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Viola rolled over and sighed as she shut the alarm clock off that she had set to wake her up at three thirty in the morning so that she could finally shower. It had been four days now that she had been sharing the dorm room with Duke. She still couldn't believe that she had been able to pull off being Sebastian. She couldn't believe that nobody has guessed that "Sebastian" was actually a girl.

She jumped out of the bed and quickly gathered her shower stuff and let herself out of the dorm room quietly and then ran to the showers. As soon as she turned the shower on she quickly undressed and stepped under the spray. She was so happy about finally being able to shower that she didn't pay attention to if she was alone in the showers or not.


Toby had went down to the bathrooms because he had woken up feeling sick and as he was walking out he heard the shower going in the shower rooms. He frowned and decided to go and make sure whoever was in the shower room was alright so without even thinking about it he walked in. His mouth dropped open in shock when he saw a girl using the shower. When she turned around his mouth dropped open even further when he saw that it was the girl from the kissing booth at the carnival.

He stood rooted to his spot as he realized what must be going on as he looked around and saw the wig and the boy clothes. He chuckled silently as he remembered that the girl that was at the kissing booth was none other than Sebastian's sister Viola. He shook his head and turned and walked out of the shower room but came to a stop outside of it so that when Viola was finished he could talk to her.


Viola finished showering and sighed as she put her boy clothes back on and then put the wig and sideburns back on. She hated having to dress as her brother but she didn't see any other way so she sucked it up and did it because she really wanted to play soccer. After checking the mirror once more to make sure that everything was as it should be she sighed and made her way out of the shower room.

She stopped short when she saw Toby standing outside the shower room and cleared her throat so she could do her Sebastian voice. "What are you doing out her man?"

Toby chuckled quietly and shook his head. "You don't have to pretend with me Viola. I know that you're not Sebastian."

Viola gasped and looked at Toby in shock and decided to use her regular voice. "How did you find out? I thought I've been doing a pretty good job on keeping it from all of you."

Toby chuckled again and said "Well I heard the shower on and went in to make sure that whoever was in there was alright because I thought maybe they were sick like I had been. Imagine my surprise when I walk in and find you naked and showering."

Viola couldn't stop the blush from coming on her face even as she sighed. "So I guess that mean that the game is up."

Toby looked at Viola curiously. "Why have you been pretending to be Sebastian? And where is Sebastian?"

Once again Viola sighed. "I'll go with the easy answer first. Sebastian is in London doing some kind of gig. He's a musician and has his own band. As for why I've been pretending to be him that is a little more complicated. You see the girls soccer team at Cornwall was canceled and the Coach wouldn't let the girls try out for the guys team. I asked Justin what he thought about it since he was the Captain and at the time he was my boyfriend and he said that he thought the Coach had said it all when the Coach had said no because girls were as fast, strong or as athletic as guys were. I then asked Justin how he could say that when he had just told me the day before that I was better than half the guys on the team and he said he didn't and we got into an argument so I broke up with him which I was planning on doing anyways but that just made me do it even quicker. So when Sebastian decided he was going to London instead of coming here right away like he was supposed to I decided to be him so that I could try out for the soccer team and show the Coach as well as the guys team at Cornwall that a girl could play as good as them if not better."

Toby's face went through a lot of changes. The main ones being shock and anger. He didn't understand how the Coach or even Viola's ex could be so discriminating. "I'm sorry that they wouldn't let you play for their team. Then again no I'm not. Because in all honesty their loss is our gain."

Viola smiled slightly and then shook her head. "No because now I'm going to have to quit. If you found me out it's only a matter of time before others do as well."

Toby smiled and shook his head. "Your secret is safe with me Viola. I always knew there was something different about you but I just couldn't place what it was. When I saw you at the kissing booth when Duke was going up on the stage I thought you looked familiar but figured it was because as I later found out that you were Sebastian's sister. Now I know why I didn't completely believe that. I do think though that you need to think on letting others know."

Viola smiled and nodded. "I'll think about it Toby. But I think we should get back to our dorms and get a little more sleep before school and practice. Thank you for saying that you'll keep my secret. It means a lot to me."

Toby just smiled and wrapped his arm around Viola's shoulder and walked her back to her dorm. He made sure that she got into the room okay before going into his and Andrew's dorm. He fell back asleep with a smile on his face. He was excited that he finally knew something that nobody else did.


Viola laid back down on the bed and closed her eyes. She couldn't believe how much lighter her shoulders felt now that someone else knew that she was pretending to be her brother. She just wondered how much longer before anyone else would figure it out. Little did she know that not only did Toby know that she wasn't Sebastian but so did two other people.

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