Chapter 42

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The End.

Harry had ran past the Gryffindor tower to pick up his invisibility cloak and Marauder's Map and located Draco – to no one's surprise – in the Slytherin Dungeons. Harry wasted no time.

Now, as Harry looked around in the dorm, he wondered if maybe he should have stopped to think for a moment. Everyone was in there; Crabbe, Goyle, Zabini, Nott and Draco. Thank Merlin that Draco was still there, otherwise he didn't know what he would have done. Not that he really knew that now either, but it made things a bit easier. Now all he needed to do was to get everyone out of there. A task that really should have been easy; classes were starting any minute now, so they had to leave soon. The problem with that plan, though, was that with them, Draco would leave and there was not a big chance to get his attention without the others noticing.

So, deciding that the others would probably discover him anyway, he stepped out to the middle of the room and pulled the cloak off his head and shoulders and said "Excuse me."

The five people in the room jumped, and Zabini even gave a little shout, but Harry ignored them. "Excuse me," he said again, "but do you think you could leave Draco and me alone for a few minutes?"

Crabbe and Goyle looked like they would prefer to beat him up, whilst Nott and Zabini looked at Draco for confirmation.

Harry stood his ground, and tried to look determined, but not like he was picking a fight. It was entirely possible that he just ended up a looking a bit constipated, but at least no one had tried to hex him yet.

Finally Malfoy nodded slightly for the others to leave. Harry did his best not to show how relieved he was by that.

"Whatever, Potter," Nott said. "Classes start now anyway, I'll make sure professor Snape notices you are absent."

"I doubt he would miss it," Harry replied stiffly, but managed what he hoped was an at least a polite nod as the four Slytherins left the room. His eyes followed them out, and he let out a heavy breath as the door shut.

This had gone surprisingly easy; all his body parts were still in place and so were theirs. They hadn't even asked how he got into their common room.

"What in the name of Merlin are you doing here, Potter!" Draco suddenly bellowed, causing Harry to jump.

"I'm-…" Harry got out, but didn't get any further.

"I thought we were bloody finished!"

Harry noticed a slight shimmer over the walls as Malfoy flicked his wand and realized he had cast a silencing charm over the room. Shit, Harry thought, that probably meant he was planning to shout some more.

For a moment it seemed like Malfoy's wand pointed at him, but then he stuffed it into his pocket with a touch of regret on his face.

"You're a bloody ignorant bastard, do you know that, Potter!"

"I-…" Malfoy didn't wait for him to reply.

"The most selfish, blind, moronic prick that ever walked the halls of Hogwarts!"

Maybe not as smoothly as he had thought…

"And you still have the fucking guts to come here! You should be locked in to that stupid tower of yours and-…"

"Can I just say something!" Harry interrupted.

He shouldn't have. Malfoy's wand was out in a second again, this time undoubtedly pointing straight at him.

"No! You will listen; I'm not done insulting you!"

Harry had little choice but to shut up as Malfoy walked up to him and pointed the wand at his chest.

"After all this time… everyone saw. Everyone but you. Heck, I even tried to tell you once! Do you know what you have done to me? Do you know what you are doing to me by being here! And in front of the others! I-…"

Harry kissed him. He stretched his arms out, curled his hands around Draco's neck, pulled him close and kissed him.

Draco froze up like a statue, albeit a statue with very soft lips. Harry kissed harder; craving a response despite the fact that Draco's wand was sticking harshly into his ribs. And when he gently followed the curve of Draco's lower lip with his tongue, he got his response. Though not even close to the one he had sought.

Draco's wand drilled even harder into his chest, and an unusually harsh stinging hex caused him to jump back with a surprised yelp. The pain almost made it hard to breath for a moment.

He put a hand over his ribs and looked up at Draco in hurt confusion.

Malfoy's arm was outstretched and his wand was pointing at him, much like the position Draco had stood in back in Washington. Though that had been Harry's wand, and Draco's arm had been steady, not shaking like it was now. And Malfoy probably realized as much, as he withdrew his hand and stuffed his wand back again in his pocket.

Draco turned away and put an unsteady hand over his eyes, shaking his head. "Why did you come?" Draco demanded.

Harry took a deep breath. This was it. This was everything.

"Because… because I think you might be in love with me…"

Malfoy spun back around quickly, staring at him with wide eyes. Horror rose in Draco's face as he realized that Harry was being serious.

