Meetings and greetings.

Mathew always hated gym class. Not because he was bad at sports. Oh no, in fact he loved sports-especially hockey- but, alas, he had asthma. By asthma I mean stop-breathing-by- just -running-one-meter kind. So there he sat next to a not-so-injured albino watching other kids get smacked down right into the face or people laughing at what just happened.

Gilbert always hated gym class. He hated all sports in general. He had an athlete's body that could win loads and loads of gold medals if he wanted to but he was waaaaaaay to "awesome" to be anywhere near sweaty people shouting at him and barking orders at him. NO ONE told the awesome Gilbert Belshmicht what to do. So he just had Francis whip up a fake doctors note that said he had a sprained ankle.

Gilbert scanned the gym to see anything of interest to entertain him.' Antonio fawning over Romano? Boooring, Francis groping anything his hands could get a hold on? That's normal shit. Hot blond staring at Gilbird? Hmmm. This could be interesting'.

Subtlety, Gilbert scooter over to the clueless blonde, took hold of his beloved bird and held him in front of Mathew

Mathew's eyes zoomed in on his pale companion's bird next to him that-somehow- ended up in front of his face,

"Fuck. If you wanna see him just ask," Gilbert said a bit too vulgar for Mathews liking,

"Oh, um, yes, no his eyes just freaked me out a little, eh?" he quietly corrected the man, staring at the floor drawing little circles with his finger.

Gilbert stared with his mouth agape.

Mathew felt something burn at his sides. He slowly turned to his head to the side to see what the cause was. And there, in front of him were a pair of crimson red orbs glaring at him,

" o-oh no! I- I di-didn't mean to insult you," he stuttered, franticly shaking his hands trying his best to gesture he meant no harm. He saw the albino twitch-making him more jumpy than before- then he prepared for the worst. He saw him …burst out laughing?

Now Mathew was really confused. Had he said something funny? Was this a way the boy showed his anger? he mentally slapped himself for that previous thought,' why would someone laugh when they angry?'

Turned out his "mental slap" wasn't mental at all-Quite physical actually- and it stung like a bitch. Gilbert laughed even harder, slapping his hands on the bench they sat on as he wiped away a non-existent tear,"yo…you st…stutter?" he said a little breathless from his little laugh. Mathew blushed and Gilbert went into a whole new uproarious fit of laughter,

"oh.. Oh ye…yeah. I ne...never got a name," Gilbert said still a little breathless," mines awesome but you can call me Gilbert", he reached out a hand, signaling for Mathew to shake, " m-mathew. Mathew Williams," he said shaking the hand blushing harder a little harder making the other boy chuckle,

" nice to meet you."

Just then they heard a crash.

Then a screaming Spaniard.

Then a screaming Italian.