"I just wanted too say to you is … Thank you." Tim looked into Dutch's eyes. "I want to thank you for taking care of my family when I couldn't."

Dutch blinked. "I'll give 'em back to you today, Tim. I know that you miss them very much." He fought the tears as his heart broke even more.

"I want to thank you for taking care of my family when I couldn't." Tim began once more. "Also for loving my family for me. I want to thank you for continuing to loving and taking care of my family. Your family."

Dutch couldn't hold back the small sob. "Just promise that I get to see them once and a while. Not only do I love the little guy as my own. But my children also need to know their father."

"I'm not taking away your family from you, Dutch." Tim gentle smile spoke volumes. "I'm not meant to be married and have a family of my own." He held up his right hand. "I don't have the calling to be a Priest either, but I'm not meant to be married. Corrine understands this."

"You are meant to be a father." Dutch passionately replied. "The little guy truly misses you."

"Timmy doesn't even know me." Tim shook his head. "How can he, when I wasn't there for his mother trough her pregnancy – wasn't there for the first weeks of his life – left soon after I knew that his soul was safe from the Devil."

Tim sighed deeply, "No, Timmy is better off without me. Corinne is better off without me. It is as it should be." He smiled, "It was the Father's will that I fathered Corinne's first child. It was the Father's will that I was solely tested by the Devil through my son." He frowned, "I wish he thought of something else to test me with – but he knew that my son was strong enough to survive the Devil's attack on his little soul. Timmy was safe in the father's arms."

Dutch raised his eye brows and then lowered them. It wasn't his flesh and blood after all. Corinne had told him this after they first got together. But if the Little guy had been of his flesh – then there would be no way the Devil would have been allowed to remain one moment in his son's soul.

"I just wanted to say Thank you." Tim said. He turned and left.

"Don't you want a picture of the little guy?" Dutch asked softly as he watched the curly blond haired man walk away.