"Potter, if you ever tell anyone, I swear, I'll-…" Draco threatened hoarsely, but Harry didn't let him finish, being so involved in his confession that the threat was spoken to deaf ears.

"And I think that I'm in love with you too…" Draco's words died on his lips as his mouth was left hanging open in disbelief. "Over the past month… I really never quite knew you before, but over this past month I have gotten to. And I realized that I didn't want to let you go. We have spent all this time together and all I can think about is just how I want more of it. More of you." Harry took a deep breath; he had never been very good with words. "I'm able to live without you now, something I literally couldn't before. But I realized that I didn't want to. I don't want to live without you."

Malfoy stared at him in disbelief, and Harry looked back in anxiety. He had tried not speaking his mind before, and that had ended with horror, quite obviously. This time, he had said exactly how he felt, and if this didn't work, Harry wasn't sure what he could do.

"I… why?" Draco asked in bewilderment.

"You have always fought against me before… I guess I rather liked it when you fought for me…" Harry admitted with a shrug and a blush. "I… I know we've really only known each other for this past month; like I said. But I guess… I guess one month was all it took… all it took for me to fall in love with you."

His words hung in the air, making it so thick that you could almost touch it. Draco's wide grey eyes were staring at him, wide with disbelief.

"Merlin, Potter, are you serious?" Draco breathed.

Harry only nodded. He was beginning to worry; Draco had yet to say anything that directly confirmed Harry's assumptions.

"I-…" Draco seemed to be at loss of words.

Collecting what was left of his Gryffindor courage he walked up to Draco and gripped his wand with his hand. Draco gripped it harder for a moment, but then let go and let Harry take it out of his hand. Harry let the wood drop to the floor.

He put his hand on the small of Draco's back and spread his fingers in a slight caress before pulling him closer. There was a mere slice of air that still separated them, but Harry made sure it was still there, should all of this be a terrible mistake.

"Do you like me, Draco?" he asked softly, their faces so close that Harry's nose brushed Draco's cheek for a moment.

"Like you?" Draco laughed a little, like the thought was preposterous. "Of course I don't!"

The words were like a punch in his stomach, and the ache exploding in his chest far surpassed the pain of Draco's stinging hex.

"Oh…" Harry got out, despite the fact that his throat felt like he had swallowed a stone, and pulled away. But Draco's eyes caught his as he withdrew, and there was something in them that made him stop.

"I bloody love you, Potter," Draco said, his eyes sincere and serious, but still filled with an inexplicable joy that made Harry's heart pound in his chest.

Draco put both his hands on Harry's waist and pulled him close, crashing their lips together.

The kiss… oh the kiss. It was far better than anything Harry ever could have imagined. Draco's warm, wet, perfect mouth pressed hard against his. There was nothing slow or shy about the way Draco kissed; his tongue met Harry's in a matter of seconds, causing Harry's knees to almost give in by the sheer taste of the blond. His hands fisted the fabric of Draco's shirt at the end of his spine, probably crumpling it beyond repair. But he didn't care. And apparently, neither did Draco, who pressed himself closer and kissed him harder.

Suddenly Draco pushed him back against the wall so harshly that the air went out of Harry, but Draco's lips were back on his in a matter of seconds, and all was forgotten and forgiven. But Draco's hands didn't stay on his waist; they moved lower and then up again, under his shirt. As they brushed past his nipples Harry gasped loudly, the sound poorly muffled by Draco's amazing lips. He felt them quirk in a smile, and bit Draco's lower lip in response. It had been meant as a punishment, but the growl that came out of Draco sounded like pure pleasure.

Draco suddenly tore his lips away from Harry's and pulled impatiently at Harry's shirt.

"Off," Malfoy demanded. "Off, I need to see you."

Harry complied by lifting his arms over his head, and Draco rid him of the fabric quickly.

Gently, Draco lifted his hand and picked up the small glass-vial that hung from the long silver chain from Harry's chest. "You still wear it." He said.

"Yeah…" Harry replied absentmindedly, captivated by Draco's face.

The way Draco stared at him made Harry hot all over, and Draco's hand on his skin did nothing to diminish that feeling, not even when they suddenly turned him around.

Draco's lips fastened on his neck, sucking licking and biting, probably leaving marks that Harry wouldn't mind even should they come with signs highlighting them.

