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Duke had to admit he was actually happy that Viola was actually ''Sebastian'' because he had been starting to think that Sebastian was a little girly in some ways. As he kicked the ball back and forth with her he had to admit that she looked hot doing it and then he shook his head to clear his thoughts when he spotted a figure staring at both him and Viola. He stopped the ball with his foot and motioned for her to come to him and he let out a sigh of relief when she did so without questioning. He smiled down at her when she stopped next to him. "I think that we should head in for now."

Viola frowned and asked "Why?"

Duke sighed and said "Because we're being watched and I don't want to take the chance that Drayton will not be satisfied with just watching us."

Viola scowled but nodded because she had seen the person watching them from a distance as well. She had been trying to pretend that it wasn't Justin but she knew that it was. "Okay Duke."

Duke smiled slightly and said "Well let's go get cleaned up and then maybe get something to eat. How are you feeling now that you've been outside for a little while?"

Viola smiled and said "I feel better than I have been. I don't know what it is but anytime I kick a soccer ball around I feel better."

Duke nodded. "I know what you mean. Maybe we can come back out later with Toby and Andrew. I would feel better if there were more of us out here in case Drayton does try to do something."

Viola nodded and let Duke guide her back to the school. She wasn't really up for a confrontation in person with her ex just yet but she had no doubt that it would happen. Once they were inside and up at their dorm room she grabbed some clothes and looked once more at Duke. "I'm going to go and take a shower real quick. Do you think that maybe you could come keep watch and make sure that nobody comes in? I really don't feel up to making the trip to the women's shower rooms."

Duke nodded and said "I'll come and keep watch and then take one myself. By the time we both finish Toby and Andrew should be back and we can go out to eat. Maybe you could call Paul, Kia, and Yvonne and have them meet us and we can all discuss what it is that we can do."

Viola nodded and after waiting on Duke to grab his clean clothes she led the way to the shower room. She let Duke go in and make sure that nobody was in there before she walked in and quickly took a shower. Once she was done showering and dry she quickly pulled her clothes on and after taking a look in the mirror she decided that she would wait to fix her hair when she was back in the dorm room so that she could take her time. She bent down and picked up the clothes she had worn to kick the ball around with Duke and walked out of the shower room and sent Duke a smile. "Okay the shower is all yours Duke. I am going to head back to the dorm room and do my hair and things. I'm also going to lock the door so just knock twice when you come back to let me know that it is you and I will let you in."

Duke nodded and said "I'm glad that you are taking this seriously. I will knock twice wait five seconds and knock once more so that you know that it is me and not somebody else. Why don't you call your friends while you are alone?"

Viola nodded and then impulsively stood on her tip toes and pressed her lips to Duke's cheek. She gave him another small smile even as she blushed and then walked to their dorm room. She felt his eyes on her the whole time and her smile grew bigger.


Duke watched Viola as she walked to their dorm room and couldn't keep but grin. After he made sure that Viola was in their dorm room safely he walked into the shower room and took a quick shower as he let his mind think about Viola. He was happy that she had trusted him with not only her safety but with her secret as well. Normally he was all thumbs when it came to girls but he found that not to be the case when he was with Viola.

As he dried off and dressed he couldn't help but wonder if that was because Viola was like him in a lot of ways or if it was because he was just that comfortable with her since he got to know her during her time as being ''Sebastian.'' He couldn't help but grin as he thought about what Saturday would bring because he had no doubt that Drayton would be there just like he had no doubt that if Drayton said one wrong thing to Viola that he would make sure that Drayton got what was coming to him.

He knocked on the door of their dorm room twice, counted to five and then knocked again. He smirked when Viola opened the door blushing. He stepped in and then walked over to his side of the room and threw his dirty clothes in his hamper before turning back to Viola. "You okay?"

Viola nodded. "I'm fine Duke. Paul, Kia, and Yvonne are going to be on their way here in an hour and then we can all leave from here."

Duke nodded and sat down on his bed and pulled on a pair of socks and then his shoes. "That will be fine."

Viola smiled and then sat back on her bed to look in the mirror she had placed on the bedside stand and started doing her makeup.


Justin's blood was boiling after he watched his girlfriend with another guy. He didn't care what Viola had said about them not being together. Their relationship wasn't over until he said it was and he didn't say it was. He wasn't going to let her go that easily no matter what she thought, said, or did. He stalked away to where his car was parked and after pulling away he swore to himself that he would make Viola see that she was his and only his no matter what she thought.

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