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"Gaaaauuh!" Allison let out a frustrated groan as she threw papers across the kitchen table and onto the floor.

Remy, who was getting a glass of water witnessed this frustration from across the room with raised, intrigued brows, "Honey?"

"WHAT?" Allison yelled then looked at Remy's even higher brows, "Oh… Sorry…" She said in a small voice.

"What is going on with you?" Remy set her glass down and walked over to the blonde kneeling in front of her.

"What is going on with me…" Allison turned her eyes to the table in a blank stare, but said nothing more.

Remy looked at the thrown papers, seeing that they were in fact wedding plans, "Every time you start to plan the wedding lately, you've gotten real frustrated…"

"I know…"

"Planning doesn't frustrate you though… I swear if you weren't a doctor, you could be a party planner…" Allison laughed at her joke—Thank God!—as Remy continued, "So again, I ask… what is wrong?"

"I…" Remy leaned her head down, trying to get Allison's eyes to look at her. And when she did, the blonde spoke again, "I… I don't thing I want…" she looked away, "I don't want the big wedding we've been planning. I don't want the big party with all the fancy, expensive food, and the snotty, snippy wedding planner lady treating it like an Army training facility…"

Remy laughed, "Well, Honey, that's fine…"

Allison looked at her with surprise, "What?"

"I said it's fine… We'll just call the guests, tell them that there is going to be a wedding, but it won't be on that date and to not worry about presents and stuff…"

"Alright, fine, but what about our license? It expires soon… we have to get married before May 30th…" Allison spoke with a sad enthusiasm.

"Alright, Honey, we'll get married before the thirtieth… honestly, dear, you're making a big thing out of nothing…"

"This is not nothing! This is our wedding!" Allison argued.

"Yeah…" Remy watched as Allison huffed and stood from her chair, beginning to pace, "And that means nothing to me…"

Allison swiftly turned and stared death into Remy's eyes, "There better be more to that sentence." She said in a low, deep voice.

Remy gulped and nodded, "There is." She tried to say but her voice ran away from her. She coughed a couple times and said it again, but her voice was hardly back, "There is!" She stood up and walked over to the blonde. She tried to take her hands, but Allison refused to let Remy touch her, "Alright…" She looked up at the blonde pleadingly, "You know how sometimes I watch E! True Hollywood Story?"

"Yes." The blonde said curtly.

"Well, Kelly Ripa's is one that I enjoy in particular. She says something in it that really struck a chord with me ever since the first time I saw it like… ten years ago or so… They had gotten to the point Kelly and Mark ran away to Vegas or somewhere and got married… they eloped. And Kelly said that the only regret she ever has was not telling her parents to meet her there, or something just as cute and along those lines.. Anyways… She said that she never wanted a wedding… that she wanted a marriage. And… I sat there as the commercial break came on and I said to myself, 'Kelly Ripa is the smartest woman ever.' Because she is… The wedding shouldn't matter… what should matter is the stuff after the wedding… the honeymoon being the beginning of course, then moving on to starting a family, dealing with the Huntington's—going through trials, yada yada, and always staying together… the marriage is all that has ever mattered to me, honey… I just wanted you to be happy; I wanted you to have the wedding you thought you wanted… So, when I say it's not a big deal, I don't mean it like, 'I could take the wedding or leave it; I'm fine where we are…' I mean it like, 'Whether lots of people are there, or no one but us, it doesn't matter because all I want is to be married to you…'"

Allison had tears in her eyes. She blinked and wiped them away as she leant into Remy, "I love you." She barely got the words out.

"I love you too." Remy said just a quietly.

The rest of the week and the next week was Remy and Allison calling everyone to tell them that they would be getting married, but they would not be getting married on that they. They were also apologizing if they already got them gifts and told them to return them immediately.

