those closest to her. She would never die as long as she remained in the hearts of those who loved her, those who knew her, and those who wish they could have known her.

Akemi grew up without her real mother, but Tsubaki and Liz and Patty where there to make up for some of it. Black Star and Kid were like second fathers to Akemi, but she loved them all the same. But her favorite of them all was her Uncle Crona, as sensitive and frail as he was. He was always saying that he didnt know how to deal with little kids, but he got along just fine with his niece. Of course, Spirit made quite the effort to be a good grandfather for Akemi, which he did, for the most part.

Akemi looked a lot like Soul, with her spiky white hair and darker skin, and with her sharper teeth, but she had her mother's green eyes and stubborn attitude. Everyone always told her about her mother whenever she asked, and there was a different story each time. Each word that was spoken of Maka was full to the brim with love and warmth, and once a year, they would all travel to Death City Cemetary to pay her a visit.

"Hey, Akemi," Soul said one day, after telling Maka's grave what had been happening with the Academy and things.

"Yeah!" She came running over to her father from a nearby tree.

"Why don't you tell mom how good you're doing in school?"

"Otay!" Akemi sat down next to her father and started to talk like there was no tomorrow. "Everyday, I go to school with my friends and we read and play and, and, we play and have fun on the slide and daddy tells me all about you and how much we miss you. Mommy? I wish you didnt have to go away, I love you so much."

"Well, alright, Maka. We've gotta be heading back, Black Star's restless today. You know him..." Soul laughed to himself and rose from the grassy ground. "C'mon, Akemi. Say good-bye to mom and let's go,"

"Good-bye mommy!" She ran off towards Patty, who was only a little ways away, leaving Soul alone for a moment.

"Maka," He said. "I hope that wherever you are, you're watching us. Akemi's...she's doing so well. Can you believe it? It's already been five years...she's determined to go to the Academy. Turns out, she's a meister, like you. Hm...she can't wait. Well, I love you, Maka. Ill be back soon." With that, Soul turned away from Maka's grave and walked back to where everyone was waiting for him, looking back only once. He could picture her standing there, watching him go. He chuckled to himself, lifting a hand to give a little wave.

"Love you, Maka."

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