Title: Fax Me

Pairing: Spanner/Shouichi

Summary: An ordinary day at work, but Shouichi gets a surprise report from Spanner.

Notes: I own nothing.

It was hard work in the Millefiore, Shouichi groaned, especially when one had to do their best to keep it strong while simultaneously planning on taking it down. He had mountains of paperwork scattered haphazardly across his desk, some of the sheets fallen to the floor. The red-haired man moaned tiredly and took off his glasses, tossing them onto a report on the latest from the Death Stalk unit and pressing the heel of his palms against his closed eyes. He could feel the drooping and irritated bags under his eyes from his uneven sleep patterns, and gently massaged the skin along his brow line and temples in and effort to alleviate the pain.

A whirring and beeping sound from his right caused him to stop his ministrations, and he glanced over to where his fax machine was currently spewing out page after page of yet another report of some kind. He sighed and stood up, grabbing the pages as they came out, until the machine entered a quiet lull. He glanced down at the papers, then shuffled back to his desk to pick up his glasses.

He skimmed over the report from Spanner, detailing the latest adjustments he made to his Moscas, when the fax machine whirred to life again. Shouichi sighed and walked back, grabbing the next piece of paper, though it slipped from his grip when he read the words scrawled across the page. Blushing furiously, Shouichi took the report back to his desk and set it alongside the rest of the mess. He picked up a pen and continued signing off reports and requests, until ten minutes later the machine spat out another page.

"I haven't gotten an answer yet. Yes or no?"

Shouichi blushed again, but this time picked up his pen and wrote his own message at the bottom of the page, faxing the image back to Spanner.

"Fine, but next time I get to pick the restaurant."

For a moment, he wondered if assuming there would be a next time was a little presumptuous, but when another piece of paper printed out of the machine which a small confirmation and a drawn happy face tacked on, Shouichi guessed it would all be fine.

They should really stop wasting paper, though.