Remy and Allison then backed their bags and made their way to New York… they were going to get married there, then it was going to be recognized as a civil union in New Jersey… and if they ever moved, it would be back to New York, where it would, again, be recognized as a marriage… So, with their license in their duffles and train tickets in their hands, they boarded the train—Remy really, really wanted to ride in a passenger train, and Allison… couldn't say 'no' to her puppy eyes and jutted lip.

They found their spot and put their luggage above them, "See Baby, I told you first class was the way to go… we get to face each other!" She had a big grin on her face.

"Yes, yes we do…" Allison grinned at her fiancée's childish antics, "Don't you want to ride backwards?" She asked as Remy started to sit down.

"YEAH!" She dove into the opposite chair… avoiding the table between their seats.

The train ride was interesting to say the least. They did have fun though. After they checked into the hotel, they started to walk around the lovely island of Manhattan. Little did Remy know that Allison had a big surprise for her.

Remy was getting them a couple hot dogs as Allison's phone started ringing, "Hello? Yes! Hello! Well, we are actually just about to enter Central Park… Okay, yes, I think I can get her there. We'll see you…" Allison smiled a sad, yet happy smile, "You're welcome." She hung up and Allison turned to Remy, "Let's go." She said with a smile as she guided her through the park.

"Man, this place is awesome!" Remy said, "It never gets old." She smiled and looked down after she threw away their trash from their hot dogs. "Me and my dad… We used to take trips here and we would always walk the park… he would take me to that stage thing over there…" She ran over to it and jumped on the platform, "I don't know what it's called, but I would run around this thing and perform for everyone walking by…" She smiled at the memory and helped Allison on the stage.

"Baby?" Allison walked around her so that Remy would have to face the walls of the alcove they were in and not the 'audience' part of the stage thing, "What stopped you and your father from having that relationship that you had?"

Remy knit her brows a little bit, "I don't know… I came out to him when I was seventeen… He tried to act okay with it; he really tried to be okay with it. As a man of God, he did his damndest not to judge… and as a Baptist Pastor of our church in small town Mooers, New York, he worked at not judging even more. He'd let me bring my girlfriends and boyfriends home, but… it just changed us. It got to the point that I couldn't talk about personal life without him trying to dodge it, or talk about anything else and I could only take so much… I mean… I love my dad, don't get me wrong… but I can't talk to him about anything…"

"Don't you think that maybe he's changed over the years?"

"I would like to hope so, but I could never know for sure… because I could never make him as uncomfortable as I used to when I talked about…" She rolled her eyes, "And if I talked about you… my God, I might give him a heart attack and I don't want to do that to the poor shlub… I love him too much to lose him…" She shrugged, "Call me selfish…"

"But what if he's changed completely and what if he wanted to be here? What if he wanted to be here to see his daughter get married… or even to marry his daughter and her fiancée?"

Remy's brows knit together completely, "What?" She asked after about a minute of silence.

"Remy?" A deep voice called from behind her.

Remy stared at her fiancée for a second then turned around to face the edge of the stage she and her girlfriend were standing on. She saw her father standing just off the stage through her tears that came from her eyes suddenly, "Daddy?" She started moving slowly to him.

"Hi Baby." He smiled back at her with that happy, tearful grin only a father can pull off.

"What are you doing here?" She asked as she plopped down so she was sitting on the edge of the stage.

"Well…" He said as he walked over to his daughter and patted her knee, "I was sitting in my office, writing the Sunday sermon a few months back and Jolene told me I had a very important call… So, I set everything aside and answered. The voice I heard was not anything like I was expecting. First, for some reason I thought I was going to be talking to a man… but instead of a man, it was this sweet young woman's voice that was filled with determination." He took his daughter's hand and squeezed it, "She told me that she was in love with you and that you had proposed to her… She said that more than anything else, she wanted me at the ceremony because she knew that more than anything else, you wanted me at the ceremony." He paused for a second, "Well, I told her that I was happy that you were finally happy, and that I wasn't sure I should go because we hadn't had a real conversation since you were seventeen. And then she said with the intense determination she'd had from the beginning that that didn't matter and I needed to get my head out of my ass and see that my little girl still needs me…" He had tears in his again, "So… after a few more calls with this young lady, I was convinced to come to the ceremony… and then with the last call I received, I was convinced to perform the ceremony… that is… if you let me?"

