Hey Chauncey said Melody as her head is still resting on Chauncey's shoulders.

Chauncey begins speak to her and said yes Melody what is it? Should we go back inside? asks Melody as rain starts to pour on them. Chauncey looks up at the rain and said, yeah we should get going.

They went back inside the mansion and went their separate ways. Melody went back to the conservatory and Chauncey went back to his room.

As Chauncey went inside his room, his brothers Henry and Orville were already inside.

So how was the piano lesson with Melody go? asks the twin brothers. It was good, I started to like the piano, said a brushing Chauncey. Henry and Orville then said to him, Chauncey why are you brushing? Do you have a crush on Melody? No I don't have a crush on Melody, said a angry Chauncey. Besides I decided to become her friend after she told me that her whole family suddenly disappeared ever since she was born. Henry and Orville now said, oh come on you know you love her. Chauncey then said, oh what's the point, yes I do have a crush on Melody. So are you going to tell Melody that you love her right now? asks Henry and Orville. Yes I going to tell Melody that I love her right now, said Chauncey.