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Notes: It literally came to me in a dream, it feels rushed, and it's also very short. I'm sorry.

Lanie slammed the door and collapsed onto Kate's couch. She buried her face in her hands, and fell sideways.

"Hey... I'm gonna have to call you back... Nothing like that... See you later." She ended the phone call and leaned forward on her desk.

Lanie uncovered her face and looked over at Kate. "Doc, are you in?"

"What's up Lanie? Need me to go hurt Esposito for you?" She asked as she walked around the side of her desk and came over to perch herself on the edge of the low table in front of Lanie.

"I need you to fix him," she snorted.

"I'm thinking he is long past fixing, what's going on?"

"I can't believe him."

"What happened Lanie?"

"He got me pregnant. That rat got me pregnant. I just got back from Natalia, who, by the way, I was thinking if she ever got a sibling it'd be when she was like five not one. I'mma smack him."

"I don't really think you're a guiltless party in that," Kate said. She narrowly dodged Lanie's hand, and then took off over to the other side of her desk.

"No, get back over here," Lanie hissed sitting up.

"Does he know?" She grabbed her coffee cup and went over to her door.

"Who? Javier? No."

Kate opened her office door. "You should probably not let him know you told me first."

"I'mma smack you too!" Lanie called out after her.

Esposito watched his boss duck into the break room, and made his way carefully over to her office. He spotted Lanie still stretched out on the couch and stuck his head in. "Lanie... you okay?"

"I hate you Javier Esposito," she spat sitting up.

"You hate me? What'd I do?" He backed toward the door.

Kate pulled the door shut behind him and went over to look at the murder board. She perched on the edge of Esposito's desk.

"She's not gonna kill him is she?" Ryan looked up from his file at the loud yelp that came from the closed office.

"Nah. How's Jenny?"

"She's ready to go to the hospital and take the baby out herself."

Kate snorted, "Didn't she make that same threat with Lily?"

"Yep. So Kimosabe, any insights into the case?"

"You've got about an hour there unaccounted for your on your vic, you guys figured out what's going on there?" She placed the mug on the desk.

"Been running that down all morning. This case isn't looking too good."

"You'll get it."

"Thanks, boss. Tell Alexis thanks again for taking Lily to the museum with her."


"Yeah- Hang on, sorry," he apologized and reached for his ringing phone, "Ryan..." His voice rose a couple of decibels, "I'm on my way."

"The baby?"

"Yeah." He jumped up and grabbed his coat.

"Go, go, go! You're covered."

'Thanks," he called back over his shoulder as he ducked into the stairwell.

She grabbed her coffee and headed over to Montgomery's office. She knocked lightly.

"Enter," he answered and then looked up to wait. "Don't you have your own office?"

"It's... occupied right now. I just came in to tell you that Jenny went into labor, Ryan went to the hospital."

"Occupied?" Montgomery quirked an eyebrow.

"Yeah. Esposito apparently made a big mistake, so he's getting his beating," she smirked into her coffee cup.

"I don't get paid the big bucks to notice these things, but you obviously disagree with that statement."

"Lanie is pissed about being pregnant again."

"How much longer are you going to leave them in there?"

They heard another door slam open and she looked back at her boss. "About that long," she laughed and left. She went back into her newly empty office and picked the phone up off her desk. She blindly dialed the number and then turned to dig in her filing cabinet.

"Hey... Guess who just made a killing in the office pool? Yours truly... No, both bets. Ryan just left for the hospital... Hello? Are you there?"

"No, I'm here. Emily and I thought you could use some lunch," he answered holding car seat and bag of food out in front of him.

She shut the filing cabinet and dropped the folder onto her desk. "How can I refuse such an offer?"