So I've decided not to continue any of my old unfinished fics, just because it's been forever and I just don't feel like I can write to the best of my ability on those, but I did decide to write a new one.

This takes place two months after the end of season four. Brooke is at fashion school in New York and she and Chase broke up a couple of weeks ago when they decided that the long distance thing wasn't for them. The last time they had been together was about a month ago in LA. Now, Brooke finds out that she got pregnant the night of the party. On Chase's way to New York so they can talk about it, something terrible happens and Brooke suddenly finds herself alone. The rest will unravel in the fic, but here are some things you need to know:

The main couples will be: Naley, Leyton (I really don't want to get involved in the Leyton vs. Brucas debacle so it will be Leyton cause Leyton was together in season 4 and season 6), Brase, and eventually Brulian. Friendships will be mainly: Brooke/Haley, Brooke/Peyton, Brooke/Lucas, Brooke/Nathan, Nathan/lucas, Lucas/Haley, Peyton/Haley. Karen will also play a part, just because she's always been such a motherly figure to them, not just her son. And I will include other characters, but it will mainly be core five + Julian, just cause I love the core five.

So… ages:

Brooke Penelope Davis: 19

Nathan Royal Scott: 19

Haley James-Scott: 19

Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer: 19

Lucas Eugene Scott: 19

James Lucas Scott: 2 months

Karen Roe: 36

Lily Roe-Scott: 2 months

I don't own anything.


Haley James-Scott woke up at 2 in the morning. This wasn't a rare occurrence due to her 2 month old son, but this time it was her phone ringing. She glanced at the caller ID, Brooke.

"Hey, Tigger. Are you aware that it's 2 in the morning?" She asked jokingly only to be met with sobbing on the other end of the line.

"Brooke? What's wrong?" She asked worriedly as she sat up.

"I… I… I'm pregnant." Brooke sputtered out into between sobs.

"Oh my God. Did you… Did you tell Chase?" Haley said.

This question caused Brooke to sob harder.

"I called him last night and told him. He said he wanted to come here to talk so he started to drive here and…. And he was on the highway and a driver in an eighteen wheeler had a heart attack and… and hit him. He's dead, Haley." She said in rambling sobs.

"Are you sure it was him? Maybe they thought it was him or….." Haley said. She didn't want to believe that this had happened to Brooke.

"Yes, Haley! What am I gonna do? I can't… I can't do this, Haley." Brooke said.

"Yes, you can, Brooke. You are the strongest person I know. I'll come to New York to help you and I'm sure Peyton would…."

"No, Haley! I can't take you away from Jamie and Peyton doesn't even know. She has such big opportunities in LA and she can't leave."

"Brooke, you have to tell her," Haley said.

"I will soon. I think I should come home. I can't do this alone." She said softly, her voice hoarse from crying.

"Okay, if you're sure. You can stay with me and Nathan. We just moved in with Lucas, Karen, and Lily."

"Haley, how could this happen? Chase is gone… And I still love him. He was the best guy I've ever been with and now he's just gone." Brooke said beginning to cry again.

"I don't know, Brooke. But I can promise you that Chase loved you and that he's proud of you." Haley said softly.

"I'm booking a flight right now… How about tomorrow?" Brooke said. She was trying her hardest not to think about it.

"Tomorrow sounds perfect. We'll be there at the airport."

"Hales, let Lucas tell Peyton. I can't bear to say it again. It hurts too much."

"Okay, but I hope you know that she's going to come back to Tree Hill the second she hears."

"I know," Brooke said softly, "Thank you, Tutor Girl. I love you."

"I love you too Brooke. And don't worry, I can promise you that you'll be okay." Haley said softly.

"I hope so. Bye, Hales." Brooke said softly before hanging up the phone. She lay back against her bed and gently placed her hand against her flat stomach. She still couldn't believe that Chase was gone and that she was pregnant with his child. She then decided that she wasn't going to do this, she wasn't going to lie around and be sad. She deserved better than that, her child deserved better than that, CHASE's child deserved better than that. She got up and began to pack. She could feel tears running down her cheeks, but she no longer felt sad. Now she just felt numb and somehow that made her feel even more scared.

Haley gently woke up Nathan and Lucas and told both of them. Lucas looked at her with wide eyes and then quickly went off to call Peyton. Haley sat in Nathan's arms. She had no idea how she could've faced the past year without him. And she was terrified for Brooke.

She didn't know how long they laid on the couch. His arms were tightly around her and her head was against his chest. She could hear and feel his heart beating. She could taste salt and realized that she was crying and hadn't even noticed.

"Haley, what's wrong?" She looked up to see Karen standing in front of her.

"Karen…" Haley said softly as she sat up. Jamie began to cry and Nathan got up to go get him. Before he left he squeezed Haley's hand.

"Haley, what's going on?" Karen repeated worriedly.

"You should probably sit down," Haley said patting a spot on the couch beside her.

"Haley James-Scott, what is going on?" Karen said sitting down beside her.

"You'd be okay with it if Brooke came to stay here too, wouldn't you?" Haley asked realizing that she probably should have checked with Karen. "Because if you're not, Deb would probably let us move back in…."

"Absolutely Haley. Lily's in my room, Lucas has his room, you, Nathan and Jamie are in the guest room, and we still have the old playroom. I'm sure we can set up a bed in there. Why, Haley?"