"God, Potter, you and your bloody body. I thought I was going to have a seizure the first time I saw you, sitting there without your shirt on that couch…"

Harry could barely get out a reply, pressings his damp palms to the wall, whishing it could provide something for him to hold on to. "Is th-that a compliment?" he finally managed.

"Yes, Potter, it's a compliment," Draco confirmed. "It's also a threat to my sanity. I thought I was going to go completely barking mad from having you so close and yet never be allowed to touch you…"

Somehow Harry got his hands behind his head and placed it on Draco's cheek the best he could.

"You can touch me all you want," he promised breathily, not caring that it sounded completely ridiculous.

The sound that Draco emitted in response made Harry feel lightheaded and long for Draco's lips on his own again. But he was held firmly in place by the elegant hands on his shoulders.

Draco took a step closer, pressing his slender body against Harry's. Draco's hands slid down to Harry's arse and grabbed his hips, his fingertips dangerously close to his groin as he pulled him back against him, making sure that Harry felt every inch of his hard-on. "Be careful with what you promise," Draco breathed.

A moan slipped easily past Harry's parted lips as he managed a whimpered "Oh God…" Harry's mind flooded with all kinds of images of what not being careful might lead to.

"I want it, Draco," he replied breathlessly, "I want you."

A second too late he realized that such a thing might be even more embarrassing to say. And surely, Harry would have died of shame, if Draco hadn't spun him around and slammed his lips against his, making Harry unable to think of anything but of their blissful movement. Until he suddenly felt fingers working on his zipper.

He stiffened a little… in more than one way. Draco felt it.

"Would you prefer if I stopped?" he whispered and leaned close.

"You sure we should go this fast?" Harry whispered back in Draco's ear, but kissed his neck nevertheless.

"Honestly, Harry, if we were moving any slower, we'd be going backwards by now."

Harry chuckled, but the reply woke a new question in his mind. One he couldn't possibly keep himself from asking. "For how long?"

"For how long what?" Draco replied, his hands still by Harry's groin.

"How long have you… been in love with me…?" Harry asked, feeling a blush heating his cheeks at his words.

"In love with you?" Draco said the words as if he enjoyed the feeling of them leaving his lips. "Three weeks, probably, give or take. Liked you? Harbored a ridiculously abundant crush on you? Merlin knows. I realized I was checking out your arse for the first time a year and a half ago, I think…"

"My arse?" Harry asked in amusement.

"Your arse," Malfoy confirmed. "Do you have any objections to that?" Draco asked and squeezed his erection through his pants.

Harry's eyes slipped shut instantly, and in his surprise he could do nothing to stop the loud moan that passed his lips. His face heated hopelessly and his head spun maddeningly. Draco, probably not exactly discouraged by his reaction, did it again, a little harder this time. Harry's hands searched the wall desperately for something to cling on to, but, of course, he found nothing. Draco's shoulders were where they finally landed, gripping hard for support. He'd like to pull Draco close, to kiss him, or even return the favor, but all he managed to do was stand there, breath, and hope that he wouldn't fall over as Draco's hand moved over him.

"Do you think that maybe a bed would be a good idea?" Harry asked hoarsely.

"I don't know, I rather fancied the idea of doing you against the wall, but you're probably right."

Harry should not have found that erotic. He should not have. But he did, oh so very much. But before Harry got the chance to point that out, Draco had pushed him down against a bed and placed himself on top of him.

"But surely we'll have time to do that too, sometime, no?"

Harry simply pulled him down and kissed him. He pried Draco's lips open easily and met his eager tongue with his own. This was his kiss; Harry was in control of this one. And he made sure to make good use of that.

"Merlin, Potter," Draco mumbled as they parted, looking a bit dazed, "I don't think I'll ever get tired of kissing you."

Harry smiled. "Good."

For a moment Draco only stared at him, a blush slowly creeping over his cheeks. Then suddenly Draco buried his face against Harry's shoulder with a groan. "You're going to be the death of me some day, Harry."

"Let's not hope too soon," Harry replied and took the moment to touch Draco's hair. It was like silk, twisting easily between his fingers.

"You're an absolute agony to live with, do you know that, Potter?" Draco mumbled. "You continuously refused to wear clothes like a normal human being."

"It wasn't very continuously,and you were angry the first time too," Harry teased.

"I wasn't angry," Draco protested and lifted his head, "I was simply… frustrated. How would you feel if I waltzed around half naked all the time and you never got to touch me?"

