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Zetsu twirled the kunai in his hands slowly as he studied the surrounding area. He was sitting atop the Akatsuki base, his legs dangling over the edge, thinking.

"Any ideas? No…" Zetsu whispered to himself. "…"


Zetsu looked down to find Konan standing in the entrance way of the base, looking sad.

"Come inside, please… There is something we must tell you…"

Zetsu tilted his head in confusion before obeying the older woman, following her into the base and into his room. Konan gestured for him to sit, and as he did, tears leaked from Konan's eyes.

"Konan?" Zetsu asked, worry in his voice - he loved Konan dearly. "Are you alright?"

Konan shook her head. "I-I'm sorry, Zetsu… but Madara is sending Tobi away to be trained…"

Zetsu gasped. "W-what!"

"I-it's the same method that was used on you, and… Tobi may not survive the ordeal…"

With that, Zetsu burst into tears and ran from the room. He ignored Konan as she called for him to come back but he didn't listen; there was only one person he wanted to be with right now; Pein.

"Pein-sama!" Zetsu called as he ran through the base, searching desperately for his leader. "Where are you?"


Zetsu stopped as Pein's voice sounded from behind him.



"…So Konan told you?" Pein leant down to hug the smaller man. "I am so very sorry, Zetsu-kun… I couldn't stop him…"

"I hate him so much, Pein!" Zetsu sobbed, holding Pein as if he were afraid of losing him too. "Madara, we mean! We fucking hate him! How could he do this, Pein! How! Why does he do it! Why is he so cruel?"

Pein frowned and stroked Zetsu's hair. "Zetsu, you must understand that Madara has had a very… terrible life."

"We don't care!" Zetsu screamed angrily. "Who cares what has happened to that monster! All that matters is that he's getting worse!"

"Zetsu…" Pein didn't know what to say. Yes, he hated Madara himself, but he also felt sorry for him. "Zetsu, please listen to me… What Madara does is not his fault. He was abused as a child and had to shoulder the burden of murder as a mere toddler. Then to have to lead his clan when he was but a young child… Madara has seen a lot of things no child should have to see. All he knows is pain and hatred. He… doesn't know how to be gentle, or to be kind."

Zetsu shook his head. "It doesn't matter… Tobi is gone, Pein…"

Pein hugged Zetsu tighter before an idea struck his head. "Zetsu, you're eighteen now… I know you still want to… you know…" Pein blushed.

Zetsu nodded sadly; he needed something to take his mind off of Tobi. He followed Pein into his bedroom, sitting on the bed and waiting patiently for Pein.

Pein was standing before the bed, slowly lifting his shirt over his head before leaning down to kiss Zetsu gently. Zetsu allowed the kiss, but he was really too upset to enjoy it. Pein frowned, hugging Zetsu tightly.

"Zetsu…" Pein whispered, rubbing his back.

Zetsu hiccupped, burying his face in Pein's chest. He hugged back but Pein knew that Zetsu really wasn't into it right now; he was missing Tobi already.

"Zetsu, if you don't want to, we don't have to…" Pein explained softly.

Zetsu shook his head. "…We want to, Pein…"

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