Love At First Piano Lesson

"But I don't want to take piano lessons"! said Chauncey angrily.

Lydia look at her son and said don't act like that Chauncey. Besides, I think learning how to play a musical instrument is a fun hobby. So I'm going to take you to see Melody Pianissima so she can teach you how to play.

Lydia than take Chauncey to a room full of musical instruments with one of those instruments is a piano. Sitting next to that piano is a beautiful blond woman who is wearing a long red dress with long sleeves. Her sleeve is white frilly trim as well on the bottom of her dress. She is wearing a red belt with a white buckle at her waist and has a red bow near her neck. She has a heart shaped head and a small nose.

You may now take over Melody said Lydia as she set Chauncey next to her.

Lydia than leaves the room.

Melody begins to speak to Chauncey, so you Chauncey eh, I'm Melody Pianissima nice to meet you said Melody. Chauncey then begins to speak as well, I hate every single thing in this entire room, what is the point of having to learning how to play a instrument? said Chauncey. Melody than said so to have a new kind of thing people want to do. Let's us begin shall we said Melody.