A flood of blood surged south at the mere thought of Draco in any state of undress. Judging by the wicked grin on the Slytherin's lips, he felt Harry's reaction.

"Oh… definitely frustrated…" Harry mumbled, feeling very sorry for Draco if what he had felt was even remotely close to what Harry was picturing. "Talking about clothes, though… you're wearing a surprising amount of them… "

"I'd think that most people would find the amount you're wearing more surprising than mine, but I see what you're saying…" Draco grinned.

Harry blushed.

Still smiling, Draco sat up, thighs on either side of Harry's hips, and began unbuttoning his shirt. But, shockingly enough, it wasn't Draco's slowly uncovered skin that caught Harry's attention.

"You're still wearing the ring…" Harry got out, strangely choked up.

The smile disappeared from Draco's lips, and he covered up his left hand with his right, as if he somehow would be able to undo Harry seeing it.

"Yes," Draco replied almost defiantly, but said nothing else.

"It means… a lot to me, that you do," Harry managed, and gently moved Draco's hand away so that he could see the ring on Draco's pale finger. "Do you… like it?"

"It reminds me of you," Draco said with a small smile, apparently encouraged by Harry's reaction.

"It does?" he asked in surprise.

"Potter, it's red and had a lightning bolt-shape in it that's identical to your scar."

"Point taken," Harry admitted, still unable to take his eyes of the ruby.

"I believe I was undressing…?" Draco reminded him.

Harry's eyes instantly snapped to Draco's. "Yes. Do continue with that, please," Harry encouraged, but then changed his mind and sat up. "Never mind that, actually, let me do it instead."

Harry didn't wait for Draco to reply and quickly slid the buttons out of their slits, and pulled the white fabric back over Draco's shoulders.

Sure, of course he had seen Draco without a shirt many times. Actually he had seen him completely undressed, too. Seen. Never looked. And as it turned out, the difference was huge. His fingers lightly traveled over the faint shadows that marked Draco's ribs as he marveled at the sight of his slim torso. Harry felt very silly just for thinking it, but Draco looked like some sort of Greek marble statue; like someone had put effort and though behind every smooth line. And Harry couldn't stop touching him. His hands traveled up Draco's arms feeling the muscles under the skin, over the pointed shoulders and prominent collar bones. Carefully, Harry placed a kiss on Draco's neck, just by where the jawbone turned upwards. His hands slid down and he sucked lightly on the skin in between his lips as he felt Draco's hips in his palms.

"Merlin, Potter…" Draco breathed in his ear, "why didn't we do this ages ago?"

Harry released the now somewhat red piece of skin from in between his lips. "Because I'm an idiot."

Draco chuckled. "Yeah, that's true."

"Why were you so angry when I came here, Draco?" Harry asked, careful to not stir up the irritation again, but still desperate to know.

Draco looked away and hesitated a little, but finally answered. "It seems rather ridiculous now, I guess, but I thought you were… oblivious to… how I felt. I figured it was because you either were incurably straight or you found the thought so alien that you couldn't even picture it… both of course were devastating to my hopes. That, or…" Malfoy fell silent.

"Or what?" Harry asked.

"I do feel ridiculous, Potter; I don't talk about these things," Malfoy grumbled.

Harry couldn't help but grin. "I know you don't. I feel immensely flattered."

To his delight, Draco chuckled again and shook his head. "I was… scared, too, I guess. I thought that you had figured it out, and that you had come to tell me off."

"Even after I kissed you?" Harry asked skeptically.

"Well…" Draco said with a shrug, but didn't finish the sentence; instead his tongue slipped out momentarily and wet his lips, as if he remembered the touch.

Feeling guilty for having made Draco feel bad, Harry leaned forward and gently pulled Draco forward with a hand on his cheek, and touched his lips to his in a chaste kiss. As Harry softly nibbled on his lips, Draco's hands snuck around Harry's waist, from his back until they rested on his chest in what must've been quite an awkward angle. And suddenly Harry found himself pressed against the mattress, pinned down by both Draco's arms and his slim figure straddling Harry's groin. The predatory grin that lay over Draco's red-kissed lips as their eyes met made something in his stomach flutter with anticipation, rather than worry him. And that proved to be very much the accurate reaction as Draco's hands and mouth descended on him.

