I didn't like that feeling. It was a god-awful feeling. The worst; maybe worser still; it meant weakness, and I hated acknowledging weakness, even more so when it was my own. So why? Why was it there? Why was I letting that feeling possess me, when I had been successful at avoiding it so many times before?

But there it is. Just like there you are. An ever beckoning hand that I am finding myself wanting to grasp… But I'll try to refrain. No matter how strong you appear, there are some things people just can't do. And if I'm going to trust you, you'll need to be able to accomplish the impossible. But there's no way I'm waiting until you become the Pirate King. Who knows when it'll happen –IF it will happen…? I don't want to waste my energy on mere embers of hope.

There's something about you, though. You pulled me along at your pace. I never stood a chance even if I were to run in the opposite direction. Your rubber arms would surely snap me back to your side. Why is it that as the days pass by, I find myself warming up to the idea? It's wrong of me, and if not wrong of me, totally uncharacteristic to say the least... I know all this, I know, but…

Hey, Luffy? I think that maybe –just maybe –the embers you hold burn brighter than flames eating an entire forest.

Luffy? Save me.