King of the Sea

"Why does he like it so much up there?" Robin asked, gesturing to Luffy on the figurehead.

"Too be honest," Nami began, "I'm not really sure. He's liked it up there ever since we first got the Going Merry. Naturally nothing's changed on Thousand Sunny."

The two girls watched the captain sit on his perch with a silly grin over his face. He jumped to his feet suddenly, surprising the two of them. He pumped his fist into the air, "Yosh! Oi! Sanji! Food!"

"You just had breakfast!" Sanji shouted at him from across the ship.

"Really? I don't remember," Luffy grinned. "Shishishi."

"Luffy," Usopp, Chopper and Franky waved him over. "Come look at this!"

"Hey," Nami stood up and turned to Robin, "Let's go find out his reason."

With only a smile, Robin stood up and followed her to the figurehead at the bow of the ship. Nami climbed up first, weary of her footing as she climbed as high as Luffy usually sat. She gripped the mane protruding from the lion-like figurehead, clutching it tightly as she looked out upon what Luffy must have seen every single time he sat there.

After a moment she climbed back down, and Robin went up, not exchanging a single word in the process. When Robin came back, they returned to the grassy deck and sat at the table.

"It wasn't anything special," Nami frowned.

"Mm," Robin agreed.

After playing around with the guys, Luffy returned to his place on top of the lion's head. He held his straw hat firmly to his head and grinned into the wind as it ran over him. This was it, he thought, looking at the vast waters in front of him. It was so empty, so bare and beautiful. He felt like he owned it; owned it all. He chuckled to himself. This must be what it feels like to be King of the Sea. Oh, how he couldn't wait to be Pirate King.