He started high, by burying his fingers in Harry's already messed up hair and pressing his lips to Harry's forehead; possibly his scar. Then Draco's mouth wandered lower, touching lightly against Harry's lips and dragging his tongue along the edge of his bottom lip before leaving and taking Harry's earlobe into his mouth. Harry let out a heavy breath and pressed the tips of his fingers into the small of Draco's back at the sensation. But Draco soon left his ear too, and moved down to his neck, starting on new bruises to match the old ones that probably had already formed there from before. Harry would probably look as if he was wearing a blue scarf when Draco was done with him, but when Draco did that with his teeth and tongue, Harry couldn't possibly care less.

Draco's hands slid from his hair, stopped momentarily by his face and stroked his cheeks, before Draco put his hands against the sheets and lifted himself up a bit to meet Harry's eyes. Harry wanted to turn away, or even hide under the sheets. He could feel his face heat – he was probably red enough to put a tomato to shame – and his breaths was heavy, almost panting. While Draco, on the other hand, looked breathtaking (if Harry had had any breath left to steal that was). His perfect hair was just a bit tousled from when Harry had dragged his fingers through it, his lips plump from kissing, and some sort of glittering in the darkened eyes that Harry couldn't place. That he was half-naked didn't hurt.

Whatever reason Draco had stopped for, he was apparently content after just a few moments more, and leaned down to lay his lips on Harry again. This time there was no dwelling of any sort; he just put his mouth on Harry's right nipple and sucked. Harry gasped loudly and arched his back involuntarily, but the gasp turned into a moan as Draco gently closed his teeth on the nub. And he just continued. Harry didn't have a bloody clue of what he was doing, but dear mother of Merlin, he didn't want him to stop. A desire he might actually have mouthed one or two times. His hands were fisted hard around the sheets and kept there for worry of that he might actually hurt Malfoy if he replaced the crumpled fabric with him.

Harry's sagged breath was of both relief and disappointment as Draco moved away. Not away; lower, Harry realized. His trousers were now fully open, how and when that had happened, Harry did not know. Draco moved wordlessly lower in order to pull Harry's trousers of properly. Once they were off, Draco threw them over the edge of the bed and onto the floor, still not taking his eyes of Harry's. There was something so asking in his eyes that Harry nodded, despite not having a clue of what he had agreed to. But he couldn't think of any protests as Draco bent over him yet again and started pressing kisses against his abdomen. First in the area of his navel, even dipping into the shallow hole with his tongue for a brief moment, causing Harry's breath to become even more ragged.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Draco's hands were shifting Harry's boxers downwards, following the trim of them with his lips. Harry hadn't even noticed at first, until Draco had pressed lips and tongue against bare, naked skin that he definitely shouldn't have had access to if his underwear had stayed where intended to be. But oh, how little Harry cared.

Draco kissed lower and lower; even trailing his lips along the inside of Harry's thigh, nudging them wider apart and Harry complying mindlessly.

"…Draco…" was all Harry managed to get out, breathed and harsh. He finally let go of the sheets and carefully threaded his fingers into Draco's hair, stroking his lobes gently with his thumbs. "Draco…"

And Draco's kissing suddenly stopped. And Harry suddenly realized that his underwear was gone, and had been for some time.

Draco sat up a bit and met Harry's eyes with half a smile. "Merlin, you're amazing," Harry mumbled dazedly, smiling weakly back up.

"Thank you," Draco simply replied.

And then his gaze lowered to Harry's groin. And didn't avert in any way. Harry felt the blush on his cheeks deepen. Maybe he should have been past feeling ashamed, but he really wasn't. Not when Draco looked at him with that intensity. Harry didn't need to look for himself to know that he was insanely hard, and strangely (unfortunately) Draco's stare did nothing to diminish it.

Carefully, almost shyly, Draco began changing position; sat more on his knees than calves, slid his hands from Harry's thighs to his hips and leaned forwards. "What are you doing?" Harry couldn't help but ask.

Finally, Draco looked up. "I'm sucking your cock." And then he was.

First, he simply opened up and let the tip of Harry's head in, hollowing his lips just a little to create suction. But it was more than enough to get Harry moaning and throwing his head back almost violently against the pillow.

Then he pulled back, and for a horrifying moment, Harry thought that Draco might have changed his mind. Harry actually raised his head, prepared to plead, to beg, anything, in order to get Draco to continue.

