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This is something that was born from my obssesive anticipation for Dissidia 012 next month. Its something I've had planned out for a while, and I hadn't wanted to start it yet, but as some who know me might know, I've got a bad habit with starting multiple stories and working on them all.

Anyway, this story won't just be limited to Final Fantasy characters in the war between Cosmos and Chaos, but I'll cover that at the end of the chapter.


Cosmos, the Goddess of Harmony. Chaos, the God of Discord. Reigning from distant relms, the two gods had gathered warriors from all lands to lead them in savage war. Cosmos and Chaos were of equal strength. It was believed that the conflict would last forever, but...

The many warriors who had been summoned by Cosmos were gathered together, prepared to clash with Warriors of Chaos in battle.

The first was a young man with blue armor with two gold horns on his helmet and a long cape, and had long silver hair. His name and past were unknown, even to himself. He was the leader of the Warriors of Cosmos, known only as the Warrior of Light.

The second was a young young man with black and blue armor and a cape, with his siver hair mostly covered by a multi-colored bandana. He was a passionate person, and possessed a strong sense of duty. He was a warrior with mastery over eight different weapons, and his name was Firion.

The third was the youngest of the group, a young boy with red armor with a large white headpiece on the helmet and a short white cape, and had blonde hair sticking out from under his helmet. Despite his youth, he was very intelligent, and unquestionably believed that there was nothing he couldn't do. His name was not known, but he was known by the legendary title of Onion Knight.

The fourth warrior was a young man that currently wore white and blue armor with a cape, and had long flowing silver hair. He was kind-hearted and trusting, and was gentle and humble towards everyone. He wields both the powers of light and darkness, and his name was Cecil Harvey.

The fifth warrior was a young man with brown hair, who wore light clothing in the color white with a cape. He was a cheerful and free-spirited adventurer, wandering where ever the wind took him. He was the mimic warrior, Bartz Klauser.

The sixth warrior was a young woman with her long curly blonde hair in a ponytail. She wore a red sleeveless dress with long red gloves, white tights on her legs and red boots with heels as well as a pale pink cape. She was pure and innocent girl, and possessed vast magical potential inside her. She was half-Esper, and her name was Terra Branford.

The seventh warrior was a young man wearing an indigo uniform with no sleeves and a metal pauldron and a metal bracer on his left arm, and had blonde hair spiked up in the front. He was usually quiet and aloof, though he looked out for his comrades, even if he did have doubts beneath his usually calm demeanor. Wielding a massive sword, he was Cloud Strife.

The eighth warrior was a young man with a black leather jacket with fur along its collar over a white shirt and black pants, with brown hair and a a scar on his face. He was a taciturn loner with the pride and courage of a lion, wielding a weapon that was a sword with a revolver chamber and gun handle known as a gunblade. His name was Squall Leonhart.

The ninth warrior was a short young man with blonde hair in a ponytail wearing a teal vest over a sleeveless white shirt and blue pants with several belts, as well as a long monkey-like tail. Energetic, and possessing a sharp wit, he was a cunning thief, though all is lost when it comes to women with him. He was Zidane Tribal.

The tenth warrior was a young man with messy blonde hair wearing torn black overalls over an equally torn yellow hooded shirt with its left sleeve torn off and in its place was a dark blue pauldron and gauntlet, and around his neck was a pendant that resembled a design on his right pants leg. He was light-hearted and enthusiastic youth, he was an ace player of a sport called Blitzball. He was known as Tidus.

The eleventh warrior was short woman, the only non-human amongst the group. She had blonde hair, tan skin, a brownish button nose, and long pointed ears. She wore a robe with black and white stripes with gold linings. She was a Tarutaru, and a poweful wizard who was well-known in her own world for her haughter laughter and overall arrogant nature. She was known as Shantotto.

The twelfth warrior was a young man with light blonde hair wearing a loose vest over no shirt and dark pants as well as gauntlets and steel boots that went up to his knees. A confident youth with big dreams, he fearlessly enters even the fiercest of battles. He was called Vaan.

The thirteenth warrior was a young woman with pink hair wearing a white military-styled uniform adorned with several belts with a brown mini-skirt and a red cape and brown knee-length boots. Her mannerisms and speech were harsh, though she did possess a gentle heart beneath them. Her real first name was unknown, and she went by the name of "Lightning" Farron.

The thirteen of them continued their adavance to the battlefield. As they made their way, they were joined by several others, their allies and fellow Cosmos warriors.

One of them was a young man with blonde hair, wearing dark blue armor on his torso and sivler armor on his legs. This warrior was above all slefless, possessing a stong sense of justice and would always do what he belived was the right thing to do, even should the world turn against him. His name was Ramza Beoulve

Another was a boy with brown hair that was similar to Cloud's who wore primarily black clothes with baggy pants and several belts and zippers. He was upbeat brave, and always willing to risk his life for those he considered friends, though he could be simple-minded at times. His greatest weapon was the strength of his heart, and he was known as Sora.

Another was a boy with spiky orange hair wearing black kimono robes. He was Soul Reaper, and his weapon was known as a zanpakuto, a sword that was born from his soul. Though he could be stubborn, impulsive, and short-tempered, he also possessed a stong desire to protect others. His name was Ichigo Kurosaki.

Another was a boy with spiky blonde hair wearing an orange and black jacket and orange pants with a black headband around his forehead with a metal plate that had a symbol that resembled a leaf on it. He was a shinobi from a place called Konoha, the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He was also a Jinchuriki, meaning that inside him was sealed a great beast known as the Kyuubi. He was often loud, energetic, and impatient, but was also stong-willed, considerate for those precious to him, and always refused to give up. He was called Naruto Uzumaki.