Haley took a deep breath before replying. "Brooke's pregnant. And Chase was on his way to talk to her about it when he got in an accident and he didn't make it. And she's a mess. And I just don't know what to say to her because I couldn't imagine being without Nathan and she needs us." When she looked up the older woman had tears in her eyes.

"She's going to be okay. And trust me from experience, it's better to know that your baby's father would give anything to be there, instead of that he left by choice."

"Oh, Karen," Haley said softly, "I forgot, I'm so sorry."

"It's okay. And one of the greatest things about Lily is that I see more of Keith in her every day. And I can guarantee you something else, Keith was the one for me, Nathan is the one for you, but Chase might have not been it for Brooke, he could have just been one of many. Somewhere on this planet there might be a wonderful man that Brooke Davis is meant to spend the rest of her life with, and neither of them even know it yet."

"Try telling her that," Haley said sadly.

"Trust me Haley. Brooke will eventually find a guy who makes her heart race when he looks at her like it did when she was with Chase. And she will always love him, but suddenly a wonderful man will swoop in and sweep her off of her feet and for the first time in a long time, she'll feel whole."

"Karen? Is there something you're not telling me?" Haley asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Andy called me yesterday. He said that he wants to take me and Lily around the world with him. I said that we'd have to see, but he's coming back. And I'm happy. I'll always love Keith, but Andy makes me happy and someday Brooke will find her Andy." Karen said smiling.

Haley opened her mouth to say something else, but Lucas walked in with the phone. "Peyton's coming back."

"Yes, she can share your room," Karen said with a laugh.

"But I didn't-" Lucas said.

"There aren't any other rooms," Haley said nonchalantly.

The air was suddenly filled with Lily's cries.

Karen quickly walked off to get her. Lucas looked at Haley before sitting down beside her.

"What has Brooke done to deserve this?" He asked with a frown.

"Nothing, sometimes things just happen. Luke, can I ask you a question?" Haley asked looking at him.

"Sure, Hales," He said curiously.

"Do you think Peyton is the one for you?"

"Haley!" He said with a grin.

"Just answer the question!"

"Yes, there isn't a doubt in my mind that Peyton is the one,"

"Okay, well do you think that Chase was the one for Brooke?"

"Haley, I don't think…"

"Lucas, please just answer the question."

"Honestly, I don't. I know that that's terrible, but they just never looked at each other the way you and Nathan did or the way Peyton and I do."

"Then she'll be okay," Haley said softly before standing up. "We need to make the old playroom nice for Brooke, come one Luke." She said. She tried to pull him up and laughed when she couldn't, so he simply stood up.


The next day they were waiting at the airport for Brooke. They had left Jamie with Karen and Lucas, Haley, and Nathan were now standing together waiting for her.

Then they saw Brooke turn the corner. She looked exhausted, her long hair was pulled into a messy ponytail, she was wearing an oversized jacket that they assumed was Chase's, and she looked small and frail.

Haley took off practically running towards her best friend.

"Hey, Tutor Girl," Brooke said with a shaky grin.

"Come here," Haley said softly as she opened her arms knowing that she needed a hug.

"Alright, give me those," Nathan said gesturing to the suitcase, duffle bag, backpack, and purse Brooke had been carrying with her.

"Hey, Nate," Brooke said as she pulled out of Haley's embrace and began to hand them to him.

"Are you hungry?" Haley asked as they walked back towards where Lucas was waiting.

"A little," Brooke admitted.

"Nathan and I will go stick this stuff in the car, you go with Lucas to find something to eat," Haley said smiling as they met up with Lucas. Lucas and Brooke began to walk off before Haley called after them.

"Something HEALTHY!"

Brooke softly laughed for the first time in over 24 hours. "Gotta love Tutor Mom."

A couple minutes later they were sitting at a table and Brooke was picking at a salad.

"How are you feeling, Pretty Girl?" Lucas asked as he took a sip of his coffee.

"Like crap," Brooke said. "Can we go? I'm not hungry."

Lucas nodded and threw their food away before walking off towards the parking lot.

"So do you wanna talk about it?" Lucas asked slowly.

"No," Brooke said as she crossed her arms over her chest.


"God, Lucas! I said NO! I lost the one guy who wasn't a jerk to me! He never treated me like a one night stand! He never cheated on me! And he most certainly never called me Pretty Girl while he was cheating on me with my best friend. He was the one guy who always told me I was good enough for him! I don't know if Chase was the guy for me, but I know that I was in love with him and now I'm having his kid! You don't get it, so don't even try to pretend that you do!" She exclaimed before storming off to Haley's parked car.

Haley and Nathan were sitting in the front seat when they saw Brooke, her eyes thick with tears slide into the back seat.

"Are you okay?" Haley asked worriedly.

"No," Brooke choked out before sobbing again.

"Brooke, look at me," Lucas said as he opened the door and sat beside her.

"What?" She asked.

"You're right, I don't get it. But I do know that you need us. So just let us help you."

"Okay," Brooke said as she wiped her tears away.

Lucas gently let her lay her head on his lap and he began to stroke her hair. He had never seen Brooke this broken and he knew it would take all of them to put her back together.