"Please-…" he started, but didn't get any further. He saw Draco's hand shift from his hip in order to grip at the base of his erection, he saw Draco's tongue moving past his lips, but he was still completely unprepared for what happened. Beginning at the base, Draco licked a long stripe all the way to the tip of Harry's cock; even gathering some pre-come that had leaked at the tip, and then he swallowed him whole. What left Harry's mouth was half a scream as he once again threw his head back and shut his eyes tight. He wished that he could have stayed exactly as he was; watching Draco, but it was simply impossible; it was too much.

Once in as far as Draco could take it, Draco began to move up, never letting go before he went down again. He quickly picked up the pace, leaving Harry almost sobbing in pleasure. Harry tried to buck his hips, mindlessly seeking more friction, but he was held down firmly by Malfoy, who never slowed his pace despite this.

Harry couldn't possibly understand how Draco could find it pleasurable, and somewhere he felt bad for him, but he couldn't bring himself to say that Draco didn't need to do this. Suddenly Draco took Harry in the deepest yet and hollowed his cheeks, completely enfolding him in the warm wetness of his mouth, and all Harry could possibly get out was a loud moan. Surprisingly he heard, and felt, one leaving Draco as well, sending glorious vibrations through Harry's length.

Harry curled his fingers so hard in Draco's soft hair that it was entirely possible that he hurt him. But Harry was beyond control. "God, Draco, please…" he half-sobbed, not even sure what he was begging for. "More…"

Draco, however, seemed to be able to decipher his words and reached for his wand.

Harry's eyes shot open and he drew in a sharp breath as something cold touched, and filled, his rear. But then Draco swallowed around him and all was forgiven. Scraping his teeth ever so slightly against the underside of Harry's erection he slid upwards until he popped out of his mouth. Then Draco sat up and leaned over him. Harry let go of his hair and let his hands fall to the sheets. "Are you sure, Harry?" he asked.

Oh my God. Was all Harry's mind managed to produce, but thankfully he found his head nodding anyway. "You?" he rasped out.

Draco chuckled. "Ever the concerned hero," he teased. But before Harry could manage a reply, he had shifted so that Harry's thighs lay slung over his, lifted from the mattress, and pushed a single finger inside of him.

Harry gasped and squirmed at the burning sensation, but before he could even think of forming any sort of protest, Draco covered his lips with his. Kissing him, Draco began to move his hand carefully. Welcoming the distraction of Draco's soft lips he opened his mouth and kissed back. Draco tasted faintly of something salty that must've been Harry. Maybe that should have been disgusting, but it really wasn't. Malfoy kissed him eagerly, roughly, until Harry saw stars and forgot about any uncomfortness that could have been. Before Harry quite knew what was happening, or how, he was pushing back against two of Draco's scissoring fingers.

Finally he couldn't take it anymore. "More… please, Draco…" he didn't care that he was begging, sounding like a fool, he just wanted Draco. All of him.

"Are you sure?" Draco asked.

"You've already asked that; I'm positive," Harry assured, unable to keep the impatience out of his voice. "And you're still bloody clothed."

Draco grinned and held up his wand. "Easily fixed,"

"Don't remove anything important," Harry teased, but in the next moment Draco had Vanished his clothes, and his cock pressed against Harry's rear.

Draco's hand moved quickly over his torso and down to his arse, spreading his cheeks. And then he pushed inside, past the ring of muscle.

Harry drew for breath franticly and shut his eyes tight. Merlin, but it hurt. Tears prickled in his eyes, like someone had landed a blow on his nose. Draco would probably see it as flattery, but he huge pulsating faintly inside of Harry.

"Maybe I'm a bit negative by the way…" Harry murmured weakly.

"I don't think it works that way…" Draco breathed.

Slowly Harry opened his eyes, something in Draco's voice having caught his interest. And he didn't regret it. Draco's head was tipped back, his lips parted and his now messed up hair falling over his forehead and into his closed eyes. His prominent Adam's apple pointed his throat deliciously and his arms that still held Harry's rear in a firm grip shook lightly.

"Does it feel… good…?" Harry couldn't help but ask.

Draco laughed faintly, but didn't open his eyes. "Are you fucking kidding me, Potter?"

"I'm pretty sure it's you who's fucking me," Harry stated with a smile, and pushed further down on Draco to underline his point. It still hurt, but not as much, and with the expression that drew over Draco's face and the moan that slipped past his lips it was worth it. Worth it and much more.

