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Chapter 15

Sam watched as Dean chatted and flirted as he played pool and fought down the growl that was trying to push its way past his vocal cords. He knew it wasn't real, that he was the one Dean would be leaving with at the end of the night, the only one the hunter wanted but it was harder getting his inner kitty to believe it. Sam clenched his hand around his half full beer bottle and closed his eyes. He didn't tense as arms wrapped around him, recognising his mates scent. "Come on, let's head out." Dean murmured in his ear and Sam nodded, eagerly standing up to leave. They headed back to the motel and Dean went straight into the shower.

Sam locked the door and then headed for the bathroom, stripping off as he walked. He smiled at the sight of Dean standing under the warm water, watching the water run over tanned skin. He slipped into the shower behind Dean and wrapped his arms around the shorter male, nuzzling his throat and Dean relaxed in his hold, letting him take his weight even as he tilted his head back for a kiss that Sam willingly gave him. Sam grabbed the soap and began washing Dean, making sure to remove the other scents that clung to him and Dean let him. This was their routine after all; Sam hated smelling woman, smoke and beer on him after a night out in a bar. And honestly Dean enjoyed the attention from Sam, it was strange to let him do this but it also felt good.

Sam snarled and struggled against the vampires holding him back even as Dean cried out in pain as vicious teeth sank into vulnerable flesh. Sam snapped at the sound, body shifting, shocking those holding him into letting go and then he was on them, teeth and claws ripping them apart. Dean used his distraction to grab his fallen machete and shoved it into the vampire biting him, causing it to release him as it cried out in pain. Dean staggered away, clutching his shoulder to try and slow the bleeding. The vampire snarled in rage and lept for him only to be intercepted by a rather pissed off jaguar. Soon Dean and Sam were the only ones left and Sam quickly shifted back, not caring he was naked as he moved to Dean's side to inspect his wound. Dean hissed in pain and Sam whined softly before yanking his t-shirt off and ripping it up to wrap the wound as best he could. "Sorry." Sam whispered and Dean gave him a shaky smile.

"Can we just get out of here?" Dean asked and Sam nodded, helping him up and back to where they'd left the car. He dug out some painkillers and Dean eagerly swallowed them, letting Sam drive. They got back to the motel and Sam got Dean into the bathroom, gently unwrapping the wound before pouring some alcohol over it, Dean fighting not to cry out in pain. But who knew how many germs were in a vampires mouth so it had to be done. Once Sam was sure the wound was as clean as it was going to get in the time he had before Dean lost too much blood he went to work stitching it closed, not an easy task since the teeth had been ripped from the flesh. But finally it was done and he gently stripped Dean, cleaning him with a wet cloth before helping him into bed. Sam quickly cleaned up and showered before crawling in beside him and curling around his already sleeping mate. He buried his face in Dean's hair, inhaling his scent even as he fought not to shake. He'd come so close to losing him. What would he have done if Dean had been turned? He didn't think he could kill him and he knew Dean would never want to be a vampire. Dean shifted closer to him in his sleep and Sam kissed the top of his head, closing his eyes to try and sleep.

Sam pinned Dean against the door, growling softly and Dean stayed still, eyes lowered. They should have stayed away from any bars tonight but they had needed information and the guy they were looking for was always there at night. He could feel the heat of Sam's body against his and he knew tonight was going to be the night. It scared him a little but it was also exciting. Sam nuzzled at his throat and then licked the skin and Dean could feel that Sam's tongue was rougher than usual, cat rough. He shivered at the sensation and Sam purred, pressing even closer if that was possible. "Sammy." Dean whispered and Sam looked at him revealing cat eyes.

"Dean….need you." Sam murmured even as he nuzzled again and Dean wrapped his arms around him.

"Bed, not the door Sammy." He answered and Sam grinned, literally lifting him up and tossing him gently onto the bed, Dean letting out an 'oomph' of surprise. He blinked up at Sam who was yanking his shirt off, enjoying the view. Sam kicked his boots off and then looked at him expectantly. Dean grinned and began wriggling out of his own clothes without getting up. As soon as they were naked Sam was on him, pinning him to the bed. Dean let Sam do whatever he wanted, if he struggled when Sam was in heat and wasn't in full control it good get dangerous. Sam would never knowingly hurt him but with his weakened control over his jaguar side he could accidentally hurt him. Dean moaned in pleasure as Sam's hands roamed over his body. Dean gently stroked Sam's back and Sam looked at him curiously. Dean smiled and tugged slightly and Sam moved up, letting Dean tug him into a kiss. Sam kissed him hungrily and Dean kissed back, being careful of Sam's lengthened canines. Soon Dean was writhing on the bed in need and pleasure as Sam moved down his body, Sam wanting to make it as pleasurable as possible for his mate.

When Dean woke up the next morning he ached but it was a good sort of ache. He could feel Sam curled around him, purring softly even in his sleep. He shifted slightly, freeing an arm to cautiously feel for any bite marks but he couldn't find anything. He wasn't sure how he felt about that. It was a given that it would happen someday and he sort of wanted the suspense to be over but it also scared him.