Ichigo opened his bedroom door with catlike stealth, awaiting the impending attack.

Or maybe it was only pending; there was nobody there. Next, he turned towards the closet, listening. . .


The closet proved to be empty, like the underside of his bed. No one clung to the gutter outside and a mad dash to the door revealed that the number of people lying in wait was exactly zero.

His dad claimed to have broken his leg after "falling" down the stairs. After watching him fight at the battle for Karakura, Ichigo hadn't believed a word. Especially because of the way he kept yammering about keeping up with his training.

After all, what self-respecting Soul Reaper would go and get his leg broken?

The strawberry-head sighed, laid down on the bed, and cracked open Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing". How fitting, he thought.

Up above, Kenpachi Zakarai smiled.

He was going to enjoy this very much, indeed.

A little dark? The idea came to me when I replaced one of Isshin's "wake-up calls" with Kenpachi and, well. . . hilarity ensues.

Hope you enjoyed. Review or Kenpachi will give you a wake-up call next! XD