Another was a young man dressed simply, wearing a red shirt, blue pants, and a straw hat on his messy black hair. He was a pirate, and captain of a crew known as the Straw Hat Pirates, and whose body acted as if it was made of rubber, a power he had gained from eating a Devil's Fruit called the Gum Gum Fruit. While usually simple-minded, he would go to great lengths to protect his friends. He loved adventure and had the dream of one day becoming the Pirate King, his name was Monkey D. Luffy.

Many of them looked from one another, exchanging expressions of confidence, worry, or calmness. Above the seventeen Warriors of Cosmos, the clouds began to come together and take the shape of a beautiful woman. As this happened, manga burst out from the ground a distance from them. The magma began taking the shape of a giant monstrous figure, and several people seemed to be walking out of it.

A man in silver heavy armor with a large sword with large horns extending out to the sides from his helmet. He lived for battle, and was sworn enemy to the Warrior of Light. He was Chaos' right-hand, Garland.

A man long, wild blonde hair wearing regal gold armor and an elegant purple cape. He was ruthless, and possessed an insatiable lust for power and to rule of all. He would sell even his own soul for power, and he was known as Emperor Mateus.

What appeared to be a woman with wild gray hair wearing almost nothing with flowing black and red cape with two tentacles coming out of her right and left sides. Though she looked human, she was actually an existance that wished to all to return to nothingness. This being was known as the Cloud of Darkness.

Another man clad in armor of the deepest night, with a cape that was just as dark. He was a mysterious man who walked the path of darkness, though some might think he seemed a bit misplaced on the side of Chaos. He was brother to Cecil, and his name was Golbez.

Another figure clad in armorthat was a sky blue color with a cape. He was a magus of supreme darkness who, like the Cloud of Darkness, wished to return all to the Void. He was Exdeath.

The next was a man that looked like a clown, wearing clothes made of many colors that looked as if it had been made from many different ones stitched together. His mind was twisted, and he found no greater pleasure than in destruction. This insane man was known as Kefka Palazzo.

The next man had long, silver hair, and wore a black cloak. He wielded an impossibly long katana, and possessed incredible fighting prowess. This sinister man was called Sephiroth.

The next was woman wearing a flowing, revealing red gown, with long silver hair that was also styled to look like horn and black wings. She was sorceress possessing a deep-seated rage, and the abilty to control space and time. She was Ultimecia.

The next was a man with silver hair that was dressed rather effeminately. This man was sadistic, narcissistic, and intelligent, as well as possessing great magical power. This self-centered schemer was known as Kuja.

The next was a rugged man wearing no shirt, with scars covering his body and tattoo on his chest that was the same as the pendant that Tidus wore. This man was rough-spoken, and enjoyed a good brawl, but otherwise also seemed misplaced on the side of Chaos. A former Blitzball star, he was Jecht, Tidus' father.

The next was a man wearing silver silver armor. In his world, he was known as a Judge Magister, the elite warrior and supreme enforcer of the law of the Archadian Empire. He was known as Gabranth.

The next was what appeared to be an old man wearing brightly colored robes. Despite his frail appearance, he was not actually human, and was actually a being known as a fal'Cie. He was called Barthandelus.

The next was a young man wearing red and gold armor. Though honorable and idealistic, he also firmly believed that the ends justify the means and would do whatever it takes to fulfil his goals. He was once Ramza's best friend, and his name was Delita Heiral.

The next was a man with tan skin wearing a black hooded coat with white hair. He was Nobody, a being without a heart, and possessed the power of nothingness. He was the Superior of a group known as Organization XIII, and was known as Xemnas.

The next was a man with brown hair wearing white kimono robes. He was a powerful and intelligent man, who was always carefully planning and desired his own personal gain. His name was Sousuke Aizen.

The next was a boy with black hair wearing black robe with red clouds on it. He was a shinobi like Naruto, and formerly of the same village of Konoha, he now only desired its destruction at his hands to satiate his now warped sense of revenge. He was once Naruto's friend, and his name was Sasuke Uchiha.

The final man was large with black hair and beard. He was a ruthless pirate and would do whatever it took for his own abitions. His name was Marshall D. Teach, though he was more commonly known as Blackbeard.

And theres the prologue. I had considered several other characters and series, but in the end, I decided to keep it primarily Final Fantasy characters. And on that subject, I've played most Final Fantasy games, except XI, so Shantotto's portayal will be based on her Dissidia and 012 appearances, if theres any difference. I've also included Ramza of Tactics, which in my opinion, should have already happened even though he is from a spin-off game. Sora was included since I just enjoy Kingdom Hearts, and he has already interacted with several Final Fantasy characters, even if they aren't the same ones from their games. And then we get to the anime/manga characters, Naruto, Luffy, and Ichigo. I had considered several other series, such as Dragon Ball/Z's Son Goku, which I left out because his series just seems too powerful, even if I plan to scale everyone's "power level" into equality, -man's Allen Walker, which I left out because I've fallen far behind on that series, and haven't had the time to catch up lately and I want to include up-to-date characters for the most part with some exceptions. Other series were Shaman King, Buso Renkin, and YuYu Hakusho but decided against them for various reasons. I chose the three I did since they're often considered the "Big 3" of Jump.

Also, these won't be only characters, as I'll also be including the others added to 012 in this, plus some others. If anyone has any requests, I may take some into consideration, though I've already picked out the majority of the characters that I plan to include.

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