Carefully, Draco pulled out, and just as slow and carefully pushed back in. "Merlin, Potter, you haven't exactly done this before, have you?" Draco breathed.

"'Course not. Who would I have done it with?" Harry asked.

"Good…" Draco breathed with a small smile. "Good…"

Harry couldn't help the warm feeling that spread from his chest at the words. And, incredibly, he found himself relaxing just a little bit. But a little bit was enough, because when Draco pulled out and pushed in this time, the pleasure far surpassed the discomfort. He grabbed for the sheets as Draco did it again and let a small sound of pleasure past his lips. Draco must've heard it, because he picked up the pace, just a little, and moved his hands to Harry's hips to hold him in place.

As Harry relaxed and stretched the pain ebbed away completely, and Draco moved faster and faster. Finally, Harry lifted his legs and wrapped them around Draco's waist to give him better access. And that turned out to be a stroke of genius, because with the next inward stroke, Draco hit something that had Harry crying out and gripping Draco's arms so hard that it'd surely leave bruises.

"Again… again, please…" Harry begged.

And Draco complied, hitting that sweet spot over and over again, harder and faster each time, until Harry couldn't possibly think anymore, just feel. And then Draco reached down between Harry's legs and grabbed his cock, and started pumping it as he pounded in and out of him.

Harry could feel it coming, feel Draco move faster, feel his breathing picking up, feel his cock twitch, and practically feel his heart beating faster and faster, but he couldn't possibly have prepared.

"Harry…!" Draco cried as he came pumping into Harry frantically and filled him with warm wetness. And that was too much, and Harry came as well, impossibly hard, all over both Draco's hand and his own abdomen, crying out.

Draco rode it out and then collapsed over Harry chuckling in his ear.

"What?" Harry asked, but couldn't help but laugh a bit as well.

"You want to know something?"

Harry nodded and pressed a kiss against Draco's neck.

"I haven't done this before either." Draco confessed.

"Good," Harry replied, grinning against Draco's smooth skin.


"Draco, I have been wondering something…" Harry started as they walked.

"Yes?" Malfoy replied, looking at his watch, probably making sure they hadn't missed dinner.

"Why do you think your father decided not to kill me?"

Now it was Draco's turn to blush, but he didn't reply.

"He figured out that you liked me, didn't he?" Harry asked.

"I think so." Draco simply replied.

Draco's hand had been dangling right beside Harry's the whole way from the dungeons, and now they were not very far from the great hall. Just barely too far away to touch his.

Harry told himself that he was not a Gryffindor for nothing and grabbed it. Maybe a bit too hard, and in a really odd angle, but he'd still done it. Draco looked at him in surprise, but Harry looked to the floor and blushed.

"You're such a sap," Draco complained, but still shifted his hands so their fingers could entwine.

"And you don't really mind," Harry shot back, grinning.

They walked in silence a bit after that, Harry feeling almost giddy with Draco's hand in his.

Until Draco effectively killed his mood with, "You should probably let go now".

Harry didn't particularly feel like it. "Probably? Do you want me to?" he asked.

"I don't mind," Draco assured with a shrug. "But the great hall is coming up…" he said and nodded towards the great oak doors that stood open a few feet ahead.

Harry wasn't entirely sure he was following, but let go of Draco's hand anyway. "Yeah…?"

They had stopped right in the middle of the two doors, and were in plain view of pretty much the whole school that was having dinner currently.

It took a while for Draco to reply, as if he couldn't quite wrap his head around what Harry was saying.

"Wait… we're going public?" Draco asked in surprise.

Harry's eyebrows shot up. "Aren't we?"

They stood, both a bit flabbergasted, and stared at each other for a moment, until Harry finally found his voice. "It's alright if you don't want people to know."

"You want people to know?"

"Yes," Harry replied without hesitation. He wasn't going to lie. "But it's okay if you don't."

"Are you bloody insane, Potter? I think half of England is in love with the handsome and powerful Golden Boy. I just happened to fancy Harry Potter as well." He could see the smile pulling at the corners of Draco's lips, and couldn't help but smile back. "I love you. The other might as well know I'm not going to share."

And so, Draco Malfoy placed his hands on the back of Harry Potter's head and pulled him in for a kiss, right there in front of the whole school.

Because really, what reason did they have for hiding each other?