So this is my Valentine's Day oneshot. Enjoy

Valentine's Day.

Love is in the air, floating through the air and intoxicating everyone. Well, almost everyone.

Victor was marching down the stairs. He was disgusted by all of it. The heart shaped balloons, anything red- pretty much anything relating to Valentine's. It was the last straw.

"That's it! No more valentines!" He tore down anything Valentine's Day related. Then he mumbled, "I the Valentine's Day."

At homeroom, Amber was concocting a plan. Patricia noticed this.

"Penny for your thoughts." She said.

"Victor is such a downer. Especially today. He refused to let me out of the house with my red heart dress!" A little light bulb just went on inside her head. "I have the perfect plan."

"Victor! Victor! Victor!" Amber yelled. "We need more lemon Pledge!"

Victor came down the stairs. "Well, go and get some, then."

"But you said, and I quote, 'No one goes out past eight.' And we need the Pledge to finish polishing!"

"Fine. If that'll get you to shut up." Victor walked out the door, but made sure to lock it.

"Okay, guys, he's gone! Bring her out here!" When Amber saw that the two of them were the perfect match, she couldn't resist calling her up.

"And I ask again, why am I here?" She asked. No matter how down someone would act, Amber's mood was never tainted.

"You'll see. Now, get down here!"

Nina and Mara helped the lady down the stairs. Her dress went down to the bottom of her knees. It was a lacy red and black dress, to match her personality.

Fabian, Mick, and Jerome were scrambling to get decorations up. Alfie and Patricia had chosen to set up the scene; flowers, balloons, the whole she-bang.

"Wait. Where's Trudy?" Fabian asked.

Nina answered. "Oh, she told me that she was going on a date with your uncle Ade. She thinks he might pop the question." She giggled.

"Is everything ready?" Amber asked.


When Victor came back, he nearly had a heart attack.

"What is going on here?" He said.

Amber pushed the lady into Victor's view. "Hey!" She said.

When they saw each other, they flipped. It's as if the world had suddenly got brighter.

The lady stepped forward. "I'm Miranda Bordeaux."

"Victor." They shook hands.

Amber giggled. So far, this was her most successful match made. Kind of contradictory, right?

"Do you want to go out?" Miranda asked. Victor nodded.

"We'll be back." Victor said, heading to the door. "The ban is lifted. But NO parties."

Amber pushed them out the door. "Yeah, yeah. Now, go before all the romantic shops close!"

The whole house went loco. Music was blaring; a few make out sessions, and lots of hearts and roses.

"Nina, I love you."

And cue the eye rolls. Love is a mysterious thing, isn't it?

This was Amber's paradise.

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Have an awesome Valentine's. Even if your single, like me.