Remy was trying really hard to stop crying… but the floodgates had opened. Instead of trying to say anything at that moment, she launched herself into her still strong father's arms and they stayed like that for a couple minutes. When she knew she could talk, she whispered in his ear, "I love you Daddy."

"I love you too Baby." He smiled and held his daughter just a little longer before he saw the mess of blonde curls waiting off by the side, trying not to draw attention to herself. He pulled from his daughter and walked over to her, "And you, young lady…" He hugged her, "Thank you." He said sincerely.

"I didn't do anything." She said in the hug.

"No, you did. You told me what my entire congregation has tried to tell me since I let my little girl pull so far away from me…" He smiled at her.


Another meal, and a change of clothes later, Allison, Remy and Remy's dad, Jack were walking back through Central Park. Jack was wearing his Sunday best: a jacket, button up and slacks, Remy was wearing these white jeans and a 'French cuff Poplin' blue and white striped shirt that she got with Allison at Victoria's Secret when they went to pick out their wedding lingerie… they had yet to find their clothes for the wedding, but they both knew they'd have fun looking for their lingerie… Anyways, Allison was wearing white skinny jeans and a cream colored lace long-sleeve top.

They walked to the stage and found people gathered on it, "Damn, they should have like 'reserve times' for this thing…" Allison said then looked to Pastor Hadley, "Oh sorry!" She covered her mouth causing both Hadley's to laugh.

Remy sobered though, "Nah, I get the feeling those people came here at this time for a reason…" Remy said with a hint of knowing in her voice.

"Why Remy Hadley… do you know something about those people up there?" Allison asked as she started to recognize a few of them… all of them.

"Maybe…" Remy grinned and waved her arm, giving Allison permission to greet her family.

Jack wrapped his arm around Remy's shoulders, "Looks like you and your young lady have something in common… family is important to you both." Remy smiled and leaned into her father, "Yeah." She turned to him and hugged him, "Thank you for doing this daddy."

"Oh, now… thank you for letting me." He grinned as he kissed her temple.

They both made their way to the stage. After introductions between Jack and David, Elizabeth, Brody, Janae, KK, and Chad they got the ceremony underway. Elizabeth was hysterical… in both, she was cracking everyone up, and she was crying the whole time… but that was the reason she was cracking everyone up...

It got to the point when Jack was saying, 'Do you take this woman to be lawful wedded wife…' when Elizabeth said loud enough for passers by to hear, "Lord she better! We have been waiting too long for this one!"

"Mom!" Allison scolded like an embarrassed teenager.

"Well, Baby girl, we have!" Elizabeth started.

"Hey Elizabeth?" Remy looked over to her, interrupting the fight between mother and daughter, "I got this…" She winked at the older version of Allison before turning back to the blonde, "I do." She said as she wrinkled her nose and mirrored Allison's happy grin.

"And do you?" Jack asked Allison.

Allison looked at him, making sure he wasn't going to do the whole speech again, "Yea for sure, I do!" She pushed herself into Remy and kissed her.

Jack laughed, "Uhm, you may now kiss the bride…" He was shaking his head with a grin while he said the words.

After happy goodbyes and a rush to get back to the hotel room, Remy and Allison had gotten married. Remy had gotten to see her father again all thanks to Allison, and they both got to see Allison's family again all thanks to Remy. They had a very splendid honeymoon with lots and lots of sex… and when they got back, House asked for videos, like they knew he would…

And as they always say, while Allison and Remy did actually get live happily ever after thanks to a few trials that prolonged Remy's life span, the point is not that… The point is that they lived… And they never had to sit alone again…